pro-life education, pro-life Curriculum
pro-life education, pro-life Curriculum

Christian Patriots For Life

One Nation Under God, Indivisible, With Liberty and Justice for All?

The Missing Key of

the Pro-Life Movement

The Spirit in the Schools of One Generation,

is the Spirit in the Government of the Next.


A Catholic Respect Life Curriculum

for High School, College and Adult Study

Online since March 2006


The Huntsville Respect Life Curriculum

Pre-Kindergarten - 12 Grades

Now Online

Welcome to Christian Patriots for Life!

Our Mission is to promote formal education on the sanctity of life in the Christian classroom as well as at home. We specifically address why this is so crucial in The Missing Key. We have developed two curriculum programs and offer them here free, along with many unique resources.


Also we are the web home to

The American Holocaust Memorial,

a former abortion clinic in Baton Rouge that has been open to the public since 1994.

More Resources

Pro-Life Education Program

An Uneducated Nation is a Nation that cannot Change

Abortion Videos & Pro-Life Videos

View some of the most important pro-life videos in the history of legalized abortion.

Christians Teachings Against Abortion

Scriptural passages dealing with the Unborn PERSON (and related)

The Miracle of Your Developing Baby

Your Precious Baby's Life Began At The Moment of Conception

A New Language for the Culture of Life

Re-Humanizing the Very Young Children

Abortion: The great contradiction to everything this Republic stands for.

Aborted States of America

pro-life education, pro-life Curriculum

This site is dedicated to

the Author of Life and

Light of the World

Important Pages

National American Holocaust Memorial

Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana


The Nazis and Abortion

One major Pro-Abortion claim is that the Nazis were anti-abortion and anti-choice.

Constitutional Remedies to Ending Abortion

Scriptural passages dealing with the Unborn PERSON (and related)

Federation of Americans Waiting to Be Born

A message from Andrew Jackson, President

The Truth about Abortion Q & A's

If you are considering an abortion, the topics presented here will help you make an informed decision.

Politics & Mentality of Abortion

And a perspective on Christian Patriots

The Pledge of Allegiance

The Pledge For Life

pro-life education, pro-life Curriculum