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Easter Resurrection

With the preparation for Lent on Shrove Tuesday and the walk with our Lord Jesus Christ in the desert for forty days and nights to fast and pray, Christian have begun their ascent to Calvary and a new life on the glorious Easter Resurrection.

The severity of God's justice and the infinite depths of His mercy are simultaneously wrought on the Cross of Christ. Christ has warned us of the Pharisee and the publican. The publican sinner fears that he will never be forgiven by God or presumptuously sins with what he imagines is impunity, while the just Pharisee fears that he will become like the vile sinner he abhors. Let us become like the Immaculate Virgin Mary who, though redeemed by Christ, "never added to His sufferings by any sins or omissions." Though singularly preserved in grace, and Immaculately Conceived, the humble "handmaid of the Lord" responded to grace and "heard the word of God and kept it." She is the glory of the human race, queen of angels and men, and "all generations shall call her blessed." Let us follow the Blessed Virgin Mary's example and come to the foot of the Cross, so that the rays of Divine Mercy which shone forth for souls from the blood and water that gushed from His sacred side, will make us a new creation in Christ, a resurrection of love and life.

There is a divine limit imposed on evil: Divine Mercy. The sacramental sign of His Body given up and His Blood poured out! Now is the time for mercy, justice will follow!

God bless you!

Rich Mahoney

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