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Washington, D.C.

When we behold a picture of the concentration camps of Germany or the abortion mills of the United States, we will either be terrified and abhorrent or we will apathetically look away not wanting to face this hellish monster we have created.


Abortion is a mother killing her child, a doctor killing his patient, a judge abandoning his duty and a world turning its back. We must have a visible reminder of America's Holocaust and remember those innocent human beings who have been murdered by abortion. Yet not forgetting the living victims of abortion, the father, the mother, and relatives of the baby killed.


We have chosen Washington, D.C. as the site of the National Memorial to the pre-born as a clear call to our nation and its leaders to repent of this national atrocity and to direct our nation back to a path of righteousness. The Memorial will also remind us that we individually and collectively are responsible for this continued genocide.


America needs a national shrine, a place to mourn, grieve, and repent. Our nation has become a victim filled with victims. The memorial site will contain an American Holocaust Memorial, The Church of the Holy Innocents with Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel, an American Holocaust Wall, a Tomb for the Unknown Baby with perpetual flame, The Cemetery to the Holy Innocents, a Pool of Tears, and a burial vault. The Memorial will be a spiral majestic structure over 100 feet high made of white marble to exemplify the dignity and beauty of those Holy Innocents whose lives it commemorates. From the top of the spiral will fall a drop of red dyed water, representing blood, into the Pool of Tears 100 feet below. The Pool of Tears will be a large black cylindrical marble pool with a single red rose on the surface of the water. The drop of water will represent another child of God murdered by Satan's culture of death. As visitors climb the spiral structure, they will view from the spiral balcony the history and pictures of America's Holocaust. The names of our fallen little brothers and sisters will be engraved on an American Holocaust Wall where they can be remembered and mourned. The fathers and mothers of these innocent victims of Satan's malice can repent of their sin and find forgiveness and closure to these tragic events.


America indeed must repent just as Abraham Lincoln wrote during the Civil War: “On many a defeated field there was a voice louder than the thundering of a cannon. It was the voice of God crying, 'Let my people go'….Great multitudes begged and prayed that I might answer God's voice by signing the Emancipation Proclamation, and I did it believing we never should be successful in the great struggle unless the God of Battles has been on our side”.


Lincoln realized that the Civil War was a judgment by Almighty God over the sin of slavery. In his Second Inaugural Address he said: “Fondly do we hope, fervently do we pray, that this mighty scourge of war may speedily pass away. Yet if God wills it to continue until all the wealth piled up by the bondsman's 250 years of unrequited toil shall be sunk, and until every drop of blood drawn by the lash shall be paid by another drawn by the sword, as was said 3,000 years ago, so still it must be said, that the judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether”.


As the Civil War was God's judgment upon America for the sin of slavery, a greater judgment is on America for the sin of abortion. Today we see the horrifying work of God's hand in the signs and judgments already upon us because of the "legalized" murder of innocent babies in their mothers' wombs. "Because we have not hated bloodshed, bloodshed is now pursuing us”. (Ezekiel 35:18) The greatest punishment that God can inflict upon us is leaving us to ourselves. At His Conception, when the Eternal Son of God humbled Himself and took on the flesh of humanity, He gave dignity and sacredness to every single human being conceived.


It is only through repentance that God will forgive our sin and heal our land; however, before America can repent of this holocaust, it needs to acknowledge its guilt and sin of the shedding of innocent blood.


If you would like to be involved in this national repentance and memorial project, please contact us.



God bless you,


Richard Mahoney


Victory over Death


Exhilaration and praise resounded from the lips of devout Christians in Ann Arbor, Michigan recently when the Women's Choice Center run by abortionist Robert Alexander closed down. Edmund Miller and Alicia Wong had prayed and counseled outside this murder mill for years and had watched as thousands of innocent babies were led into the holocaust chamber to be executed by their own fathers and mothers.


On entering the death camp, she entered the rooms where tens of thousands of innocent babies were brutally tortured and murdered. She gazed at the table where the mothers' laid to abort their children and this is what she saw:


I saw despair lying there; lying there in the faces of women who could not accept love really exists and if it did, it would never exist for them!


I saw anger lying there; life was seen as a loveless, joyless proposition, whereas murder was even better!


I saw helplessness lying there; helpless women herded toward abortion by family or friends who believed their duty was to allow nothing outside their own pleasure to live!


I saw laughter lying there; the laughter of women who thought life was a joke! 


Abortion clinics are the modern day concentration camps where women are driven by the tide of their own sins, anger, fears and despair. You can rip a baby from its mother's womb but not from its mother's heart. How many tears do mothers have to shed over the blood of their murdered children before America and the world repents of this senseless and brutal debasement of mothers.


America needs to come to grips with the stark reality that they have perpetuated a holocaust against innocent babies in the womb and begin repentance by erecting a tomb for the unknown baby and a American Holocaust Wall in Washington D.C. Former abortion clinics need to be turned into American Holocaust Memorials so that we NEVER FORGET!


Richard Mahoney

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