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Jihad is Condemned

In the Christian west insults, contempt and blasphemy are constantly hurled against our Almighty God and His Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, under the guise of art and entertainment. No outrage is broadcast, no repercussion is felt. How little we love God and our Lord Jesus Christ! Conversely, devout Muslims pray openly six times a day and will fight and die if anyone insults Islam. Muslim zealousness, prayerfulness, and love of Allah should be emulated by all devout Christians towards Christ our Lord! Christianity has always viewed Islam as heresy and a threat to the Christian world due to jihad and its treatment of non-Islamic "infidels." The Crusades were a response to Islamic jihad overrunning Christian Europe in the Middle Ages. Nearly a thousand years of conflict between the Christian west and Islamic east was replaced during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries by a new threat of fascism, nazism and communism. Now that communism has been mostly eradicated, except in China and Cuba, the threat of the Islamic world against the now non-Christian pagan secular humanist west is very real. Yet this time the love of God and our Lord Jesus Christ will not save the west, due to the fact that secular humanists cannot and will not stand up for anything except the right to be immoral. They view democracy, not as a means for freedom of worship and the right to life, but as a panacea for immorality, sodomy and abortion. Christians had better see the handwriting on the wall or pack their bags for another exile into Babylon.

Pope Benedict XVI has called for reciprocity in the Christian Muslim relationships calling on all Muslim nations to honor the religious freedoms of all faiths and denominations, as is done in the Western democracies. His condemnation of Islamic Jihad and prohibition of Christianity in many Muslim nations is not unfounded. Christianity is outlawed in Egypt; nearly 1.5 million Christians have been murdered since the 1983 institution of Islamic Shariah in Sudan. Hezbollah is touting the militant Shariah law in Lebanon. Let us shame the devil and tell the truth for once. The media's hypocritical coverage of the Pope's speech on Islam, dialogue with Muslim countries and terrorism has reached new heights in the United States. These news anchors need to focus on the lack of religious tolerance and the promotion of terrorism in Islamic countries and not condemn the Pope for pointing them out.

Richard Mahoney

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