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Health Care Bill

Now that the smoke has cleared and the dust has settled, what will be the consequences of this health-care bill?

Father Corapi has often said, “God has put a limit on man's intelligence, but no limit on his stupidity.”

No truer words could be said of those who passed this health care bill signed by President Obama. This bill is not only morally degenerate but also fiscally irresponsible in a nation drowning in debt.

Health care services comprise 18 to 30 percent of the Gross Domestic Product, depending on what is categorized as direct vs. indirect services. These are high paying jobs which generate most of the tax base in this country. Since we have moved most of our manufacturing jobs to China, and our engineering jobs to India and other Asian countries, America desperately needs health care services to stay in the private sector to provide an economic tax base.

The percentage of the GDP for health care services is supposed to double over the next 20 years. Governmental health care, Medicare and Social Security are already bankrupt, and our nation is $13 trillion in debt. The government borrowed money to bail out the automotive and banking industries from the most repressive communist regime known in history (China). Who does Obama think is going to bail out America?

The only governmental options to solve this crisis are to be morally and fiscally responsible, or confiscate the remaining wealth left in America. Obama has signed over America to a socialist dictatorship where your money, your health, and ultimately your death will be controlled by the government.

This nation, which has aborted fifty million babies (and has stolen ten billion taxpayer dollars to give Planned Parenthood to do it), now has only two employed workers for every retired person, and does not have enough economic stability to take care of the elderly, now wants the government to pay the health care costs for fifteen million illegal immigrants and for those who do not currently have health insurance. It does not take an M.B.A. to realize that this is impossible.

The Democrats had better stay out of the E.R. The organ procurement agency might pronounce them brain dead and steal their organs!

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