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Triumph at The Cross

The Fall of Delta Abortion Clinic

Part II

Fence at Nazi death camp 1940's


Fence going up at Delta Abortion death camp


"Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat its failures."

July of 1992

"Summer of Purpose"

Public works crews constructed hundreds of feet of fence down the middle of Bennington Ave. and on a privately owned vacant lot next door to the Delta Women's Clinic to separate pro-lifers from the clinic and its pro-abortion forces.


Bennington Avenue will be closed "until further notice," city-parish officials said. DPW crews installed a 6-foot-tall chain link fence around a vacant lot adjacent to the clinic on Bennington Avenue and installed a similar fence down the middle of Bennington Avenue near the clinic.


The work was done to prepare for Operation Rescue's "Summer of Purpose”protests in Baton Rouge. Delta was considered the primary target of the pro-life group Operation Rescue In Baton Rouge.

Police try to break up protesters from both sides of the abortion issue as a pre-dawn clash erupts when protesters try to establish lines in front of the clinic.

Explanation of

Aerial View at Left:


A. Police parking lot.


B. Bennington Ave.


C. Delta Death Camp Entrance


D. Delta Holocaust Chamber


E. Louisiana State Police, Dept. of Corrections officers


F. Police Command Center


G. Pro-Lifers gathering on Old Forge Ave.

Entrance to one of the two large extermination areas in Birkenau near Auschwitz.


Entrance to Delta, one of the hundreds of child extermination areas across America.

Bishop Stanley Ott praying the Rosary on the Pro-Life side of the fence in front of Delta Women's Clinic as Franciscan Friar Dan Norviel holds a twelve foot crucifix.


Bishop Ott came to the foot of the cross after conversingwith Bishop Vaughn - his classmate in seminary.


Bishop Ott had terminal cancer and yet he asked tobe driven to the Delta "Death Camp" to pray with his flock.

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