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Sat, Nov 8, 2008

Nearly all evil regimes and pernicious tyrants have been born on the heels of economic collapse. They draw like maggots the dependent and those ignorant of the blessings wrought from virtue. They want revolutionary change for the sake of novelty or false security. The greatness of the Reagan era is that he inspired in Americans pride, honor and nobility, and that in life (like in the movies), good always prevails over evil. Virtue and the American way would bring about prosperity and not "our father who art in Washington." It was "God Our Father" Who would lead us to victory, by keeping His Commandments and not by our own strength. The Bush - Clinton - Bush era saw the slow selling of America to foreign anti-American regimes. Economic collapse and panic have ensued and along comes the charismatic revolutionary Obama promising hope to the fearful masses. A groundless hope based on empty promises, Obama is about change but not a change for good but an evil sinister revolution of socialism; another Animal Farm.

Richard Mahoney

Respiratory Therapist


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