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Kerry the Killer

I will never forget the day my oldest daughter Maria received our Lord in first Holy Communion at St. Agnes Catholic Church. Since she was receiving at an earlier age than usual, Father Spriggs drilled her vigorously on her faith and her readiness to receive Our Lord. After an hour's examination, Father concluded that Maria was ready to receive Our Lord in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. What he said next will remain with me for life: Father Spriggs told Maria that the reason he drilled her so vigorously was that it is the priest's sole responsibility to safeguard Our Lord and make sure that no one receives Him without being in the state of grace or, if they are as young as she was, to have full knowledge and holiness (after First Confession) to receive Our Lord.

I wish Father Spriggs were still alive today. He surely would have personally barred John Kerry from committing sacrilege by entering into a Catholic church and receiving Holy Communion. Would that Our Lord raise up holy and courageous cardinals and bishops who, like St. John the Baptist, condemn the sacrilege of these baptized pagans. If what was reported in the Advocate last week is true, where the Diocese of Baton Rouge commented that receiving Holy Communion is up to the person and not the priest, the Baton Rouge diocese has scandalized and perverted the teachings of Christ. Canon Law states that public sins, such as politicians voting for or promoting abortion, need to be repudiated publicly before that person may receive Holy Communion, so as not to lead the faithful to believe that one can support and promote abortion (which the Church calls an unspeakable crime and which brings de facto excommunication) and receive the sacraments.

Former State Senator Carlin of Rhode Island wrote, "Vast numbers of Catholics continue to vote, election after election, for the pro-choice Members of Congress, and many of the pro-choice politicians they vote for are themselves Catholic. It is not too much to say that the political good fortune of the abortion movement has for several decades depended on an unholy alliance between atheists and Catholics. The secularists provided the leadership, while the Catholics provided the votes and many of the politicians." The smoke of Satan has indeed entered the very Tabernacle of the Church. The abomination of desolation has reached its highest peak in the sacrilegious Holy Communions to which Our Lord is subjected while being given to those in a state of mortal sin and even to those who are demonically possessed. The Sacred Heart of Jesus which has so loved mankind and shed every drop of His Blood to ransom us from death is now being trampled underfoot. Bishops and priests, I implore you, call an assembly, put on sackcloth and ashes, fast, and atone for these crimes against Our Lord, and be ready to die rather than see Our Lord again "betrayed into the hands of sinful men."

What Mother Teresa has taught us is that success depends on love and service, and not money. The Church must sever its unholy alliances with this pagan world. If we live for our God, no man on earth would ever have to die for his country!

Richard Mahoney

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