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Pope Benedict's Visit

On the eve of our Holy Father Benedict XVI's trip to the United States, many people in the media have been making derogatory comments about him. Last week, a friend of mine from Mississippi joined in with their barrage. I turned to him and asked him how many children did he have, knowing full well the answer. He replied, "I have three children." I asked him if any of them were living their Christian faith, or at least living exemplary lives. He shamefully admitted that none of his children were living a good exemplary Christian life. I told him that if he couldn't even keep three children in line, he had no right to criticize the pope who has over one billion children to teach, govern, and lovingly rule. The popes call themselves "servants of the servants of God."

Sadly to say, many of these children are ignorant, confused, wounded, and rebellious, either by scandal or ignorance of the loving teachings of Christ through His Church. We have been blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ that He has given His Church such saintly popes during the past century to lead us through these apocalyptic times. These modernists tout the heresy of individualism, the American icon, and clamor about individual rights, yet never fulfill their duties to God or neighbor. They are devoid of humility, honor, or courage.

The truths of our faith have often been blurred by heresy, apostasy, scandal, and betrayal, but have prevailed and shined magnificently and miraculously through the millions of saints who have been loving witnesses to the power of Christ's love, truth, and "miraculous and mysterious beauty of his creation!"

God bless you!

Rich Mahoney

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