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Praying the Chaplet for Pro-Life Causes




Bishop Fulton Sheen's Spiritual Adoption of an Unborn Baby


Father Pavone's "Spiritual Adoption" of an Abortion Clinic


John Paul II's Closing prayer of Evangelium vitae


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Priests for Life Prayers


Redeemer in the Womb


Lord Jesus Christ, You took our human nature upon Yourself. You shared our life and death, our childhood and adulthood.


You also shared our time in the womb. While still God, while worshiped and adored by the angels, while Almighty and filling every part of the universe, You dwelt for nine months in the womb of Mary. You were our Redeemer in the womb, our God who was a preborn child.


Lord Jesus, we ask You to bless and protect the children who today are in their mothers' womb. Save them from the danger of abortion. Give their mothers the grace to sacrifice themselves, in body and soul, for their children. Help all people to recognize in the preborn child a brother, a sister, saved by You, our Redeemer in the womb.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Rosary Crusade for Life Mission Statement

The Mission of Our Lady of Guadalupe Rosary Crusade for Life is to respond to our Holy Father's exhortation to stop the "Culture of Death" and to prepare for a new millennium illuminated by the "Gospel of Life". As their parents killed the "Author of Life", the children of the "Culture of Death" are killing God's precious babies by contraception, abortion, and genetic engineering! We participate in the ending of contraception and abortion by the judicious means Our Lord has left us: the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, Eucharistic Adoration and all the Sacraments and Sacramentals. By peaceful pro-life rosaries with Our Lady at the foot of our modern day Golgatha we curb this massive assault against human life and put a stop to these unspeakable crimes. We must reject and reverse the tragic policy of Roe vs. Wade, which the Supreme Court tragically imposed upon America in 1973. We will not keep abortion "the Silent Holocaust". We will educate our country to the reality of the horrors taking place.

Pope John Paul II has told us: "The Dark Horse is on the Horizon. Whenever human life is threatened, we will stand up. America Defend Life! Woe to you if you do not suceed in defending life! Do not be afraid, Jesus Christ is with you!"


Quoting Malcom Muggeridge: "We will not recognize the true value of our own lives until we affirm the value in the lives of others; however low it flickers or fiercely burns, it is still a Divine Flame which no man dare to presume to put out, be his motives ever so humane and enlightened".


In conclusion, what should our response be to this holocaust? Come join us at the foot of the Cross where Our Lord Jesus is being crucified anew. We must: "Rescue those who are being dragged to death and from those tottering to execution". Let us die with Christ that we may share in His Resurrection. "We have been raised with Christ" (Col 3:14) and yet we still suffer and are slaughtered for His sake all the day long (Rom 8) yet we do not grieve as others do, who have no hope. Our Lord Jesus said "Be not afraid, Peace be with you".


Priest for Life Prolife Meditations:

Joyful     Luminous     Sorrowful      Glorious


Introductory Prayer for Each Decade of A Pro-life Rosary

Prolife prayers that can be used for any mystery: page 1, page 2 (PDF)

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What is Eucharistic Adoration?

Understood simply, Eucharistic Adoration is adoring or

honoring the Eucharistic Presence of Christ. Read More


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Things to Do During Private Eucharistic Adoration


Eucharistic Adoration Through the Liturgical Year

Bishop Fulton Sheen's Spiritual Adoption of an Unborn Baby


Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,
I love you very much.
I beg you to save the life of the unborn baby
that I have spiritually adopted,
and is in danger
of abortion.

Mary, our Mother in Heaven,
pray for us,
and especially for your little ones
in danger of abortion

Fulton Sheen

Father Frank Pavone's Spiritual Adoption of an Abortion Clinic

Father, all life is in Your care.
You have entrusted us to one another,
that we may show our brothers and sisters
the same love You have for us.
We pray, then, for the least among us,
the children in the womb.
Protect them from the violence of abortion.
We pray for those that are scheduled to die at [fill in name of abortion mill]
Save them from death.
Give new hope to their parents,
that they may turn away from the desperate act of abortion.
Grant conversion to the abortionist and to the staff.
Show us how we are to respond to the bloodshed in our midst,
And lead us to the day when this place of death
Will be transformed into a haven of life.
Guard us with your joy and your peace,
For in You, life is victorious.
We pray in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

John Paul II's Closing prayer of Evangelium vitae

O Mary,
bright dawn of the new world,
Mother of the living,
to you do we entrust the cause of life
Look down, O Mother,
upon the vast numbers
of babies not allowed to be born,
of the poor whose lives are made difficult,
of men and women
who are victims of brutal violence,
of the elderly and the sick killed
by indifference or out of misguided mercy.


Grant that all who believe in your Son
may proclaim the Gospel of life
with honesty and love
to the people of our time.
Obtain for them the grace
to accept that Gospel
as a gift ever new,
the joy of celebrating it with gratitude
throughout their lives
and the courage to bear witness to it
resolutely, in order to build,
together with all people of good will,
the civilization of truth and love,
to the praise and glory of God,
the Creator and lover of life.

God Our Father, Giver of life,
we entrust the United States of America
to Your loving care.
You are the rock
on which this nation was founded.
You alone are the true source
of our cherished rights
to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Reclaim this land for Your glory
and dwell among Your people.

Send Your Spirit to touch the hearts
of our nation's leaders.
Open their minds
to the great worth of human life
and the responsibilities that accompany human freedom.
Remind Your people that true happiness
is rooted in seeking and doing Your will.

Through the intercession of
Mary Immaculate, Patroness of our land,
grant us the courage to reject
the "culture of death."
Lead us into a new millennium of life.
We ask this through Christ Our Lord.

Spiritual Adoption Clinic
John Paul
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