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There are two prevailing philosophies about the nature of man and his destiny in the world today. The first is presented by Our Lord Jesus Christ in His Gospel of Life (Sacred Scripture); “Man is created a little less than the angels, made in the image and likeness of God, immortal and eternal”. The second is promulgated by satan in his culture of death; that man is created a little higher than the apes, a brute beast to be managed, neutered and disposed of. Planned Parenthood introduced this philosophy in the 1960’s with contraception. Like contraception, cloning, our latest technological innovation, separates the integral component of marriage and alienates the intimate union of husband and wife in the procreation of children. They have stripped love of its nobility, mystery and sacredness: That grace and beauty that inspire us to strive for spiritual perfection. They refuse to acknowledge any moral absolute and hold in practice that which has no principle or truth. The American Medical Association has even redefined the beginning of life to be at the moment of implantation (nidation), rather than at conception to legally allow for human embryo experimentation and contraceptive abortifacients. To our disgrace, the most infamous sins against God and nature are being performed by the manipulation of human beings through artificial conception and scientific research; even after empirical scientific evidence has proven that a unique human person is genetically complete at the first moment of conception with the intrinsic capacity to develop into an adult.

Planned Parenthood, the American Medical Association and the insurance healthcare providers are the major villains in these heinous murders. They have determined that it is more economical to assist in murder than to care for people. Physicians have turned their medical suites and hospitals into veterinary clinics; neutering, spaying, and contracepting their victims like animals. Out of the 50,000 obstetric and gynecological physicians in America less that a dozen follow the teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ's Church. Many have bought themselves a pew in the Church Militant; however they will noticeably absent in the Church Triumphant.

There is very little to indicate that we have repented or converted from out evil ways. “We have wrapped our lethal deeds in a veil of silence. To be the light of Christ we must name the darkness! Nowhere is the shroud of darkness heavier in the contemporary world than in the sins of contraception, abortion and eugenics where we deal out death to the most innocent of all human beings. This is the most primordial darkness of our time”. The sacredness of life is the very heart of the Gospel. We possess exclusive truth, yet we have sacrificed this claim on the altar civility to the detriment and death of our children. This generation is crossing the threshold of hope, “yet hope is not a blind or naïve reading of reality, but a deep commitment to the designs of providence and it demands our cooperation with God’s will”. Repent and walk in the light of truth before the darkness of evil extinguishes the flame!

Richard Mahoney

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