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"Never Again!"

With heartfelt sorrow I was deeply moved by the article written in the Catholic Commentator of David Faber's horrific witness of the Nazi Holocaust. The horror of witnessing his family and relatives tortured and brutally murdered by the Nazi soldiers led him to plead with the Catholic High School students: "Never let this happen again!"

Several blocks from where he was pleading "Never Again!", we watched as 14 boxes of murdered babies were loaded into a truck in front of Delta Women's Clinic on 756 Colonial Dr. Baton Rouge to be driven to the crematorium. These innocent babies in the womb were tortured, dismembered, murdered and then packaged in biohazard waste bags to be piled on to trucks labeled "bio-hazardous waste" to be taken to the incinerator. Yet not a word was mentioned about the "American Holocaust". Abortion has claimed more casualties and deaths than all the wars in history put together and is the world’s most satanic conflict.

I pray that David Faber and all the Catholic High School students come with their priests to the American Holocaust Memorial on Bennington Ave, Baton Rouge to ask God's forgiveness for having allowed hundreds of thousands of babies in the womb to be brutally murdered and then ground up in garbage disposals or incinerated. While force can be used to subdue and restrain evil, only Love (Our Lord Jesus, The Incarnate Word made Flesh) can conquer evil. Abortion is not an aid to desperate humanity but abandonment.

I pray that during this season of Advent that the Immaculate Virgin Mary will touch the hearts of fathers and mothers to love their babies and make room for them in their hearts and wombs so that the Baby Jesus will find in the world a place of comfort and refuge and not hear again: There is no room in the Inn!

Richard Mahoney

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