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Truth has been betrayed by the majority of the clergy in America, who should have defended it. Most of the media and clergy told their dubious listeners that there are no absolute truths or intrinsic evils and that one in good conscience could vote for those supporting abortion and sodomy. In the gubernatorial election of 1992, in response to Buddy Roemer's unpopular gubernatorial policies, Buddy Roemer was ousted by Edwin Edwards and David Duke in the governor's race. Duke was defeated by Edwards due to the media's clamoring of his unsavory ties to the KKK. The media responsibly told the facts and would not let his past fade into obscurity. The media's deafening silence to Obama's ties to racist groups shows their repugnant hypocrisy. Obama was the media's poster child and puppet of the National Abortion Federation, gay nation, NAACP and Islamic fascists. The stark difference between the David Duke's campaign and Obama's was that Duke ran on a pro-life, pro-family platform while Obama ran on a pro-abortion, pro-sodomite platform.

Being the first Black President of the United States, Obama's election was touted as a milestone in America's history. It would have been a milestone if an honest and noble man was elected. (The NAACP and media would have been up in arms if it was David Duke who was elected president.) Alan Keyes has run three times for the presidency, yet in the 2008 presidential debates, he was not even allowed to participate in the debates. He must not meet the NAACP's and the hypocritical media's criteria for membership in their political establishment.

2008 was indeed a milestone in American history. We now know that the civil rights leaders in America were not about civil rights but their own rights. Whatever happened to civil rights for babies in the womb? I truly believe that the American people weren't voting for Obama but for themselves. They saw it as, "Our father, who art in Washington, give us this day our daily bread. Amen."

Richard Mahoney

Respiratory Therapist


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