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Global Warming and Faith

While constantly fighting to persuade people to stop polluting God's planet, of which we have been made stewards, I have a healthy skepticism when I hear people like Al Gore scream that global warming is the result of modern technology. I do not jump at the scream of every tree-hugger, especially when they are running around the world in Lear jets. I take Mother Teresa of Calcutta seriously. She spoke about the plight of the poor while she lived and suffered with them. It is actually amazing what power these environmentalists wield. TSU stopped building eleven powerplants at their beckoning. It is my understanding that volcanos, lightning, and fires emit much more greenhouse gas than all of our modern technological innovations. While we should treat God's footstool with reverence, our main concern should be how we treat God's children.

My grandfather lived through the industrial revolution. My father the technological revolution. We are living through the genetic revolution, whose consequences will be far more reaching. Genetic engineering is an adventure "to where there is no return!" The great strides of nanotechnology will either enable humanity to fight certain diseases or eradicate the whole human race. It has the far reaching potential to program each and every individual as if he were a computer or a robot. The new generation of computers will be DNA computers, using DNA bases adenine-thymine and cytosine-guanine, switched on and off with photons replacing the current binary code (0-1) data signals processed by microprocessors, transistor switches that pass or stop pulses of current.

With the completion of the genome project and the explosion of the scientific knowledge of genetics man, not space, has become the new frontier. A frontier from which mankind may never return. His choice will be the Son of God and life, or the son of perdition and death!

Richard Mahoney

Respiratory Therapist

4829 Bennington Ave.

Baton Rouge, LA 70808

(225) 926-8920

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