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From the American Holocaust Memorial Website:

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) is the United States' official memorial to The Holocaust. Adjacent to the National Mall in Washington, D.C., the USHMM provides for the documentation, study, and interpretation of Holocaust history.

Since its dedication on April 22, 1993, the Museum has welcomed nearly 30 million visitors, including more than 8 million school children. It has also welcomed 91 heads of state and more than 3,500 foreign officials from over 132 countries.

The USHMM’s collections contain more than 12,750 artifacts, 49 million pages of archival documents, 80,000 historical photographs, 200,000 registered survivors, 1,000 hours of archival footage, 84,000 library items, and 9,000 oral history testimonies. It also has teacher fellows in every state in the United States and has welcomed almost 400 university fellows from 26 countries since 1994.[2]

Researchers at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum have documented 42,500 ghettos and concentration camps erected by the Nazis throughout German-controlled areas of Europe from 1933 to 1945.[3]

This narrates what has been covered by the United States concerning the Nazi Holocaust: Let us now examine what the United States has failed to cover concerning the American Holocaust:

56,972,015 documented abortions since 1973 (millions more not reported)

2,176 death camps and countless medical suites murdering babies 1.21 million murders per year

The practice of falsifying legal medical documents to the DHH Office of Vital Records and the medical malpractice and fraud involved in sending forms to the DHH that were pre-printed with pre-printed question responses checked off, signed and completed prior to seeing any patients is tantamount to the largest travesty of justice ever perpetrated by a branch of the medical establishment under the guise of Women's Reproductive Healthcare. The consequences of this fraud are staggering and all this with governmental complicity.

Millions injured by infections, adverse drug reactions, uterine perforations, hemorrhage, STD's, loss of limbs, emergency hysterectomies, deaths and the cover up of child molestation.

"Houses of Horror" where babies are murdered outside the womb after abortion attempts and put into freezer's as specimens of the horrendous carnage.

Babies murdered both in the womb and after birth; sold in the market place for medical experimentation and organ transplantation.

Millions of undocumented abortions due to abortionist's falsifying reports to the DHH and CDC.

Death Camps, surgical and chemical abortions, sterilizations, contraceptives and IUD's peddled throughout the world by Planned Parenthood leading to billions of babies murdered worldwide.

Billions more killed by chemical abortifacients and contraceptive abortifacients. This is just a tip of the iceberg. The statistics are staggering, yet we echo Stalin's sentiments: "The death of one man is a sorrowful tragedy, the death of a million is merely a statistic".

"That we never forget!" Over 200 million dollars were spent to build the memorial in Washington D.C. to expose the German Nazi Holocaust while at the same time the U.S. government has taken billions of taxpayer dollars to kill innocent babies through Planned Parenthood and the abortion cartel; all the while covering up their crimes!

When the Nazis switched from machine-gunning their victims in large mass graves to marching their victims through gas chambers at Auschwitz, the gas that they employed was a chemical called Zyklon-B. Zyklon-B was developed by a small chemical company owned by IG Farben, a major supplier for Auschwitz and other death camps that funded many of the experiments undertaken by Mengele and other SS doctors. IG Farben profited handsomely because of the increased use of Zyklon-B. IG Farben's name became virtually synonymous with the holocaust and unethical medical experimentation. So, after the war, this company underwent a name change and it became Hoechst AG.

However, a Nazi by another name is still the same and, today, a subsidiary company of Hoechst AG is the developer and main producer of RU-486, the so-called 'abortion pill'. The ghost of IG Farben is still haunting us by allowing killers to again distance themselves from their deeds. But Hoechst AG is not the only chemical profiteer in the abortion industry.

Borrowing from the IG Farben playbook, Upjohn Pharmaceuticals stock prices doubled when it announced the development of a vaginal prostaglandin-suppository marketed specifically for abortion.

Abortion clinics are the modern day concentration camps. How many tears does Our Lord have to shed over the blood of these murdered children before America and the world repents of this senseless and brutal murder of babies and debasement of mothers. Wiesel spoke: "I swear never to be silent whenever human lives endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,

Richard Mahoney

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