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Choose who you will serve

Last month President Bush toured the scourged, ravaged State of California and told the citizens of that state, "Better days are coming." I am extremely pessimistic about "better times are coming" when, over the last several years, military chaplains have been threatened and court-martialed over professing the Lord Jesus Christ to soldiers instead of proselytizing the god of nature or the generic god of all religions.

It seems as if the ACLU-driven politicians want to use God only to make men feel more comfortable about killing for their nation. Also, it is very sobering to note that many more young men have died in the streets of our cities over the last several years than in the war in Iraq. It is actually safer to be in Iraq than in many American cities. While our nation has mobilized to fight wars against religious zealots, we fund the tyranny of abortion, sodomy, pornography, and atheistic communism in China that is killing billions worldwide.

"Our father who art in Washington" promises to save us Publicans with the conservative gospel of prosperity and the Demoncrats mobilizing their clientele with the fear of things to come. The major difference between the parties is that the Demoncrats have solidified their evil agenda and promote it in their platform. That is why the Publicans are not the solution. Yet the Demoncrats are not an option. If the Publicans will not fight for the truth, then the Constitution Party may be the only option for the Christian vote.

Elijah told the idolatrous children of Israel, "Choose who you will serve." Christians must decide this coming year whom they choose to serve. When the light of divine revelation is extinguished, all that is left for humanity is the pursuit of pleasure. All that is beautiful and sublime slowly degenerates into futility or existentialism. The cure is plain to see, but the medicine is so distasteful that most Christians will not take their teaspoonful. If that is so, in 2008 we will sell our birthright to Hitlery and the Demoncratic Party.

God bless you!

Rich Mahoney

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