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Sodomy is satanic

The truth written in this editorial will be viewed as intolerant, hateful and a great disrupter of peace, by the worldly person. The Roe v. Wade of satanic sodomy of America will be dated June 26, 2003, “when Satan donned judicial robes and presided again over the most atrocious travesty of justice that ever took place and declared that now we not only have the right to murder the most innocent babies in the womb, but sodomize our youth and our country”. The worldly, view peace as the absence of conflict. Instead of seeking after truth and justice they try to eliminate war by eliminating everything worth fighting for. This counterfeit kind of peace is achieved by sacrificing any need or struggle for moral virtue; a perverse passivity of self-indulgence. Our Lord Jesus’ peace is the fruit of constant battle, the battle between our will and Gods will. The worldly flee from that fight and try to satisfy all their desires. They live life to the fullest in a worldly sense, yet inevitably this always leads to frustration and futility.

Sodomy and abortion are satanic sins that go beyond human depravity. They not only go against God’s law, they go against nature. Many will argue that there is a genetic and biochemical component to these aberrations. Yet there is never a genetic or biochemical component to sin. Sin is an act of the will! Because of original sin we all struggle with vice and sin; each of us has our cross to bear. Yet Our Lord Jesus has made it perfectly clear, “My Grace is sufficient for you”. “Sin is knocking at the door, yet you can be its master”. “Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect”.

What should our response be to those who are tormented by the temptation of sodomy or even enslaved in its perverse bondage? We must pray, fast and intercede to God for their deliverance; but never allow them to carry out this perverse act or fall into the abyss. Allowing sodomy or abortion is not an act of love or an aid to fallen humanity; it is abandonment. Let us as a nation, and individually, struggle and fight for virtue rather than capitulate to sin and vice for the sake of a false peace. The Prince of Peace came with his presence to establish peace and virtue in our soul.

Richard Mahoney

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