In 1999 affidavits from Delta employees revealed unbelievable negligence and injury to

women who had abortions at the Delta Clinic. But even more startling was the fact that

they admittedly made up the numbers of abortions performed and never reported any

injuries that occurred at the Clinic. They even admitted that the forms were pre-printed,

with pre-printed question responses checked off and completed prior to seeing any


At Richard Mahoney's request, attorney Mike Johnson in 2009 contacted the DHH and

demanded that an investigation be done on the unbridled criminal activity going on at the

clinic for nearly a decade following their 1999 investigation. Evidence of Delta's criminal

activity was supplied to the DHH by Richard Mahoney and given to the DHH as an

exhibit to be used in the prosecution of Delta. As a result of this investigation (State ID:

BO0004642; Complaint # 9AB28180) the DHH found deficient practices at the Clinic and

submitted proceedings against Delta. This led to a small monetary fine and the

continuation of the Clinic's operation. Most notable among these crimes is the fact that

Delta continued with their medical fraud for the last ten years by submitting the same

pre-printed forms to the DHH Office of Vital Records with the same pre-printed question

responses checked off and completed prior to seeing any patients.

All records that were falsified to the DHH Vital Records Registry need to be corrected

and the appropriate information needs to be reported for each patient. Then, punitive

fines and prison time need to be imposed. All records for the last 30 years need to be

corrected and the appropriate statistics be made known to the public. After these

corrections have been made at the Delta Clinic, all other abortion clinics in the State of

Louisiana need to submit and comply with the same corrective actions. Most importantly,

the information on complications experienced from abortion (infections, adverse drug

reactions, uterine perforations, bleeding, STD's, loss of limbs, emergency

hysterectomies, injuries and deaths) need to be rigorously investigated and the

appropriate number and severity needs to be documented. Delta workers admitted using

unsterile dilators and tubing on patients for years in the Clinic, which could have led to

infecting tens of thousands of women going there with STD's.

The public needs to know the truth about abortion and the atrocities that have been

committed by the abortion industry and the government's involvement in the skewing of

the number of abortions performed and the injuries and complications associated with

these procedures.

“This practice of falsifying legal documents to the DHH’s Office of Vital Records and the

medical malpractice and fraud involved in sending forms to the DHH that were preprinted,

with the pre-printed questions responses checked off and completed prior to

seeing any patients, is tantamount to the largest travesty of justice ever perpetrated by

the medical establishment under the guise of women’s reproductive health care. All this

with governmental complicity. In no other branch of medical practice, cardiology,

pulmonology, neurology, etc., would this be tolerated. The ramifications of these

perjuries to the health of women in the United States is staggering!”

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