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Letter: Fortnight for Freedom extended

The United States Catholic Bishops have called for a second Fortnight for Freedom prayer vigil in response to the Health and Human Services mandate which violates the teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the liberty and conscience of his disciples. This prayer vigil began June 21 and ends on July 4.

Many priests and pastors have asked the faithful to pray for our religious liberty and the rights of conscience to practice our Catholic faith as our properly informed conscience dictates. This may be articulated incorrectly since no one can take our religious liberty away from us or make us violate our conscience since these are given to us by God and no government or human being can force us to do what is evil.

What we are actually being asked to pray for is that we will not be persecuted for being Christian. This prayer will not be answered since Our Lord told us that we would be persecuted for telling the truth and living as his disciples. All the prophets and saints were martyrs (witnesses) of God’s commandments.

John the Baptist was martyred for telling Herod he could not have an illicit and immoral marriage with his brother’s wife. No true Christian would ever comply with this abominable HHS mandate or any other man-made law that violates truth (contraception, abortion, sexual perversion, homosexual unions, surrogacy, embryonic stem cell research, etc.)

Our religious liberty is not at stake and persecution will not harm us if we do not cave in or cower to these agents of evil. The light of truth will shine ever brighter as the darkness of sin tries to impose its wickedness on the true Children of God.

Pope Francis has warned us: “If we do not profess the full truth of Our Lord Jesus Christ; we become only a charitable NGO. When we do not profess Jesus Christ, we profess the worldliness of the devil, a demonic worldliness. We may be bishops, priests, cardinals and pope but not disciples of Our Lord.”

The reason Obama’s foot is on the neck of the Church is that we have betrayed Our Lord and allowed 40 years of unbridled murder (abortion), sexual perversion and immoral contraceptive marriages to pollute the land, and we are now reaping its rotten fruit. If we truly repent of these sins, Our Lord will raise us up and heal the land. Let us hear the words of Isaiah 56:10: “The watchmen are blind, they all lack knowledge, they are all mute dogs.” Let not this be said of us in these apocalyptic times.

Richard Mahoney

pulmonary therapist

Baton Rouge

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