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John Paul The Great

It has been nearly a month since John Paul II has been laid to rest and his remarkable life has been eulogized in the media throughout the world. Leaders of nearly every nation paid their last respects to the Pope and acknowledged his great achievements for the Roman Catholic Church and for people throughout the world.

Not to reiterate what has already been said, I feel that John Paul II's greatest single virtue and characteristic was that he truly loved and prayed for those who persecuted him, the church and people under tyranny. He condemned Nazism, Communism, unbridled capitalism and the culture of death, yet he assisted in the collapse of these perverse ideologies and regimes by showing man his dignity and the splendor of the truth. He told the world “man is created a little less than the angels and not a little higher than the apes.” He was created for glory as children of God the Father.

May Cardinal Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI, receive a twofold portion of John Paul II's spirit and lead the church through its painful purification. Pope Benedict XVI's main apostolate will be to restore orthodox Catholicism to the seminaries, Catholic schools and universities. The new evangelization will begin with the restoration of Catholic education and health care, which will promote the dignity and sacredness of marriage, family and church.

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