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Survivor - by Maria Mahoney

Like Anne Frank, I too have a story, a story of hardship, sorrow, long-suffering, and death. Yet through all the darkness the light of truth, though eclipsed, has not been extinguished. This is my story:

I am a survivor of the most deadly war in human history, which has claimed over 50 million American lives and over two billion lives worldwide over the past 35 years. One-third of my peers have been exterminated in the abortion concentration camps. Neither I nor anyone born in 1973 or after has had any legal right to life! None of us could have escaped the whim of another's choice! More sadly still, it is to think that the perpetrators of such an abomination were not some evil Nazi or communist dictator or tyrant, but of our own mothers! What should be the safest and most peaceful moments of our lives where we were rocked to sleep with the lullaby and harmonic symphony of the loving heartbeat of our mother has become the deadliest battleground in history! More tragic still is the memorial wall of the billions of babies slaughtered is not written on some marble or granite wall but on the hearts of these mothers! "You can rip a baby from its mother's womb, but not from its mother's heart." Abortion has pitted a mother against her own baby. In human history there has never been known any greater love or bond than that of a mother and her baby. How tragic the slogan, "Abortion: One dead, one wounded." You will always remember the child you never knew.

My prayer for January 22, 2008, is that no more names will be written on the American Holocaust wall, and that once again the most loving place to be in America is in our mothers' wombs. Yes, we, those born after 1973, have a story!

Maria Mahoney

doctorate student

4829 Bennington Ave.

Baton Rouge, LA

(225) 926-8920

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