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Victory over Death

Exhilaration and praise resounded from the lips of devout Christians in Ann Arbor, Michigan recently when the Women's Choice Center run by abortionist Robert Alexander closed down. Edmund Miller and Alicia Wong had prayed and counseled outside this murder mill for years and had watched as thousands of innocent babies were led into the holocaust chamber to be executed by their own fathers and mothers.

On entering the death camp, she entered the rooms where tens of thousands of innocent babies were brutally tortured and murdered. She gazed at the table where the mothers' laid to abort their children and this is what she saw:

I saw despair lying there; lying there in the faces of women who could not accept

love really exists and if it did, it would never exist for them!

I saw anger lying there; life was seen as a loveless, joyless proposition, whereas

murder was even better!

I saw helplessness lying there; helpless women herded toward abortion by family

or friends who believed their duty was to allow nothing outside their own pleasure to live!

I saw laughter lying there; the laughter of women who thought life was a joke!

Abortion clinics are the modern day concentration camps where women are driven by the tide of their own sins, anger, fears and despair. You can rip a baby from its mother's womb but not from its mother's heart. How many tears do mothers have to shed over the blood of their murdered children before America and the world repents of this senseless and brutal debasement of mothers.

America needs to come to grips with the stark reality that they have perpetuated a holocaust against innocent babies in the womb and begin repentance by erecting a tomb for the unknown baby and a American Holocaust Wall in Washington D.C. Former abortion clinics need to be turned into American Holocaust Memorials so that we NEVER FORGET!

Richard Mahoney

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