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Hate Speech?

October 27, 2009

Mr. Moore, hate speech? On the contrary! Who would not be moved to pity at seeing a drunkard lying in the gutter vomiting all over himself? Would it be called hate speech to condemn drunkenness? Yet, when we see millions of people destroy themselves physically and spiritually by the sin of sodomy, should we not condemn the perverse act which has given tens of millions of people one of the worst plagues in history? The average lifetime cost to treat each AIDS patient is $618,900 (Journal of Bio-Medicine). The average life expectancy of sexually active homosexuals is about 20 years less than for heterosexual men. The cost to the American taxpayer for sexually transmitted diseases, children born out of wedlock, and broken families, is staggering.

The Immaculate Virgin Mary appeared to Bernadette Soubirous in 1858 and asked her to pray for poor sinners. A French physician asked her, "Who are these sinners we are to pray for?" She replied, "Those who love sin!" To be tempted by sin, or even fall through human weakness, is not the same thing as the vile person who condones the sin he commits and tries to lead others into its bondage.

If Mr. Moore thinks that a moral Christian lifestyle will not "resolve the health care crisis," and that I am so ignorant that I should be beamed back to the medieval era, I challenge him to a televised debate on the health care crisis over a cup of V-8 juice.

Richard Mahoney

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