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Publicans vs. Demoncrats

Wed, Aug 6, 2008

I cannot contemplate any greater evil, it is the father of despair, the greatest enemy of honor and virtue, and the greatest taunt of hell, than the temptation that all our good works are for naught and that ultimately evil prevails. This has led many good men to throw in the towel, wave the white flag, and flee from the battle. This lethargy has even entered the political realm. Many Christians proclaim that there is no difference between the Republicans and the Democrats, so that they will not vote for anyone. This cynicism and apathy frightens me more than all the forces of the enemies of Christendom.

How any Christian would not fulfill his civic duties and cop out by not taking a stance against the evils of our time and renege on their duty to vote and be part of the political process is beyond me. Some call them the "dream team," others the "mod squad," and still others the "odd couple." Who do I say that they are? They are the litmus tests of how morally decadent America will become during the next eight years if Obama or Hillary is elected to office. In past times, politicians at least feigned to espouse God, marriage, and morality. If they didn't, they could not be elected in the Bible Belt. It is inconceivable that a party that espouses sodomy, abortion, and ACLU-sponsored pornography would even get a voice in this November's election. I asked a Russian neighbor of mine what she thought about living through the horrors of atheistic communism. She became defensive and exclaimed, "What do you mean? There is really no difference between the Communist Party and the Democrats in your country" (no truer words were ever spoken).

The Publicans had better wake up and smell the stench, stand up for what is Godly, and not cower before what is "politically correct." Pope Benedict XVI iterated that, "A Catholic cannot profess his faith at church and then promote political business, business, or medical practices, contrary to those beliefs." He said, "In a world without truth, freedom loses its foundation and a democracy without values loses its very soul." Christians, and others of good will, had better stand united and get involved in the political process, or the collapse of America is inevitable.

Rich Mahoney

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