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The Cliche

The cliche, "If you cannot be a shining example to your children, then you will at least be a great warning to them," can be applied to our baby-booming narcisstic generation. We have passed on the torch of death to Generation X, the "Death-Roe" generation.

No one in America born after January 22, 1973 was entitled to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." As with the condemned at Auschwitz, their life or death was at the whim of another.

Yet this time, instead of the Gestapo, one's own mother was the executioner. Margaret Sanger (Nazgul) and Planned Barrenhood (alias Planned Parenthood) have unleashed a worldwide culture of death in peddling impurity, contraception, abortion, and genocide. It is sad that God, love and life do not unite people as much as do licentiousness, hatred and revenge.

With impurity, licentiousness and murder firmly rooted, Satan, Sauron and Sodomy (SSS) are now beginning their final assault on mankind. The destruction of the family! Our ode to God, love and life, and the destruction of the Ring (our rebellious will) will bring the SSS to its death.


Whoever enters into married life

Enters into a life of sharing and caring

Giving and forgiving, loving and being loved

If each lover sees through the other's eyes

Always trusting and believing

And thanking God for one another

Their souls will blossom together

For a love that is shared is a heavenly thing

By its melody it brings new life to the soul

Walking hand in hand

Sharing each other in body and soul

Comes a child

Flesh of our flesh

Soul of light divine

Children are our source of light and warmth

A symbol of our life and love together.

Then will the Age of Man and the Kingship

of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ begin!

God bless!

Rich Mahoney

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