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The Evils of Nationalism

My father was one of ten children, the son of an Irish immigrant. I was born in New York City, the melting pot of America, and educated at the University of Miami, an international university. These credentials have given me a better understanding and knowledge of the cultural diversity that exists in our world.

Individually, the Irish were good people, pious and God-fearing, raising their large families in the love and fear of God. Yet, collectively, they lost their souls in the 1960s for economic and political gain. The accumulation of this great apostasy was the veneration of the first Irish Catholic president, John F. Kennedy, who denigrated his faith to some obscure pious ritualism (worse yet, Ted Kennedy's re-election for nearly a half century in Irish Boston even after being a suspected drunkard involved in the death of a young woman)!

Having slept with the Democrats throughout the 1950s and 1960s, who promised the poor Irish Catholics prosperity and a mutual cooperation in governmental money for Catholic hospitals and schools, they bought the Catholic vote. The price of this fornication was the abandonment of religious vocations, the breakdown of the family, the Land o' Lakes declaration of independence, and the Obama-nation of Notre Dame. Individually, most people of all races and cultures are men of good will. However, collectively, most become abominable when they become nationalistic instead of universal (Latin: catholic). Sadly to say, the people of African descent have gone down the same path as the Irish for the past 50 years, making the same mistake and selling their souls to the Democratic Party. More recently, those of Catholic Mexican descent are falling into the same pit. We can be color-blind but let us not be blind to the reality of the universal racism that has existed, and will continue to exist, until all are universally bound in the truth of Christ!

On the topic of universal health care, let us cut to the chase. Only a madman would want our government, which is $11 trillion in debt, and the most irresponsible business in America, to take over health care. They have already given over $1 trillion taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood, the # 1 baby-killers in America, and have spent trillions on AIDS and STDs, all the while peddling irresponsible and perverse behavior (sodomy and fornication). With a little morality, we could probably erase the national debt!

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