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A number of people gathered together at work to watch the proceedings of the Demoncratic Convention in Boston to listen to the new leader of the 4th Reich, John Kerry. After listening to such inspirational charismatic speakers, such as Clinton, Sharpton, Jackson, Edwards and Kerry, a dedicated acolyte stood up saluted and sang an ode:

Our father who art in Washington, shallow be thy name, thy pragmatic secular humanistic, utilitarian state on all America as the demoncrats have it in Washington. Give us this day our daily welfare, food stamps, entitlements, soda and chips and pay for our STD’s, contraceptives, abortafacients, CAB’s, CVA’s and diabetes. Forgive our fellow democrats as we turn a blind eye to the holocaust and lead us into temptation (pornography, ACLU) and deliver us from the fanatic Conservative Christian Right.

If you get inspired to say “Our Father Who art in Heaven”, bite your sacrilegious tongue and know that in this great, free country of ours the ACLU says that you may only use God’s name in vain or in a curse but never to praise, worship and adore.

The demoncrats are proclaiming to all patriotic Americans, we are the way, the truth and the light and we have come to set you free. Personally, I would rather be a slave for God.

Richard Mahoney

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