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Student Outreach

LSU Students for Life

Visit Louisiana Students for Life (LSL) to view a list of Pro-Life

Student Organizations on College Campus in Louisiana. 

Including but not limited to: LSU, Loyola, Tulane


High School Groups


Camp Joshua started in 2008 in Baton Rouge, is a weekend camp

designed to train high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors to be

pro-life leaders through education and leadership skills.



It has been our privilege over the past 10 years to be

contributors and supporters of the LSU Students for Life.

We have worked on many projects together.

Our foundation has supplied the LSU Students for Life with the 4400 crosses that are erected on the parade grounds, across from the student union, each year on the infamous anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. We have assisted the students in erecting 2 pro-life billboards and supplied baby clothes, diapers and presents for their baby showers. Our foundation also assists the students with pro-life pamphlets, books, videos and tapes for their pro-life tables.

We give tribute to the outstanding leadership exemplified

by the current and former presidents of LSU Students for Life.

These are Floyd Gonzalez, Amy Guidry, Juliane Zebley,

John Treul, Maria Mahoney, Greg Stanek and Eddie Herty.

Student Outreach

University of Missouri Students for Life

University of Missouri Students for Life unload the crosses from the truth truck onto the student union field.

Student Outreach -Teens for Life

Catholic High Teens for Life from Donaldsonville, Louisiana

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