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It was totally revolting to me to witness some of the elite entertainment industry and the liberals (composed of radical abortionists, satanic sodomites and pansy pacifists) marching around crying for peace when they are the most murderous lot in history. Daily they flood the TV, internet and radio with murder, violence and sexual perversion. They are responsible for the breakdown of family life and societal moral norms. Like the tobacco industry the entertainment industry needs to be held accountable for the damage they are inflicting on individuals and society. It is truly tragic that many of these people, who seem to show compassion for the unknown soldier at the end of a laser guided missile, have absolute contempt for the unknown baby at the end of the abortionists knife.

It is even more nauseating to see some conservative secular humanists using the “just war theory” to defend the U.S. going to war against Iraq since this same group is totally pacifistic when it comes to fighting the terrorism of abortion, sodomy and pornography. They do business with China, the most tyrannical terrorist country in the world, which enslaves its people and murders 50,000,000 babies a year by forced abortion. They have no problem with buying China’s inexpensive goods produced by slave labor. Their media coverage of this war with Iraq resembled a sporting event or video game, play-by- play commentary on laser guided missiles blowing up their target. Cold, calculated destruction with no mention or feeling for the patriotic Iraq’s who like their counterpart American soldiers fought for what they thought was God and country.

To witness the real “Shock and Awe” of the most infamous war in history, watch the The Silent Scream narrated by Bernard Nathanson which shows in fiberoptic detail a D&E abortion. Don’t get me wrong; I think we should bring all terrorists to justice (Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Planned Parenthood, NARAL, etc). If America wants to liberate the world by force, it must realize that freedom is not the right to commit murder, promote sexual perversion and exploit the world’s resources. Victory is the Truth of our Lord Jesus Christ, which our country only gives lip service to!

Richard Mahoney

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