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Sex Traffickers & Abortion Industry

Fifteen years later, justice is finally being done in regard to the child molestation at Penn State University. Jerry Sandusky is on trial for molesting ten children over a period of thirteen years. I do not hear any District Attorney or Attorney General considering the case frivolous and past the statute of limitations. Yet, in Louisiana, thousands of abortions were done on minors 15 years and under by the abortion cartel's medical doctors without any reports to the Child & Family Services or Sex Crimes Lab as required by law, to protect our children from rape. When confronted with these crimes, our DHH, Child & Family Services, District Attorney, Attorney General, and Inspector General have ignored the most egregious medical malpractice and sexual abuse cover-up in the United States, under the guise of statutes of limitations. We reported these crimes for the third time in 2009-2010, and the DHH and District Attorney ignored our request for prosecution until 2012, and then said it was past the statute of limitations.

Also involved were the media in Baton Rouge. Local affiliate Fox News told Mike Bourgeois and me that the story was too big and they did not have the staff to verify our story, even after I gave them all the information by documents, lawsuits, and a 42-page report from the DHH which verified these findings. David Spunt of Channel 9 told us these allegations couldn't be true because they would be on national news that night. When I gave him the facts, he went to Channel 9 and tried to do an extensive investigative report. They would only let him do a few sound bites and told him to tell me that they were not going to pursue these allegations and have an extensive report as was done by Julie Baxter in 1999-2003. Channel 2 totally ignored our request for coverage!

Even after a report in 1999 that rusty instruments were being used inside tens of thousands of women at Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge, infecting thousands of women, there were no prosecutions by the DHH, LSBME, District Attorney, or Attorney General. The child molestation cover-up is even worse. Public records requests have been made to DHH and Child & Family Services, to no avail. Is there any public servant in the state who is interested in finding out how many women have been injured, how many children have been raped, and how many of these perpetrators have covered up their crimes at abortion clinics? The history of these egregious medical malpractices, fraudulent reporting and cover-up, need not be forgotten. Let us pursue justice as with the case of Jerry Sandusky. There is no statute of limitations on heinous crime.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,

Richard Mahoney

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