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The Month of May

The beautiful month of May reflects the bountiful love of our mothers who gave us life and the Immaculate Virgin Mary, our heavenly mother. Two of our eleven children will be graduating this month to embark on a new journey with our Lord Jesus Christ. Many people ask me why we homeschooled our eleven children instead of sending them to Catholic Schools. In reply: The purpose of Catholic education, whether through homeschooling or parochial Catholic schools, is to teach our children their vocation (marriage, holy orders, consecrated single) not job or career and to teach them how to serve (not compete) while imparting to them the eternal truths of our Catholic faith. Whenever you ask young men or women what they want to do after they graduate, rarely do you hear them say they want to be a good father or mother or religious. They usually give you a litany of their career options. It is your vocation which will ultimately define your happiness on earth and your eternal salvation.

Our life is a quest for holiness and a quest for truth. Without truth, no human being could ever attain to holiness. The richness of all truth lies in the eternal and Incarnate Word and is deposited in the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Parents are and always will be the primary educators of their children and God has entrusted them with the grace to penetrate into the innermost character of their children’s souls to cultivate the blossoming of their talents and virtues. Our Lord, through the instrument of their parents, will mold His children like clay or chisel them like marble. God has entrusted and blessed us with eleven immortal souls, and we have been privileged to be able to spend most of the formative years with these precious gifts. I only desired to teach my children one thing. Their greatest treasure, their greatest love, their greatest aspiration is present every day at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the eternal sacrifice of love, and we are to unite ourselves in union with Christ at this Sacrifice. From there, “To Dream the Impossible Dream…!”

Richard Mahoney

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