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Partial Birth Abortion

Some discourses are so incredulous only the intelligentia can understand them. This can be applied to the dissenters of the Supreme Court decision to ban Partial Birth Abortion. I challenge those Justices who dissented from the ban to explain to me how inducing a breech delivery on a woman (which would be life threatening in and of itself) and sucking the brains out of a baby who has already been delivered and whose cavarian is sitting in the cervical os can save the life of a mother?

The abortionists, by manipulating a breech delivery, are the villianist character who is not only killing a baby ¾ out the birth canal but is putting the mother in a life threatening position by a breech delivery. Conversely, defunct abortionist James Whitmore III, MD wrote in his lawsuit to keep partial birth abortion legal that “the ban would encompass D & E procedures.” Whitmore also declares that “during the D & E procedure, a part of the fetus protrudes from or is pulled through the cervical os before the fetus is fully removed. It is possible that the fetus (baby) is living when part of the fetus is within the uterus and part is outside, because it is extremely difficult to know precisely when fetal demise occurs. Thus, all D & E procedures could be considered partial birth abortion.”

To get to the crux of the matter, show an ultrasound to any child and ask them to tell you what they see. They will tell you, “A baby.” If it is a baby, then abortion is murder. “Blessed is the fruit of thy womb!” Satan and abortion have cursed the womb and have brought upon fathers and mothers the curse of Cain.

Richard Mahoney

Cardiopulmonary Tech.

(225) 926 - 8920

April 26, 2007

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