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China's One Child Policy

It has been said that there are three times as many households with pets than with children in San Francisco. A friend of mine recently visited her daughter in Los Angeles, and she went with her friend to the Dog Park. There were no children, just dogs playing as their masters watched. (Excuse me, I forgot, you're not supposed to call dogs animals.)

On June 28, 2011, a young Chinese couple pulled into the Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge for an abortion. They both spoke broken English. However, the husband told us he was an engineer and worked at a chemical plant in Geisner, Louisiana. He said he was on a turnaround and then was going to travel back to China. He told us the Chinese government had a one child policy and that they already had two children, which violated this one child policy. He stated that he had to pay nearly a year's salary in fines for having a second child. They knew that they were going to murder their third child, due to China's totalitarian communist dictatorship, yet they did not want to seek asylum in the United States because they didn't want to leave their family and friends behind in China, due to what might happen to them.

He is terrified that the Chinese government will find out that he had a third child, so they murdered their third child rather than standing up to these Chinese dictators. In June 2011 LifeSite News showed a documentary on the brutal forced abortions in China where they hold Chinese women down with ropes and murder their children in their ninth month and then throw the murdered babies at the women. If they protest, they burn their houses down.

I hope the Department of Health and Hospitals investigates Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge's Report of Induced Termination of Pregnancy report to see what Delta put down for the reason for the abortion for this Chinese woman. This is not only a local tragedy, but a national tragedy, since we fund this most favored trade nation and all the atrocities it commits.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,

Rich Mahoney (225) 926-8920

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