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A journalist once asked Mother Teresa what was the greatest plight in the world. She replied, “The greatest destroyer of peace today is the crime against the innocent unborn baby”. Abortion is the destroyer of the most intimate human relationships; that of the love of a mother toward her baby and the most intimate conjugal love between husband and wife. Abortion pits a mother against her baby and women against men.

The first sound a baby hears is the heartbeat of its mother. There is no greater human bond of loving sacrifice than that of a baby in her mother’s womb. This love has been the foundation of life and what is truly beautiful in this world. Our Lord asked “Could a mother forget the child in her womb?” It has been providential that medicinal cures have been found in the teardrops of mothers and in the cells of the placenta.

I wrote this poem to my mother before she died of cancer:

My mother’s heart provides all the tender care

When all looks dark and there is none to share

All life’s trials and sorrows, scrapes and tears

My mother understands and always keeps me near

She wipes every tear, all my wounds she repairs

My mother’s the greatest, there is none to compare

Our times together are filled with smiles and caresses

While her sweet singing voice soothes as it blesses

Drifting me off to sleep in her arms

So warm and secure, so safe from all harm

My mother has the ability to answer life’s toughest questions

The purpose of being, the essence of feeling, the meaning of love

Yes, my mother is the greatest, there is no question of that

Thus I will never cease to bless the mother who gave me my life.

Pray for the end of this “Holocaust”.

A baby should hear the loving heartbeat of her mother,

not the sound of a suction machine that will tear her apart!

Richard Mahoney

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