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Pro-life March, 2011

Richard Mahoney

On January 22-24, 2011 millions of people marched on the streets of the United States and hundreds of thousands of youth prayed and processed at the Nation’s Capitol to mourn the infamous Roe v. Wade decision which legalized abortion. Not one major network that I know of covered these events. So it didn’t surprise me that no major news outlet in Louisiana was brave enough to tell the truth about the illegal and injurious activity that occurred at Delta Clinic in Baton Rouge over the past 7 years and of their affiliation with the murderer Gosnell from Philadelphia.

They did not cover the real crimes committed at Delta, or Leroy T. Brinkley’s (owner of Delta) and Eileen White O’Neal’s involvement with the horrid abortion and infanticide massacre that occurred at Gosnell’s Philadelphia abortion clinic. WAFB did a cursory report on what they described as allegations against Delta and the DHH, but they did not reveal the truth!

We challenge Delta and DHH to meet with us on WAFB in a live broadcast as we show the citizens of our state the real crimes being committed by the abortion industry and how our government agencies have been complicit with these crimes.

One woman who was seriously injured at Delta wanted to tell her story on the news and was denied, probably because the media doesn’t want a floodgate of other people deluging their station with the truth. Showing how Gosnell preferred delivering babies alive and then cutting their necks to kill them was a lot easier for him then ripping them apart in their mother’s wombs and having to piece their bodies back together to make shore he got all of the baby isn’t what I call pleasant but neither is 99% of that shown on our major networks.

However both Gosnell and Delta’s former abortionist James Whitmore are probably the only honest abortionists out there. They both acknowledged that the purpose of an abortion is to kill a baby, so why does it matter if the baby dies inside the womb or outside? They call it fetal demise! I wept for the handful of pro-abortion people that were at the capitol. They shouted slogans “It is easier to change a condom than a diaper. We are leaders not breeders.” Those poor souls have never heard the sweet and soothing voice or the tender touch of a loving mother. They need to go to their heavenly mother, the Immaculate Virgin Mary to be healed! – 02/06/2011

Richard Mahoney,

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