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Chronological History of Delta 2015 to 2020





Dr. Nsikan St Martin, MD


Obstetrics & Gynecology | Female | 34 years old


 Published on Nov 17, 2015

Nsikan M St  Martin.jpg

Dr. Nsikan St Martin, A gynecologist and Obstetrician from Morgan City, was Arrested by the Morgan City Police, for possession of Banned Drugs and Firearms.

The Morgan City Police Arrested Nsikan St Martin and Alisa O. Marshall, both residents of Morgan City who were arguing each other and complained about each other thus both getting arrested, According to the News published in

Nsikan St. Martin who is a gynecologist and Obstetrician working in the Teche Regional Medical Center, was the first to call the Morgan City police to remove Alisa O. Marshall from her home. Nsikan St. Martin informed the Police that they would find marijuana in Marshall’s vehicle, parked just outside her home.

Marshall who got Arrested after police found Marijuana in her vehicle, in turn told them while on their way to jail that She too suspected marijuana could be located in the bedroom of Doctor Nsikan St. Martin,” Blair said.

When the Police searched St. Martin’s home, they found not only marijuana in Nsikan St. Martin’s bedroom, but also confiscated Alprazolam and Methylphenidate drugs, that are illegal to possess without a prescription in the U.S.

Not only drugs, but the Police also found and confiscated several firearms they found in the bedroom.

Dr. Nsikan St Martin who is just 32 years old, was booked into the Morgan City jail on counts of possession of marijuana, Scheduled IV drug Alprazolam, Schedule II Methylphenidate, drug paraphernalia, firearms in the presence of illegal drugs, and violation of the controlled dangerous substance laws.

Here are the News Sites that Covered this news:

Dear Michelle Alletto, Deputy Secretary Department of Health and Hospitals. Please investigate Nsikan St. Martins involvement in the crimes committed by the Delta Clinic in Baton Rouge. I have copied and pasted the police report from the Morgan City Police Department on her arrest on 11/01/2015. The LSBME (Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners) District Attorney and Attorney General should also receive a copy of your report by the Health and Standards Section of the DHH.

Morgan Police.jpg

Nsikan M. St. Martin, 32 years of age, Address- Marquis Manor Morgan City, La. was arrested on 11/01/2015 @ 11:49 am.

Charge:  Possession of Sch I  Marijuana
                Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
                Posssession of Sch IV (Alprazolam)
                Possession of Sch II (Mepheylphenidate)
                Possession of a Firearm in the Presence of CDS
                Violation of Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substance Law

Officers were dispatched to a residence on Marquis Manor in regards to removing an individual.  When officers arrived, they spoke to Nsikan St. Martin, who wanted Alisa Marshall removed from her residence. While talking to officers, St. Martin informed them that Marshall had suspected marijuana in her vehicle. Officers were able to speak to Marshall and informed her of what was alledged.  Marshall gave officers consent to search her vehicle and officers located suspected Marijuana and items used to smoke illegal narcotics in the vehicle, After finding the items, Marshall stated that suspected marijuana could be located in the bedroom of St. Martin. Officers again spoke to St. Martin  and told her what Marshall had stated. St. Martin gave officer consent to search her bedroom. Officers located suspected marijuana, pills identified as Alprazolam and Mephelyllphenidate and items used to smoke illegal narcotics.  Also, several firearms were located in the bedroom. Both Marshall and St. Martin were placed under arrest and transported to the Morgan City Police Department for booking. Both were later released on bail.

I was just informed that the Morgan City District Attorney did not even take her case to court. Since their is no record of it at the Clerk of Courts Office he may have swept it under the rug and let her get away with illegal drugs, firearms without even a trial. More corruption to hide the crimes of abortionists. St. Martin tried to declare bankruptcy in 2016 and someone on Facebook even said she was a stripper in New Orleans on the weekend. We need to hold Tech Medical Center and the District Attorney accountable for this cover-up and demand prosecution and the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners need to discipline her for her crimes. Pass this information on to the Advocate and Morgan City news outlets.

Idealease truck at Delta Clinic Dr St  Martin 3 crop.jpg

Idealease rental trucks at Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge


Dear Attorney General Jeff Landry,

cc District Attorney Hillar Moore
cc DHH Secretary Dr. Rebekah Gee

As mentioned last month the Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge has been transferring murdered babies in Idealease rental trucks not labeled or designed to transport bio-hazardous waste (Medical term for any body, blood or serous fluid that poses a threat to health if not deposed of properly). Southland Idealease, a sister company of Southland International of Lousiana, Inc., is a full-service truck leasing company, one of the leading ones in South Louisiana located at 1001 Edwards Ave Harahan (New Orleans)  LA 70123 (504) 818-2531 or (504) 818-1300. Its trucks have no bio-hazardous sticker on the truck and are not properly licensed to transport bio-hazardous waste.


I am holding your departments responsible for stopping this practice that not only endangers the public health but which has been perpetrated over the past 40 years by the infamous Delta Clinic. The Chronological History of the Delta Clinic is extensive! The ramifications of these egregious violations of medical practice  to the health of women in the United States is staggering!”

Even after WAFB's news report of the egregious medical malpractice and injury by Delta in 1999, which prompted then-Gov. Mike Foster to publish an Emergency Executive Order to investigate the abortion clinics in Louisiana, the DHH for more than 10 years continued to allow incomprehensible crimes to be committed by the abortion industry in Louisiana, as was documented in their 2010 report: Proceedings against Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge, Inc., State ID: BO0004642; Complaint No. 9AB28180:

Delta Clinic admitted in its Statement that it failed to provide pre-abortion counseling as mandated by R.S. 401299.35.6. Failure to comply with this statute provides a basis for both criminal and civil penalties, in addition to malpractice actions, professional disciplinary actions and wrongful death actions.

Delta also admitted in its Statement that it failed to maintain confidentiality of patient records. According to § 4415(E)(2) of Title 48 of the Louisiana Administrative Code, any person who knowingly discloses patient identifiable information in violation of said section shall be subject to punishment under Federal law (42 U.S.C. § 1320d-6) which includes fines, imprisonment, or a combination of both.

Delta Clinic readily admitted that it failed to gather and report complete information to the Office of Public Health Vital Records registry. According to R.S. 40:66, failure to complete the forms required by law shall be considered a misdemeanor punishable by fines, imprisonment or a combination of both. Delta fraudulently pre-printed all of its state forms ("Report of Induced Termination of Pregnancy") to contain typed data indicating there were no complications with any abortions performed at Delta. Delta admits that the forms were pre-printed with pre-printed question responses, already completed prior to seeing any patients.

Delta failed to ensure sterilization of syringes and intravenous injections to prevent infection and cross-contamination. Failed to decontaminate equipment (vaginal probes) between patient uses, thereby increasing the risk of transmitting bacteria and other infectious diseases. Failure to ensure single dose intravenous fluid was used for only one patient, thereby increasing the risk of cross-contamination and putting patients at increased risk for infection. Failed to ensure outdated supplies that could cause serious and adverse reactions were not used on patients.


Failed to properly label, measure, and monitor doses of narcotics or their expiration dates. For patients receiving conscious sedation, Delta workers failed to document the name of medication given, the dosage, the route, the time, and infusion rate, and failed to document the name of the women given the medication. Failed to properly store, handle and distribute intravenous medications administered at Delta.


Failed to monitor and document cardio-pulmonary status that may have required emergency intervention. Failure to ensure

pre-op assessments risking undiagnosed medical conditions that would preclude having an abortion (contraindications).

Most importantly, the information on complications experienced from abortion (infections, adverse drug reactions, uterine perforations, bleeding, STD's, loss of limbs, emergency hysterectomies, injuries and deaths) need to be rigorously investigated and the appropriate number and severity needs to be documented. Delta workers admitted using unsterile dilators and tubing on patients for years in the Clinic, which could have led to infecting tens of thousands of women going there with STD's.

Another incomprehensible and egregious violation by the abortionists is their not reporting that thousands of minors who came to their clinics for abortions to the Child Protection Agency and Sex Crimes Lab. In proceedings against Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge, State ID BO0004642, Complaint 9AB28180, Delta and Causeway abortion physicians failed to follow the law regarding mandatory reporting of carnal knowledge of minors.  According to DHH records, over a thousand abortions were done on minors 15 years old and under between 1999 and 2010. There are probably over ten thousand cases over the past 39 years. There should be as many reports to the Child Protection Agency as there were abortions on minors at the Clinics. The enormous public outrage and press coverage that Joe Paterno and Penn State received by not reporting to the appropriate authorities the child molestation that occurred nearly ten years ago is minuscule compared to the more than 3.8 million cases of children who were pregnant and had abortions in the United States since Roe v. Wade. To date, we do not have any evidence that any of these children who arrived pregnant at the abortion clinics in Louisiana had their cases turned over to the appropriate agencies "Child Protection Agency, Louisiana Sex Crimes Lab" as is required by law:  La. Children's Code Article 603, La. RS.40.80, La. R.S.40.80.1, La.R.S. 40:1299.35.5. Public Records Request to the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals and Child & Family Services regarding these crimes have been refused.


The abortion clinics, Causeway Medical Clinic, Bossier City Medical Suite, Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge, Midtown Medical, Women's Health Care Center, and Associated Abortionists, sued Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, Secretary Bruce Greenstein, to stop him from closing down these abortion clinics after they were found guilty of violating La. R.S.40.80 (not reporting to the required state agency information on the sexual contact of minors who entered their abortion clinics pregnant. In a DHH inspection of the clinic Case # 11-30296 document 00511509720, date filed 6/15/2011. The Delta, and Causeway Clinic managers responsible for filling out the form Report of Induced Termination of Pregnancy said the facility had never filled in age of the father of the unborn child when doing abortions on these minors. They always wrote Unknown in the section of the form denoting the age of the father. Never in their history did they comply with La. Children's Code article 503 which states that all health practitioners, physicians, residents, interns, hospital staff members, licensed nurses, nursing aides, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, and medical examiners report to the Child Protection Agency, Sex Crimes Lab, and other state agencies, when a child under the age of 17 is pregnant. We demand swift action by the District Attorney and Attorney General to prosecute these physicians and abortion clinics who failed to protect the children in our state from child predators and pedophiles by not complying with the law. Delta needs to be prosecuted under the required laws: RS 14:403, RS 40:1299.35.6(F)(G) and Title 48 § 4415(E)(2), Federal Law 42 USC § 1320d-6.

We now implore Secretary Gee, District Attorney Hillar Moore and Attorney General Jeff Landry  to prosecute for these heinous crimes perpetrated by the Delta Clinic and its infamous owner Leroy T. Brinkley.

photo 3.JPG
photo 2.JPG

Delta December 9, 2016 Sent to Chief McDonald, DHH and Louisiana Attorney General

Dear Chief Kevin McDonald,

One of your New Roads Police Department Captains (policemen pictures above) was a the Delta Clinic on December 9, 2016. We inquired from your Department whether he was there on official business or personal business concerning a young girl who was having a abortion at the Delta Clinic. Your office initially did not know anything about the matter but the next day after an inquiry  said that the person that who got the 13 year old pregnant was in jail and that the District Attorney was going to be notified. We questioned the strange occurrences at Delta that day. The policemen came in his own car and not a police car. He waited to the end of the day for the 13 year old to come out for she was the last abortion of the day and when they came out he kissed the mother of the 13 year old and helped the 13 year old into the car because she was either over anesthetized or injured by the abortion. She had to be held up and put into the SUV. There was a new person doing the counseling and abortions that day; Tiffany Williams 1313 Briarrose Dr. Baton Rouge, Louisiana. What we know about her so far is that she is a nurse anesthetist who is affiliated with the Women's Foundation. Everything about this is strange and we will find out if this Captain was there on service for the police department or a relative of this 13 year old girl and was covering up something. I am checking to see if the Child & Family Services and the sex crimes Lab was notified and if they have a report and I will also contact the DHH. I will keep you updated. Below is what I sent in my last email.

On  Friday December 9, 2016 a women driving a white SUV type vehicle with license plate WIW455 drove into the Delta Death camp with a young girl who looked 13 or 14 years old. We begged her not to ruin her young daughters life by encouraging her to kill her baby. Sadly to say they were the last abortion for the day and when the young girl came out she had to be held up by her mother. What was more disturbing was the fact that in the afternoon before this young girl came out of the death camp there was a New Roads police officer with jacket and badge waiting on the young girl to come out. He had been in the Delta Clinic and when he came out I asked him if he was doing an investigation of who got this young girl pregnant. He would not answer me and just went over to talk to the security guard. When I took his picture with the security guard he took his police jacket off and put it in the car and then went back to the security officer. When the mother and young girl came out at the end of the day, he went over and kissed the mother and then help put the 13 year old girl in the car because she could not walk she was so drugged. The second picture is of the girl with her mother. The officer drove a Envoy with licence plate XFP729. I want to know if this officer was on duty when all this transpired and whether or not he was doing an investigation or was an accomplice to the murder of this young girls baby in the womb.

Because of Delta's infamous history of egregious medical malpractice and child molestation cover-up we would like the Attorney General to investigate this case. Who do they need to contact at the New Roads District Attorneys office regarding this case? Thank you for your cooperation!

US Immigration & Customs Enforcement

Dear US Immigration & Customs Enforcement,

At approximately 7:30 AM on July 12, 2016 a Mexican man driving a silver car with license number ZNV215 drove into the Delta Clinic with a young Mexican girl who was scheduled to have an abortion at this infamous abortion camp. We were told by the Mexican man she was in this country illegally and that she didn't have a passport. The Delta Clinic staff had asked for identification and when they found out she didn't have any they saw her anyway. I called the police at 389-2000 and they said they didn't handle these cases and had me call 1800-434-8007 and a lady took my call, but said they would not respond today. I called back and asked to speak with a supervisor. They connected me with Sgt. Marrano at State Police who gave me the ICE INS Enforcement number 1866-347-2423 (1866-DHS-2ICE) and I spoke with agent ID 129 and she told me unless I had their first and last names and address they would not even take a report. So in a nut shell, the city police said they could not respond, the state police said they could not respond and the Fusion office said no one was available and the ICE US Immigration & Customs Office said they would not even take a report unless I had their names and address; even though I had the license plate of the car they drove and the address of the Delta Clinic where they presently were all day. I will contact the Attorney Generals Office and my Congressman and Senators to find out why this bureaucratic nightmare exists and how we can prevent this tragedy from ever happening again. The Delta Clinic has falsified thousands of reports to the Department of Health and Hospitals and untold numbers on minors have had abortions at their infamous Death Camp. They have been investigated for over 38 years and have been sued by the Federal Attorney General  and among other violations have been turned over to the District Attorney and Attorney General numerous times. We want immediate action on this case because another minor could be at risk.




WAFB 9 Inside Leroy T. Brinkley's Delta Women's Abortion Clinic Baton Rouge, LA (~1999 to ~2001)

Please watch the hour long news coverage of the Delta Clinic and then read the information below.

Dear Cecile Castello DHH
IDR Program Manager
Health Standards Section

Thank you for your letter dated March 20, 2017 pursuant to our complaint of non-compliance of regulations and unlawful medical practices of the Delta Clinic, 756 Colonial Dr. Baton Rouge, Louisiana and the Women's Health Center, 2701 General Pershing St., New Orleans Louisiana, both owned by Leroy T. Brinkley of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.Your letter stated that non-compliance with regulations on the part of the facility could not be determined based on our allegation. We dispute DHH's findings of the investigation. You have the original complaints we submitted to the DHH and pictures taken of these events. Since the time of your letter dated March 20, 2017 we have received further information about Dr. Rashonda Deans & Leroy T. Brinkley's criminal behavior at Delta & Womens Health Center. We have been told by nurse Tina who assists Dr. Dean that Dr. Dean routinely throws aborted babies whose gestational age is 10 weeks and under into the regular trash bins and only throws babies over 10 weeks into the required "Biohazardous Waste Containers."  Tina notified us that they see many young girls who have been raped by family members. Manager Javonne Turner who has worked for Brinkley for nearly 20 years informed us that Leroy Brinkley conspired with convicted murderer Kermit Gosnell to keep evidence of his involvement with Gosnell's abortion "House of Horrors" 3801 Lancaster Ave, Philadelphia Pennsylvania from being brought out at the trial.  Christine Wechsler homicide prosecutor with the District Attorney Office in Philadelphia contacted me during the trial to obtain information about Leroy Brinkley and Eileen White O'Neill involvement. Senator Vitter wrote a letter to the DHH and  asked that an investigation by the Attorney General's and District Attorneys be opened on this matter and there has been extensive news coverage of Leroy Brinkley involvement with Gosnell. See one such report below!  As you know Leroy T. Brinkley owned the Atlantic Womens Health Center in Delaware and would hire Kermit Gosnell to do his late term abortions. Gosnell and sometimes other abortionists would start  the abortion procedure at the Delaware Clinic and then transfer these patients over state lines to have Kermit Gosnell finish the late term procedure at his abortion facility on Lancaster Ave in Philadelphia. Kermit Gosnell often snipped the necks and spinal cords of these babies when they came out alive in order to kill them after birth, for which he is in jail. One such incident was recorded at Gosnell's trial: The grand jury investigating Gosnell’s operation noted that at times, Gosnell would begin late-term abortions at the Atlantic Women’s Services in Wilmington and complete the abortions at his clinic in Philadelphia, a practice apparently tolerated by Brinkley. The report especially noted an incident with a teen-aged patient the grand jury simply called “Sue,” who appeared to Gosnell’s staff to be “seven or eight months pregnant.” Gosnell collected his $2,500 fee and inserted laminaria into Sue while at Brinkley’s Wilmington, Delaware, abortion clinic, and instructed her to be at his Philadelphia clinic by 9:00 AM the next day.

After 13 painful hours in labor, Sue delivered “Baby Boy A,” an infant so large that Gosnell joked that he could walk him to the bus stop. Even though he was alive and moving, Gosnell “snipped” his spinal cord and tossed him into a shoe box, where he continued to move until he died. Experts estimated Baby Boy A was at least 32 weeks gestation, if not more.

Sue suffered complications that Gosnell dismissed. Eventually, after days of suffering and pain, Sue was rushed to a legitimate hospital  where she was treated for life-threaten complications. She nearly died. After a week and a half in the hospital, Sue remained painfully thin and took months to recover from her ordeal.

There are many other violations which we will record and send to you in the near future. I would like a complete report of your investigation of Delta on January 25, 2017 and all your findings including the observations of facility practices, interviews of personnel and review of pertinent records. After receiving that report which I am entitled to under the "Freedom of Information Act" we can have a meeting to summit our findings of new violation being committed by Brinkley and Dean at the Delta and Womens Health Center. Thank you for your cooperation in these matters.

February 2, 2011

Secretary Bruce Greenstein
Department of Health & Hospitals
P.O. Box 629
Baton Rouge, LA 70821-0629

Dear Secretary Greenstein:

I am writing to seek your immediate and personal involvement in investigating and taking all appropriate enforcement action against the abortion facility known as the Delta Clinic in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Recent media reports indicate that this abortion clinic has a record of grievances and possible serious violations more than sufficient to warrant immediate action by the Department of Health & Hospitals.

In fact, these reports are so condemning that even the National Abortion Federation has suspended the Delta Clinic's membership and will no longer refer women to the abortion center. However, the clinic is still open for business because only your department has the authority to shut it down. According to the DHH Office of Health Standards, there is not yet an open investigation into this matter. If it is true that the Delta Clinic is in violation of Louisiana or federal law, I urge you to immediately suspend the facility's license to ensure the protection of women seeking their services.

As you may know, a Pennsylvania abortion practitioner and several of his employees were recently charged with murder and other crimes related to running a horrific abortion practice that endangered the lives of countless women and children. News accounts have revealed that one of those employees, Eileen O'Neill, is a former employee of the Delta Clinic. She has been arrested for a number of violations that include theft by deception for pretending to be a licensed physician.

According to the grand jury, the travesty in Pennsylvania was partly due to the failure of state and local officials to perform their duties properly. We must not allow this to happen in Louisiana, especially when the Louisiana Legislature has recently provided the necessary tools to prevent against a similar occurrence. I urge you to utilize the enforcement tools provided in Act 490, enacted last year, to the fullest extent possible. If there have been violations by the Delta Clinic that “pose an immediate threat to the health, welfare, or safety of a client or patient,” the Louisiana DHH should immediately order the clinic to close and cease providing abortions.

It is critical that we all take action to prevent dangerous and unsanitary medical conditions. That is why I have introduced the Pregnant Women Health and Safety Act, which would require that any physician that performs an abortion have admitting privileges at a local hospital, and that their patients have access to a nearby hospital where the patients can receive follow-up care in case complications do occur. This requirement offers a simple way to protect against the horrific practices that went unnoticed in Pennsylvania until many innocent human beings lost their lives.

Fortunately, our state has provided you with the means to take quick action against any abortion clinic engaged in unsafe practices. I urge you to vigorously investigate the alleged violations against the Delta Clinic to ensure that no woman's life is endangered.

Sincerely, David Vitter

cc: Governor Bobby Jindal
The Honorable Willie L. Mount, Chairman, Louisiana State Senate Health & Welfare Committee
The Honorable Kay Katz, Chairman, Louisiana House of Representatives Health & Welfare Committee

Kermit Gosnell, the abortion practitioner who is the subject of national controversy over the eight murder charges he is facing for killing a woman in a failed abortion and killing babies shortly after birth in abortion-infanticides, is connected to two other abortion facilities in two states. After being notified by Richard Mahoney of Leroy T. Binkleys and Eileen White O'Neill's involvement with Gosnell and Richard Mahoney relaying that information to Assistant District Attorney Christine Wechsler Rayer, former prosecutor in the Homicide Unit of the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office,  pro-life group Operation Rescue has released an exposé detailing disturbing connections between Gosnell and the Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which has a history of shoddy medical practices.

The connections go beyond dangerous conditions and abortions, the pro-life group says, as Gosnell is connected with Eileen O’Neill and Leroy Brinkley, who owns the Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge and the Atlantic Women’s Services in Wilmington, Delaware. Gosnell was employed at the Delaware facility one day per week to do abortions.

O’Neill was employed by both Gosnell and Brinkley and pretended to be a licensed physician and she is one of the people arrested last week by officials in addition to Gosnell and his family and staff who run the dilapidated abortion business.

The Delta Clinic in Louisiana has had so many problems a group of attorneys has threatened to sue the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals if it does not immediately order the Delta Clinic closed for violations that mirror squalid conditions found at Gosnell’s Philadelphia abortion center.

Operation Rescue president Troy Newman told today that Gosnell’s abortion center “is not the only ‘house of horrors’ in operation,” but, “he is just one of the few that has been caught.”

“Horrific conditions and practices exist at most abortion clinics, and in fact, we have yet to find even one that obeys all the laws.  However, we can take hope in the fact that political conditions that have ignored and covered up for abortion abuses are changing and the arrests in Philadelphia of Gosnell’s band of criminals are a testament to that,” he said.

The report shows the Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge is the former employer of Gosnell employee Eileen O’Neill, who was arrested last week along with Gosnell and charged with criminal violations that include Theft by Deception for pretending to be a licensed physician and charging fees as such, Racketeering, Corruption, Perjury, and False Swearing. O’Neill was present during the abortion death of Karnamaya Mongar and, according to the grand jury report, lied to authorities in order to cover up the truth about Mongar’s death.

The report notes:

The American Catholic Lawyers Association was in Baton Rouge last week and threatened a lawsuit if the Delta Clinic is not shut down. Those attorneys indicate that an internal report made by the Department of Health and Hospitals lists numerous violations at the Delta Clinic that more that warrant closure. The DHH continues to make excuses for conditions at Delta, much the same way regulators in Pennsylvania turned a blind eye to complaints about Gosnell in what the grand jury there described as a “complete regulatory collapse.”

Delta has a long history going back at least to 1998 of violations and filthy conditions of a similar nature found at Gosnell’s “house of horrors” in Philadelphia. Two women, Ingar Weber and Shelia Hebert, are known to have died from botched abortions they received at Delta. Attorneys threatening to sue the DHH say that not much has changed at the clinic, and it still poses a danger to the public.

Delta was accused last year by the DHH of failing to ensure the clinic had a “quality assurance program.” The report indicated that the clinic did not provide women adequate protections for their privacy and did not monitor patients receiving sedation “regarding their cardiac status, respiratory status and level of consciousness during the medical procedure.”

“These violations are of the same kind that Gosnell stands accused. The grand jury was troubled by medical records laying about his clinic that could be accessed by anyone including other patients. It was a similar lack of monitoring of patients under sedation that contributed to the death of Karnamaya Mongar,” said Newman. “There are disturbing similarities between the Delta Clinic and Gosnell’s operation.”

The report also notes the disturbing connections between Delta and Gosnell’s Women’s Medical Society:

Gosnell co-defendant Eileen O’Neill worked for the Delta Clinic from 1998-roughly 2000, during the time when the clinic was exposed as a danger to the public. She told the Philadelphia grand jury that her work at the Delta Clinic was a “side job” while she was living in Texas and that she had relinquished a medical license she held in Louisiana due to what she called “post traumatic stress,” which speaks volumes about her time at Delta.

O’Neill was introduced to Gosnell by Delta’s owner, Leroy Brinkley, who also owns Atlantic Women’s Services in Wilmington, Delaware, where Gosnell worked one day per week. Like Gosnell, Brinkley also does business the Philadelphia area. Even though Gosnell was well aware that she had no license of any kind, Gosnell hired O’Neill in 2002, and allowed her to practice medicine without a license at his Philadelphia abortion mill. One can only wonder how much Brinkley knew of this criminal arrangement.

O’Neill was apparently accustomed to the substandard conditions she found with her new employer after her experience at Delta. She never thought to complain about the illegal and dangerous activity at either clinic, and in fact is charged with perjury for lying about details of Mongar’s death as well as her true role in Gosnell’s “criminal enterprise.”

The grand jury investigating Gosnell’s operation noted that at times, Gosnell would begin late-term abortions at the Atlantic Women’s Services in Wilmington and complete the abortions at his clinic in Philadelphia, a practice apparently tolerated by Brinkley. The report especially noted an incident with a teen-aged patient the grand jury simply called “Sue,” who appeared to Gosnell’s staff to be “seven or eight months pregnant.” Gosnell collected his $2,500 fee and inserted laminaria into Sue while at Brinkley’s Wilmington, Delaware, abortion clinic, and instructed her to be at his Philadelphia clinic by 9:00 AM the next day. Interstate abortions such as this were also employed by discredited abortionist Steven Chase Brigham, prompting the State of Maryland to consider legislation to ban the dangerous practice.

After 13 painful hours in labor, Sue delivered “Baby Boy A,” an infant so large that Gosnell joked that he could walk Gosnell to the bus stop. Even though he was alive and moving, Gosnell “snipped” his spinal cord and tossed him into a shoe box, where he continued to move until he died. Experts estimated Baby Boy A was at least 32 weeks gestation, if not more.

Sue suffered complications that Gosnell dismissed. Eventually, after days of suffering and pain, Sue was rushed to a legitimate hospital  where she was treated for life-threaten complications. She nearly died. After a week and a half in the hospital, Sue remained painfully thin and took months to recover from her ordeal. Operation Rescue and Richard Mahoney call for the immediate closure of the Atlantic Women’s Services in Wilmington, Delaware, and the Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge in Louisiana. We support the American Catholic Lawyers Association’s intent to file a lawsuit to force the closure of Delta, and urge them to file it will all haste.

“Out of one side of their mouths the NAF and even state agencies like the Louisiana DHH and the Pennsylvania Board of Medicine give lips service to women’s health, yet are as culpable as the abortionist themselves in propagating dangerous conditions at abortion mills by minimizing the severity of the violations and the impact they have on women’s health,” said Newman.




Please see the 3 PDF's below






POC 09122016 survey_WOMEN'S   HEALTHCARE


Monday, July 30, 2018


Mr. Mahoney,


On behalf of my client, I would like to acknowledge receipt of your email correspondence regarding Rashonda Dean and potential licensure of an outpatient abortion clinic.  I would also like to point out that Michelle Alletto is no longer with LDH and that Mark Thomas is the new Deputy Secretary.


As a result of your email, my client is referring this matter to the Attorney General and the LSBME, as well as local law enforcement, for an investigation, or a potential decision that this information does not warrant same.  LDH will await that determination before making a final decision on this license.



Stephen R. Russo

Louisiana Department of Health

Executive Counsel



Dear Michelle Alletto, Steve Russo, Carol Duchmann, Cecile Castello & John Germany DHH,


WAFB news covered a story this past weekend stating that the infamous Rashonda Dean has applied for a license to open an abortion clinic on the East side of New Orleans. We demand that the DHH refuse this request and we request that you contact Shelly Guillory and Javonne Turner, former workers at Delta and Womens Health Center to provide you with information that will enable you to investigate her past crimes and have disciplinary actions taken against her by the LSBME and DHH. No temporary or permanent license should be given by the DHH to Rashonda Dean and a public hearing and an internal investigation to reveal her horrid practices should be invoked at once. I will be happy to meet with the DHH and any other state agency to help in this regard.


Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,


Richard Mahoney




Former abortion worker: Conditions were

‘horrendous’ but inspectors asked no questions


By Sarah Terzo | January 4, 2018 , 03:13pm 



A former abortion worker named Shelley Guillory told her story in a webcastsponsored by the group And Then There Were None. And Then There Were None is an organization that reaches out to abortion workers and helps them escape the abortion industry. When a worker leaves, ATTWN gives her financial, legal, and emotional support, as well as a platform if she wants to tell her story.


Guillory worked at the Delta Clinic in Louisiana, a privately owned abortion facility that committed abortions up to 16 weeks. Abortions at this stage are done by D&E, which consists of dilating the cervix and pulling the baby out one body part at a time with forceps, dismembering her while she is still alive:

Below, you can see a picture of an aborted baby’s leg at 16 weeks:


aborted baby part.jpg



Guillory describes terrible conditions at her facility, which did nothing but abortions. The workers, Guillory says, viewed women in a dehumanizing way:


We didn’t do any of the family planning thing, we didn’t do any of the sex education thing, we performed strict abortions – that was all we were there for. When [they] came to us they were not human. They were just a number. It was get ’em in, get ’em out. We found ourselves doing anywhere from 50 to 75 abortions a day. Now, mind you, there’s only so many hours in a day. Our day was an eight hour day. So imagine getting 75 abortions done in an eight hour day. You can imagine that there was no cleanliness done in between. Basically, the paper was changed, and the next patient was put on there, the canisters were put in. They were rolled in like cattle, abortions performed, then on their way, with a 10 minute observation after [an] abortion was performed.


This reference to women being treated “like cattle” is a familiar one, as even former Planned Parenthood managers like Ramona Trevino and Sue Thayer noted similar treatment of women at their facilities:


It is hard to imagine an abortionist working so fast that he can do 75 abortions in eight hours. The women were rushed through as if on an assembly line. The workers had no time to clean the room or instruments between patients. It is shocking that women were only watched for 10 minutes after their abortions, because complications may not be detected in that short amount of time. This facility risked the lives of every woman who went there for an abortion.


The facility also used a minimum of pain relief, with no general anesthesia, even for late-term abortions:


We didn’t do sedation. There was no sedation done, regardless of how far along, anywhere from eight weeks to 16 weeks. It was all done the same. No medication, nothing. You [lay] there and you took the pain, and that was that.


Because the facility was so crowded, not all the women fit in the waiting room. At times, there would be 50 to 60 women standing in a line, outside. If they were not able to arrange child care, they brought their children. Because all the women were told to come to the facility at the same time, it was not unusual for women to wait for over nine hours. Some waited as long as 14 hours. And during this time, they were not allowed to eat.


Guillory says more about the terrible conditions at Delta:


It was very, very – it was horrendous. I mean, it was filthy. You still had blood splattered from, I mean, weeks of procedures ago that were still on the wall. This building was not cleaned on a daily basis. It wasn’t even cleaned on a monthly basis. Our buildings got cleaned when we knew the state was coming in.


Despite the fact that conditions in the facility were so hellish, the facility never failed a single inspection. This was because they received prior notification of inspections and were given plenty of time to prepare:


And the way we knew the state was coming in was because we always got a phone call from within the State Department that they were coming in, so we knew what day they were coming in, what time they would be there and what charts they wanted pulled. So we never failed an inspection. Although we were, I would say, the most unhealthy place to have a human body have to go through any sort of procedure.


The inspectors never asked too many questions. They were happy to look only at the patient charts the facility gave them to look at. When Abby Johnson asked Guillory if the inspectors ever asked to pull charts at random, or ask to see anything the facility workers didn’t present to them, Guillory said no, and explained why:


Because we always had the same state surveyors that came in. They became our friends. We would feed them lunch. We had social chitchat. We laughed. It was never, ever a question. Never.


Interestingly enough, when Guillory worked at Delta Clinic, it was owned by the same person who owned Kermit Gosnell’s Philadelphia facility. The owner was not put out of business after the filthy conditions at Gosnell’s facility were brought to light. He is still in the abortion business. Gosnell was arrested and convicted for killing babies that were born alive in his facility. Two women also died at Gosnell’s facility, and conditions there were so horrific that it was called “a baby charnel house” by the Grand Jury that investigated him.


Delta Clinic was shut down after a law was passed in Louisiana saying that abortion doctors could only do abortions if they had admitting privileges at a nearby hospital. Since none of Delta’s abortionists had such privileges, the facility was forced to stop doing abortions. The law was meant to protect women who needed to be admitted to the hospital due to complications. However, the Supreme Court declared such laws unconstitutional in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, which dealt with a law in Texas that also mandated admitting privileges for abortionists. When the Texas law was struck down, the Louisiana law was also declared invalid. And now, Delta is again free to do abortions.




February 7, 2019


Dear Attorney General Jeff Landry,

Please read what I sent to the LSBME and DHH concerning Dr. Kevin Work and have your office send the police to arrest him at the Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge 756 Colonial Dr. Baton Rouge, La for operating on probation and practicing medicine without a proper licence. He is doing abortions at the Delta Clinic today so you can arrest him there.


Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,

Richard Mahoney



Dear Carol Duchmann LSBME, Steve Russo DHH


Kevin Work was sued for chemically aborting a baby of a women who came to his office on Canal St. in New Orleans for just an ultrasound; for which he subsequently was put on probation as a doctor. He should not be able to do abortions at Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge or Women's Health Center of New Orleans under his probation requirements. Kevin Work is currently doing abortions at both the Delta Clinic and Women's Health Center.


Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,

Richard Mahoney

  [27.] General Disciplinary Matters; Personal Appearance; Kevin Govan Work, M.D. On the motion of Dr. Howell, duly seconded by Dr. Dawson and passed by unanimous voice vote, the Board convened in executive session, for the personal appearance of Kevin Govan Work, M.D., concerning a matter relating to the character and professional conduct and allegations of misconduct of a licensee, La.Rev.Stat.§ 42:6.1A(1) and (4). Dr. Work appeared before the Board in connection with his request for early reinstatement of his license to a full, unrestricted status, off probation. Following his dismissal, the Board resumed in open session. On the motion of Ms. Sport, duly seconded by Dr. Howell and passed by majority voice vote, the Board denied the request of Dr. Work for early reinstatement of his license to a full, unrestricted status, off probation.3 [


Kevin Work is not allowed to practice medicine in Louisiana at any clinic according to the 2017 probation agreement,


2014 Suit against Kevin Work and Adrian Coleman

February 8, 2019



From: Cecile Castello <Cecile.Castello@LA.GOV>


Follow up conversation and internal review of this information has been conducted.  After consultation with the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners, it has been verified that Dr. Work does currently possess a license to practice medicine with the LSBME and he has been approved by the LSBME to be employed in this capacity.


Thank you


Cecile Castello

Director, Health Standards Section


225-342-5073 (fax)

P. O. Box 3767

Baton Rouge, LA  70801

Dear Cecile Castello DHH

Thank you for your prompt response to my email concerning Kevin Work. In light of the latest ruling by the Supreme Court which essentially holds up implementing Louisiana's laws to safeguard the public from criminal physicians that have operated in the abortion clinic's in Louisiana for the past 46 years.  I pray the DHH takes immediate action against Leroy T. Brinkley and Kevin Work.


Kevin Work was denied early reinstatement of his license in 2018?  Who at the LSBME gave him permission to abort babies at the Delta Clinic in Baton Rouge and the Women's Health Clinic in New Orleans? Why didn't the DHH stop Leroy T. Brinkley and Work from perpetrating this fraud and close Brinkley's death camps for good. Kevin Work has had his license suspended and put on probation numerous times for egregious medical malpractice, medicaid fraud, sexual harassment and recently for the death of a baby at his clinic due to an illegal abortion on the wrong women. He has a suit against him for killing a women's baby at his clinic who was just there for a ultrasound.  If the DHH and the LSBME allow Leroy T. Brinkley to operate and Kevin Work to continue to do abortions in the state of Louisiana you will be liable for the crimes he has committed throughout his decadent medical history and for the many crimes he most likely will continue to commit while working for the greatest criminal in Louisiana history: Leroy T. Brinkley! Much more will be revealed about this shortly..



Multiple documents of the disciplinary actions against Kevin Work are at this link.



Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,

Richard Mahoney

Press Release

Feb. 20, 2019


Contact: Benjamin Clapper





Is Troubled Louisiana Abortion Doctor

Violating His Own Probation?

LARTL Calls Attention to Dr. Kevin Work's History




NEW ORLEANS – Yesterday, Louisiana Right to Life sent a letter of concern for public safety to the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners about Dr. Kevin Govan Work (Certificate No. MD.025394), a current abortionist at Delta Women's Clinic in Baton Rouge and at Women's Healthcare Center in New Orleans.


Records show Dr. Work has a history of unprofessional conduct and illegitimate practice, often occurring in the scope of work in outpatient abortion facilities, including:


  • Allowing for his electronic signature to be used for treatment of patients he did not see;

  • Failing to document at least two surgical operations, including termination of pregnancy;

  • Allowing other medical personnel to treat patients without his supervision;

  • Allowing unlicensed personnel to evaluate his patients and provide prenatal care; and

  • Failing to document prescriptions for controlled substances.


He has also been accused by at least one of his own OBGYN patients of causing the unwanted death of her unborn child. According to allegations in a 2013 decision from the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals (Glenda Caceras et al vs. Kevin G. Work, M.D., et al), the patient visited Dr. Work’s office for a routine visit and ultrasound. Dr. Work’s office nurse instructed the patient to ingest three white pills that would cause her uterus to contract. After the patient told her she was there for an ultrasound, the nurse instructed the patient to regurgitate the pills. Dr. Work then performed a pelvic exam and prescribed medication for an infection. Later that evening, the patient was taken to the emergency room at Ochsner Medical Center – West Bank, and her unborn baby, determined to be 16 weeks and six days along, died.


In a 2017 filing with the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners, Dr. Work requested reinstatement of his license to practice medicine in Louisiana after a 2016 Interim Consent Order reinstated his status subject to specified terms, conditions, and restrictions. One condition was his successful passage of the Board Certification Examination in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Work told the board he was unable to satisfy this requirement and asked to be reinstated to work in the area of wound care. Following a review, the board reinstated his license effective June 20, 2017, and he was placed on probation for a period of two years, conditioned upon and subject to his acceptance and strict compliance with various terms, conditions, and restrictions. These conditions included a limitation of practice to a setting approved by the board in writing and that such practice setting not be one in which he worked as a solo practitioner. 


Benjamin Clapper, Executive Director of Louisiana Right to Life, said the following after sending the letter: "Dr. Kevin Work, by practicing in these two OBGYN-focused abortion facilities as a solo practitioner without another doctor on site, appears from publicly-accessible documents to be in clear violation of his probation. Louisiana Right to Life has written to the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners asking for clarity to be provided and swift action to be taken if Dr. Work is in violation. With his troubled history of threatening the health and safety of Louisiana citizens at outpatient abortion facilities, we would be shocked if the State Board of Medical Examiners authorized Dr. Work to practice abortion."



To view this press release on our website, click here.





Abraham: Edwards’ Abortion Oversight is Endangering Louisianians


February, 20 2019


Republican Ralph Abraham is demanding accountability from Gov. John Bel Edwards after news surfaced that his Department of Health and Hospitals is awarding medical licenses to disgraced doctors for the purposes of providing abortions.


Louisiana Right to Life highlighted in a letter today that the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners (LSBME) issued a “wound care” license to Kevin Work, who has used the license to perform abortions. The board, which falls under Edwards and the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospital purview, awarded the license despite Work’s admission that he was unable to satisfy requirements to become an OBGYN.


“John Bel Edwards loves to talk about how he’s pro-life, but nothing within his administration shows that’s the case. As a doctor, I’m appalled by what he’s allowing to happen within his administration; though, we shouldn’t be surprised. After all, he did hire a Planned Parenthood organizer as his health secretary and attended a $100,000 fundraiser thrown in his honor by Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, a Democrat who supports infanticide legislation.


“Actions speak louder than words. If Gov. Edwards is truly pro-life, then he should take swift action by firing Gee and replacing her with a secretary who understands that no baby or mother should ever be subjected to the alleged heinous actions of Kevin Work,” Abraham said.


Abraham is a medical doctor and has practiced family medicine for more than 25 years. He is unabashedly pro-life and has received perfect ratings from pro-life organizations during his time in Congress.


Abraham also supports a Louisiana law that requires abortion clinic workers hold hospital admitting privileges in order to operate. Sec. Gee failed to successfully defend this law in court and ultimately turned the case over to Attorney General Jeff Landry to handle on appeal. The Supreme Court of the United States is considering the appeal.




Louisiana Right to Life submitted a letter to the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners highlighting the long and disturbing history of Kevin Work, who is performing abortions in Baton Rouge and New Orleans.


Work admitted to the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners (LSBME) that he was unable to successfully pass the Board Certification Examination in Obstetrics and Gynecology. However, the LSBME awarded him a license anyway under the stated field of “wound care.”


After receiving his “wound care” license, he has been performing abortions at the Delta Women’s Clinic in Baton Rouge and Women’s Health Center in New Orleans.





Abortion Clinic Botched Abortion So Badly

Woman Had to Have Emergency Surgery, Hysterectomy

State   Micaiah Bilger   Jul 31, 2019   |   3:59PM    Baton Rouge, Louisiana


New details came out this week about a woman who suffered a botched abortion earlier this year at a notorious Louisiana abortion facility.

WAFB 9 reports the woman had to undergo emergency surgery and a hysterectomy after her abortion on March 15 at the Delta Clinic in Baton Rouge.

A Louisiana Department of Health report indicates the abortion facility was not prepared for patient emergencies – the latest in a long list of health and safety violations discovered by state inspectors.

“It is atrocious that the Delta abortion clinic failed to even have basic medical supplies, such as IV fluids, on site to stabilize this patient during an emergency,” said Louisiana Right to Life Executive Director Benjamin Clapper.

The pro-life organization began investigating the matter after pro-lifers saw an ambulance outside the facility in March.

Open records requests recently obtained by the organization found that state health officials put the facility in “immediate jeopardy” status as a result of the incident and fined it $2,600. To begin aborting unborn babies again, the abortion facility had to correct a number of problems, according to the local news.

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Here’s more from the report:


According to the incident report compiled by LDH, a woman who was 15-weeks pregnant underwent an abortion at the clinic and then began experiencing heavy bleeding. A nurse tried to administer emergency saline on the patient, but found that the facility’s crash cart did not have any saline on it and another medication she needed was expired. The nurse ultimately called 911 and the patient was transported to a local hospital, where she was rushed into surgery, according to the LDH report. The state later inspected the facility and found it had failed to “order and maintain a supply of emergency drugs” for stabilizing and/or treating medical and surgical complications on the licensed premises,” according to the LDH report.

“Their institutional negligence and commitment to cutting costs and increasing profits at the expense of their patients has unfortunately resulted in serious harmed to a patient’s life,” Clapper said. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to this patient from March 15.”

The facility has a long history of safety violations, according to Louisiana Right to Life. These include unsanitary conditions, improper/incomplete record keeping and expired medication.

In 2018, state health inspectors found inadequate nursing staff. According to the health department, the abortion facility’s director of nursing worked only four days a month. Leroy T. Brinkley, who runs the abortion facility, reportedly refused to employ more nurses because “it was too expensive.”

Brinkley has ties to the notorious Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell, who is in jail for murdering newborn babies. According to Operation Rescue, Gosnell used to work at two of Brinkley’s other abortion facilities in Delaware.

Here’s more from the pro-life watchdog group:

  Brinkley once employed Eileen O’Neill, a medical school graduate that had not yet obtained a permanent license, at the Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge.  There, O’Neill was responsible for a horrifically botched abortion that resulted in an infection that required the injured woman to undergo a hysterectomy.

  Brinkley referred O’Neal to Gosnell, who hired her to work at his own clinic in Pennsylvania where she fraudulently posed as a licensed physician.  She was arrested with Gosnell in 2011 and was tried along side him in 2013.  She appealed for a new trial and won, but eventually entered a plea agreement that kept her out of prison.




Important additional details from Louisiana Right to Life

Department of Health & Hospitals document surrounding the March 15 ambulance incident.

See also:

Woman suffers complications after having abortion, has to have emergency hysterectomy




No IV Fluids at Louisiana Abortion Clinic,

But Business Continues As Usual

Jean Crocco - February 18, 2020

Pro-Life Action League

In my previous article, I discussed the poor judgment shown by the medical staff at the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in St. Louis when dealing with a patient with placenta accreta in April 2019. In this article I will discuss certain problems at the Delta (abortion) Clinic in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

A medical emergency occurred at Delta Clinic on March 15, 2019. On that day a woman referred to by State officials as “Patient #1” received an abortion there in her 15th week of pregnancy. Records indicate this was at least her seventh pregnancy. She was known to have previously had 5 cesarean sections and then a miscarriage that resulted in heavy bleeding. These are indicators that should prompt a physician to suspect that she might be at risk for placenta accreta, as multiple c-sections can make women susceptible to the condition.  Previous heavy bleeding can also indicate a uterine scar from the c-sections that holds a propensity for accreta.  An ultrasound can give information about the placenta and whether it is lying over the uterine scar, but there is no indication in the record of whether or not an ultrasound was done.

Right after Patient #1’s abortion began at 12:19 p.m., her blood pressure was 148/90, and her pulse was 92. The abortion was finished at 1:02 p.m., and by that time she had lost about 300 cc of blood. At 1:06 p.m. her blood pressure had fallen to 90/55 and she was semiconscious. The clinic monitored her as her blood pressure fell. At one point, it was down to 78/56. Eventually, EMS (Emergency Medical Services) was called, and they arrived at 2:11 p.m. — over an hour after Patient #1’s abortion had ended and her blood pressure had fallen to 90/55. They immediately assessed her, and at 2:16 p.m. her blood pressure was 88/59 and her pulse was 109. They started an IV and left for the hospital, arriving at 2:54 p.m.

Why did EMS start the IV, and not Delta Clinic? Because Delta Clinic had no IV fluids in the facility. Yes, you read that right: Delta Clinic performed an abortion on Patient #1 with no IV fluids on hand in case of an emergency.

Once Patient #1 was at the hospital, she was quickly evaluated by the ER physician, and an additional 800 cc of blood loss was noted. An OB/GYN resident also examined her, and she was sent for a D&C for suspected retained products of conception, which were found. During the surgery she lost another 400 cc of blood. Because the bleeding still continued, a balloon tamponade was put in to try to stop it.

Abortions Continue, Despite No IV Fluids

Meanwhile, back at Delta Clinic, things were proceeding as “normal.”  In other words, abortions were continuing. However, someone had called the Louisiana Department of Health (DOH). This was almost certainly either someone from the hospital or from EMS because even if there were sidewalk counselors who witnessed the ambulance, they would not have known (1) the seriousness of the patient’s condition and (2) that the clinic had no IV fluids.

By 4:17 p.m., the DOH was talking to the Delta Clinic administrator.  At 4:20 p.m. the Director of Nursing was spoken to.  At 4:30 p.m., DOH discovered that the physician was aborting Patient #3’s baby with Patient #2 scheduled to go next.

What this means is that Delta Clinic was performing abortions on women knowing that there were no IV fluids in the facility. While the staff could potentially make excuses for why they didn’t know that there were no IV fluids when Patient #1 needed them for her emergency, they were in full knowledge that they had no IV fluids for potential emergencies thereafter. This caused the DOH to declare an “Immediate Jeopardy” situation against the clinic, thereby shutting it down until further notice and eventually issuing fines.

Not to be deterred, Delta Clinic sought to remove the Immediate Jeopardy as soon as possible by quickly and thoughtlessly throwing together a Plan of Repair (POR). It’s readily apparent that their concern was for getting business going, not providing a safe environment for their patients.

Plan of Repair #1 was rejected because it stated that Delta Clinic would keep “an adequate amount of IV fluids and necessary IV start kits on hand” without actually stating what amount that was and without consulting with the nursing or medical staff.

Plan of Repair #2 was rejected because, while listing amounts of IV fluids, there was no input from the nursing or medical staff on what would be considered “adequate”.

Plan of Repair #3 was rejected because while saying that Delta Clinic would provide a balloon tamponade, they had no such balloon on site.

Plan of Repair #4 was rejected because, while saying that Delta Clinic would provide certain emergency medications in the emergency kit, examination of the actual emergency kit revealed that several drugs were missing or expired. The following day the medical director was asked about the drugs and balloon presented by the Administrator in POR’s #3 and #4. The medical director stated that he would not use a balloon, nor was he going to use the drugs that were listed in the emergency drug list. He also said that it was the responsibility of the administrative staff to maintain the emergency supplies, not his.

Eventually Delta Clinic came up with a Plan of Repair that the DOH accepted. It was rather long and complete, but in my opinion it did not deal well with the issue of suspected placenta accreta. The only allowance the clinic made for suspected accreta was to start an IV before the abortion, rather than waiting to see if the patient hemorrhages. As stated by the Missouri Department of Health in the case of the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in St. Louis in the case of placenta accreta:

If a surgical abortion is to be performed, given the high risks of such a procedure. an ACOG [American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists] Committee Opinion states that a second-trimester abortion on such a patient should be performed at a facility with blood products and the capacity for interventional radiology and/or hysterectomy[.]

This raises more questions about Delta Clinic: Why was this abortion performed there rather than in a hospital?  Why does the Louisiana Department of Health allow this to happen?

Could it be that the physicians have no privileges at a local hospital, as June Medical Services v. Gee (a case involving another Louisiana abortion clinic that will be heard by the Supreme Court next month) argues over? If a physician has no privileges at a local hospital, the only option for him doing an abortion is at the clinic or referring her to a physician who does have hospital privileges.  If he has privileges, he could at least consider the safety of his patient and choose to perform an abortion at a facility where blood, surgery, and interventional radiology are available.

What Happened with Patient #1?

After being admitted to the hospital in “guarded condition” — a rather vague term — she had the D&C and balloon placement.  According to the DOH inspection, she had a hysterectomy on March 16, 2019 (the day after her abortion), losing another 500 cc of blood (making a total of 2000 cc recorded loss).  She received four (4) units of blood as of March 17, 2019, but her condition after that time is not recorded in the inspection.

To reiterate: Placenta accreta is a serious complication of pregnancy. When suspected, the woman is best treated in a facility with surgery, blood, and interventional radiology available whether she is aborting or delivering.  Allowing abortion in outpatient settings for these patients is dangerous, and allowing them at Delta Clinic could have been deadly.

When “pro-choice” advocates argue against requiring hospital admitting privileges for abortionists, they show that their primary concern is protecting the abortion industry, not women’s health.



Louisiana Intern with Filthy Scrubs Conducts Surgical Abortions

Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

April 8, 2020 By Operation Rescue


By Cheryl Sullenger

Baton Rouge, LA – Despite a serious Coronavirus outbreak in the New Orleans area, abortion facilities in Louisiana remain open for business.  At a time when ordinary citizens are ordered to stay at home, and legitimate businesses are shutting down, Louisiana abortion facilities continue to invite women seeking elective abortions – including those from out-of-state – to pack their businesses.

An abortionist named Musa Williams, an intern at the LSU Medical Center, travels from the Coronavirus breakout zone in New Orleans to conduct abortions at the Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge.

Recent photos of Williams taken on April 2, 2020, at the Delta Clinic should give everyone pause.

Instead of changing into clean scrubs once at the facility, Williams reported to work with his scrubs on and a surgical head covering in place, bringing whatever contamination he encountered along the way with him.

To make matters worse, a picture provided to Operation Rescue by local pro-life activist Rich Mahoney shows Williams’ scrubs were disgustingly soiled in violation of the most basic infection control protocols.

With the help of another Delta abortionist, Nsikan St. Martin, Williams gave abortions to about 30 women that day in those filthy scrubs.

St. Martin has had her own problems.  In 2015, she admitted to working as a stripper on weekends, and was also arrested during a domestic dispute with her live-in girlfriend that same year.


Mahoney told Operation Rescue that police arrived and threatened pro-life activists with arrest and removal from the public sidewalk if there was more than 10 people or if they did not stand six feet apart – all this while the waiting room at the abortion facility was crowded with people without any known protective gear.

The pro-life activists were practicing social-distancing and some wore protective masks.

On a normal day, the Delta Clinic is a dangerous place.  Operation Rescue has documentation of at least eight botched abortion injuries there. 

The most recent known emergency that required ambulance transport took place on March 15, 2019.  It prompted an investigation and inspection that found 16 pages of violations that resulted in Delta’s facility license being place on emergency provisional status and a fine of $4,200.00. (See p. 2 of Department of Health letter dated April 10, 2019.)

The Delta Clinic is considered a repeat offender, having failed inspections on numerous occasions, most recently in June 2017, and in July 2018 when a staggering 51 pages of citations were noted.  Deficiencies cited included some of the same violations found cited in the 2019 report.

In fact, the Delta Clinic has a long history of fines, medical malpractice suits, and has been responsible for the deaths of at least two patients, Ingar Weber and Shelia Hebert.

“If the abortionist can’t even wear a clean shirt to work, he’s certainly not fit to conduct surgical abortions on women,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “During this unprecedented health emergency, it’s simply appalling that the Delta Clinic is allowed to endanger the public while peaceful pro-life activists obeying recommended safety protocols, are threatened with arrest for trying to prevent harm to women and their babies. The Department of Health needs to stop covering up for abortionists and start protecting the public from Louisiana’s dangerous abortion mills.”



New Orleans Abortion Business Injures Woman

While Open In Defiance of COVID19 Shutdown

April 22, 2020          By Operation Rescue


By Cheryl Sullenger

New Orleans, LA – A medical emergency occurred at the Women’s Health Center abortion facility in New Orleans, Louisiana, yesterday, despite efforts by State Attorney General Jeff Landry to enforce an order that should have shut down Louisiana’s abortion businesses due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The emergency, which occurred on April 21, 2020, was located in the midst of an area where a major COVID-19 outbreak has occurred.

In a photo provided to Operation Rescue by a local pro-life activist, an African-American woman was seen fully clothed on a gurney with arms up as if she was in distress.  A surgical cap covered her hair and she wore a protective mask.

A public records request made by Operation Rescue was denied within hours of filing it by the New Orleans City Attorney’s office citing medical privacy concerns.


However, it is standard practice for jurisdictions to redact all patient identifying information, then release the redacted records to the public. Operation Rescue has referred the denial to its attorneys at the Life Legal Defense Foundation for possible further action.

The Center for Reproductive Rights sued the state on April 14, 2020, on behalf of another abortion facility, Hope Medical Group for Women, opposing the order to halt surgical abortions during the COVID-19 crisis. However, attempts to reopen the economy may render this lawsuit moot.

“These abortion businesses must be held accountable for staying open in defiance of emergency closure orders, even if the state reopens for business,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.  “Other law-abiding businesses closed at great cost to them and their employees, while abortion businesses were allowed to flourish by preying on the health and financial fears of women. The result was the avoidable injury as we saw in the April 21 incident in New Orleans.  There must be consequences for endangering women during this health crisis.”

This is a breaking story.  Operation Rescue will post updates as they become available.




John Bel Edward betrayed the citizens of Louisiana


March - 2020          by Richard Mahoney

Dear Attorney General Jeff Landry, Christina Robertson DHH, Carol Duchmann LSBME Steve Russo DHH ,

To further combat the spread of COVID-19 in Louisiana, Gov. Edwards issued a Stay at Home Order on March 11, directing all Louisiana residents to shelter at home and limit movements outside of their homes beyond essential needs.

As we got continual messages from the Governors throughout the United States to stay home so as to not spread the corona virus we still have people from other states and New Orleans coming to Baton Rouge to have abortions with total disregard for these corona regulations and medical law concerning Airborne and Droplet Precautions. Delta has had women from Arkansas, Alabama, Illinois, California, New Jersey,  Mississippi and Texas go into their clinic this Corona pandemic and could be transporting the virus across state lines.

I have alerted your offices to this fact several times and we demand swift disciplinary action against Delta Leroy T. Brinkley, Nsikan St. Martin and Musa Williams.


I have already asked the Attorney General, DHH & LSBME to make a  inspection of the Delta Medical Clinic to determine if they are complying with the sanitary medical codes, Corona virus regulations and those airborne and droplet precautions instituted at every medical hospital and clinic in the country (HEPPA filters, N95 masks, Airborne & Droplet Precaution signs exhibited and protocols strictly adhered to, Air condition units vented to outside, Ect.). We would like to know how many of their patients came from other states this past three months and how many of their patients where given medical screenings and temperature analysis before entering the clinic. We want to know how many people filled their waiting room and we want to know the size of their waiting room. We want you to inspect the medical records to determine if proper medical screening and care was given to each of the women entering the clinic. We know that  during this corona pandemic, Dr. St. Martin and Musa Williams, an intern at LSU medical school crammed 20 to 50 women in the clinic each day they were open and then had them all out in a assembly line fashion in several hours. No medical care, just assembly line murder of innocent babies. From February 2 to  April 2, 2020  there have been 1427 abortions at the three abortion death camps in Louisiana with thousands more filling the waiting rooms to schedule their abortions. We are waiting on the April and May reports from the DHH.


During this Corona Pandemic Musa Williams of LSU medical school general surgery Residency has came down from New Orleans to perform abortions with Nsikan St. Martin. They had had over 20 to 30 women going into the Delta Clinic with sometimes  40 people inside breaking the occupancy regulation of no more than 10 people in medical clinics during this corona pandemic Musa Williams from LSU Medical School should be stripped of his license for coming to Baton Rouge from LSU New Orleans. We the taxpayer probably pay for most of his medical school and we do not want our money to go to a general surgery student who moonlights killing babies when he should be helping out with the pandemic crisis in New Orleans. It looks like he went from LSU medical school hospital to the Delta Clinic because his scrubs looked soiled. Delta has had women from Arkansas, Alabama, Illinois, California, New Jersey, Montana  Mississippi and Texas go into their clinic this Corona pandemic and could be transporting the virus across state lines.

There has been egregious endangerment of the public health by Nsikan St. Martin, who had just got back from Nigeria and Europe in January 2020 and who is from Nigeria, due to failure by the Delta Clinic and staff to implement "Airborne & Droplet" and Corona precautions and regulations.

We ask that Nsikan St. Martin be tested for the Corona Virus and any other communicable disease she may have brought from Nigeria

The Chronological History of the Delta Clinic in Baton Rouge encompasses the most egregious medical malpractice in American History and they have ignored every law known to God and man and your departments continue to just tell them to make "corrective actions".

We demand immediate closure of these abortion clinics or we will have to take legal actions against your departments for complicity with their crimes.

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Notorious Louisiana Abortion Mill Remodels,

Stores Open Container of Bloody Waste Outside


August 18, 2020 By Operation Rescue


By Cheryl Sullenger

Baton Rouge, Louisiana – During a time when people are urged to wear masks and wash incessantly in an attempt to keep from getting sick, a Baton Rouge, Louisiana, abortion facility has committed a very real – and appallingly disgusting – public health violation without response from state authorities.

According to pro-life activist Richard Mahoney, after the Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge finished conducting a full day of abortions, on August 13, 2020, a construction crew moved in to begin tearing out walls, carpeting, and other items in preparation for a remodel.

One of the items removed from the facility was a waste container filled with bloody refuse from abortions that had obviously taken place earlier that day.


Photos provided to Operation Rescue by Mahoney show an open cardboard box lined with a red biohazard bag that was partially filled with soiled blue pads, used masks, and bloody tubing with what appeared to be a cannula used in surgical abortions still attached.


The open box was placed in a trash-strewn area outside the back door of the facility where the biohazard material was fully accessible to people and animals.

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality includes the following in its description of biohazardous materials on its website:

  • Human pathological wastes including tissue, organs, body parts and fluids that are removed during surgery or autopsy.

  • Human blood, human blood products, blood collection bags, tubes and vials.


The website further states:


Blood and other potentially infectious material (other than sharps) must be placed in leakproof, color-coded (or biohazard-labeled) container before it leaves the facility. If outside contamination occurs, or if the container is punctured, it must be placed in another leakproof, labeled or color-coded container.

…Potentially infectious biomedical waste (i.e., medical waste) must be packaged in a manner that prevents exposure to the material. Liquids must be in a sturdy, leak-resistant container.

Complaints made by Mahoney about the biohazard waste disposal violation have so far been ignored by Louisiana authorities.


As of August 17, 2020, the open box containing the bloody refuse was still present and unmoved from the back of the abortion facility.


“In a climate where there is a hyper-alertness to contaminates, allowing abortion facilities to dump bloody abortion waste outside in an open cardboard box is inconsistent with claims of wanting to keep the public safe,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.


It should be little wonder that biohazard waste at the Delta Clinic is treated with reckless disregard for health and safety laws.


On April 2, 2020, an abortionist named Musa Williams, an intern at the LSU Medical Center, traveled from what was then the coronavirus hot spot of New Orleans to conduct abortions at the Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge wearing disgustingly soiled scrubs in violation of the most basic infection control protocols.


“Why the Louisiana Department of Health allows such infection control violations without a word of response shows that it is unconcerned about health violations at abortion facilities,” said Newman.  “Sadly, this means that abortion facilities can get away with any violation without consequence in Louisiana, and that just makes them more dangerous than they already were.”

Bit of trivia about the Delta Clinic:  That facility is allegedly still owned by Leroy T. Brinkley, who once owned two abortion facilities in Delaware.  Prior to 2010, those Delaware facilities employed a Pennsylvania abortionist named Kermit Gosnell.  Brinkley had another employee at the Delta Clinic named Eileen O’Neill, who relinquished her Louisiana medical license due to what she called “post-traumatic stress,” which speaks volumes about her time at Delta.

Brinkley recommended O’Neill to Gosnell for hire at his Women’s Medical Society clinic in West Philadelphia. There, O’Neill practiced as a “doctor” even though she held no valid medical license. O’Neill was arrested and tried with Gosnell in 2013, when Gosnell was convicted of murdering three babies who were born alive in the midst of squalid conditions at his “House of Horrors” abortion facility.  In the wake of the Gosnell scandal, Brinkley’s two Delaware abortion facilities were closed by the state after it was learned that Gosnell illegally started late-term abortions on women there then sent them to his Philadelphia abortion clinic for completion of the abortions.  Meanwhile, the Delta Clinic continues to operate.

That should answer some questions about why Operation Rescue believes the Delta Clinic poses a serious and ongoing danger to the public.




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