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The Virus, Abortion, and the Ethic of Isolation


This Coronavirus plague can really be a graced opportunity for the world to realize

that radical autonomy from others is not all that it’s cracked up to be.

April 22, 2020       Monica Migliorino Miller

As I pen these words tens of thousands of human beings have perished due to the worldwide pandemic of the Coronavirus—over 25,000 in Italy alone. Hardly a corner of the globe has been left unaffected, with the United States leading the way in the number of confirmed cases, with over 46,000 dead. Our world is in a universal “lockdown,” with “social distancing” from one another the norm, “stay at home” the new learned behavior, and an unprecedented restriction on travel. Restaurants closed, businesses closed, schools closed and nearly every church in the world has its doors locked—and in some cases literally sealed with chains or police yellow caution tape! The parents of grown children who even live nearby have for weeks not seen these loved ones, as the closest of human relationships are now governed by panic, fear, anxiety, worry, depression, in a society descending into sense of desperation and even despair.

How might we understand this current scourge visited upon the planet? Might it be, when all is said and done, that the human race—ironically or paradoxically or otherwise—is simply living-out an ethic it has embraced for many decades, and continues to embrace even in the midst of the crisis? Today the world, and this is certainly the case with American culture, has embraced individualism as the primary social-ethical value. Even Cardinal Robert Sarah has called the pandemic “a parable” that reveals modern man’s great mistake, namely our refusal to be dependent. As he stated recently in the French journal Valeurs:

Modern man wants to be radically independent. He does not want to depend on the laws of nature. He refuses to be dependent on others by committing himself to definitive bonds such as marriage. It is humiliating to be dependent on God. He feels he owes nothing to anyone.

I will argue that in no other area of societal experience and practice is this independence more dominant than in a “woman’s right to choose.” The slogan “I have a right to do what I want with my own body” is the creed that exclaims this radical autonomy upon which the quest for self-determination rests. My own body—meaning my own self—is not in-relation to others, and only by such a self-proclaimed autonomy may I truly be who I am.

This sort of radical individualism was enshrined within the United States Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. Roe v. Wade is not simply a court ruling with political impact. More than anything else Roe v. Wade is a philosophy. The decision articulates an anthropology about what it means to be human. Roe v. Wade’s denial of the right-to-life of unborn children is founded on two arguments. The first is that for the purposes of the right-to-life the unborn are declared to be non-persons, and as such they are not the subject of rights as the decision famously, or perhaps infamously stated: “We need not resolve the difficult question of when life begins.” At most, unborn children represent “potential life.” However, the unborn stripped of their personhood is not enough to facilitate their slaughter. Plenty of things—literally things—are protected by law. Property is protected, ships protected, corporations protected and there are plenty of legal restrictions on how people may treat animals with some species absolutely protected in every sense. Thus, the “mere” failure of the justices to recognize the unborn as persons is not enough to have ushered in their extermination at the rate of over sixty million.

The denial of personhood to the unborn is an atrocious injustice. Yet, it is the other finding of the court that ultimately seals the fate of this disadvantaged class, namely the “right to privacy.” The “right to privacy” in Roe v. Wade is a privacy of a special kind—and indeed with Roe we have the invention, some may say “discovery,” of a new “right.” The “right to privacy” was engineered by the so-called Catholic Justice William Brennan—based on the earlier 1965 contraception ruling of the Court, Griswold v. Connecticut. Here, as many may already know, the Court found that prohibiting the sale of contraceptives even to married couples was unconstitutional based on the “right to privacy.” This “right to privacy” was expanded to include non-married couples as well in the 1972 Supreme Court case Eisenstadt v. Baird.

However, in Roe v. Wade privacy is no longer a right that encircles the family, husbands and wives, or male/female couples, insulating them from unwarranted government regulation and intrusion into their “private” sexual affairs. The “right to privacy” shrunk from privacy that encompassed persons-in-relation, to a “privacy” that now encircled one particular individual—namely the woman alone. In Roe v. Wade the “right to privacy” is a sphere of privacy only around the woman. The woman in the court’s decision completely stands alone. The decision created and defends the isolated female, who must first be placed in this sphere of isolation in order to exercise the ultimate power to kill another—to indeed cast out-of-herself that person most close to herself—her unborn son or daughter.

This is the dynamics of Roe v. Wade. The court ruling is based on the premise that there are no inherent human relationships. The woman stands alone, apart from literally everyone else in the world and within such isolation any moral obligations she may have toward others are shattered. For instance, according to Roe v. Wade husbands in relation to their wives within the covenant of marriage do not exist. In Roe v. Wade a wife who conceives a child within the marital bond may kill that baby and the husband need never know, indeed has no right to know that his offspring was exterminated! The Court determined the woman owes her husband nothing because the woman who stands alone has no marital-relational responsibilities.

Fathers do not exist in Roe v. Wade. If a boyfriend who begets a child wishes to save that child from being put to death, he has no rights over the life of that baby. According to the original decision, not even parents of a pregnant minor daughter had any say as to whether or not their grandchild lived or died. In many states without parental consent laws put into place by pro-lifers, this is still the case.

Roe v. Wade created the autonomous woman. It is an ethic of isolation—a manifesto that declares that inherent human relationships simply do not exist—they have no moral meaning. In order for the slaughter of the unborn to be accomplished the bonds of the human community had to first be undone. Legalized abortion is practiced according to that Sartrian principle that “hell is other people.” Here is the declaration that human freedom depends on being free from others—to be free from anyone who may restrict my right to self-determination. Privacy in Roe rests on the assumption that human freedom is freedom from being-in-relation to others as the very presence of others compromises my choices and thus, according to the ethic of isolation, my very self-hood.

My pro-life work has taught me many lessons—but one lesson stands out from all others. I am perhaps one of fifty human beings in the world who has had the rarest of experiences—as I have retrieved the bodies of the aborted unborn from the trash and buried them. My book Abandoned—The Untold Story of the Abortion Wars records how the greatest lesson of abortion was impressed upon me. In 1988 we had discovered that Vital Med, a pathology lab in Northbrook, Illinois, was leaving the remains of aborted babies out on its loading dock to be picked up by a waste incinerator company. The fetal remains were shipped there by parcel post from abortion centers as far away as Fargo, North Dakota.

Motivated by our faith, we knew we had to retrieve these abandoned bodies. Our first trip to the laboratory took place February 20, 1988:

Covered by the darkness of night, we wove our way through the labyrinthine streets between buildings and empty parking lots of the deserted industrial park. Finally, we arrived at our destination: a large garage connected to the building that housed the pathology lab.

We parked our cars in the parking lot of a building across the street. I got out of the car and breathed in the cold night air. Our small group walked to the entrance of the garage. A utility door on the right side of the garage doors had been left open, so we entered. We immediately stood on a long concrete ramp that led down to the loading dock. On the dock were three green dumpsters. Several heavy-duty cardboard barrels were stacked along the back wall. We began to walk slowly down the ramp. I could see dozens and dozens of boxes on the dock strewn about haphazardly. As we approached I felt a cold numbness stealing over me. When we reached the loading dock I knelt by a stack of boxes to examine them more closely. Pulling back the flaps of one of the boxes, I saw that it was filled to the top with the bodies of aborted babies. There were literally hundreds of them, all packed in Whirl Paks and specimen jars. Each box on the dock was similarly filled with fetal remains. Some of the boxes were open. The cardboard barrels also contained Whirl Paks, mixed in with waste and debris.

I was struck by the realization that all of these fetal children had been alive only a few short days ago. Now they lay dead and abandoned, cut from their mothers’ wombs, cut from the human race: corpses of fetal bodies stacked on a loading dock inside an industrial park in boxes marked “for disposal.”

As I stood on the edge of the loading dock it seemed my journey and theirs had brought us together at the edge of the world. Here the aborted had been cast adrift in a desolate sea. A dark, sad, heavy revelation suddenly took life deep inside my being. Abortion wasn’t just about killing—and pro-life work wasn’t just about restoring to the unborn their right-to-life. In the image of those tiny human lives scattered about the loading dock I came to know the true plight of the aborted unborn. The sort of deaths they suffered made them horribly, frighteningly alone.

We had to go to the edge of the world to bring them back—to give what remained of them their first and last human embrace.

My trips to “the edge of the world” taught me that the true plight of the aborted unborn wasn’t “just” that they are deprived of their right-to-life. They endure a deeper plight as they are plunged by abortion into a void of alienation. In their dismembered bodies is incarnated their dismemberment from the human family. I began to know their isolation and to understand that it is caused by the triumph of another individual in isolation–a lonely monadic self who must secure its own identity and power by suppressing or annihilating all who threaten to be in relation to it. The babies on the loading dock were apart from their mothers. Apart from their fathers. Apart from the towns and cities where they had been conceived. Far from home. In them I knew the denial of mankind’s most intrinsic bonds. Abortion doesn’t just kill the unborn—it is separation, the dissolution of human communion.

And so, the whole world is now thrust into separation by a deadly killer virus upon us as a plague. We cannot touch one another, cannot kiss, cannot embrace—and certainly we must never embrace the stranger. Indeed, we wear protection, donning masks and gloves. But our contraceptive culture, in its own way, already affirmed such barriers, perhaps prepared us for separation, by making sure that even in love-making our lives are not “infected” by another someone. The isolation we are forced to practice should cause us to recognize that we have forged it already in the ethic of isolation that continues to be defended.

Ironically, the isolation enshrined in the “right to privacy” that facilitates death is now the very necessary thing we must practice in order to live, even to the extent of a forced estrangement from loved ones. Might such “staying apart” be that living parable analogous to the breakdown of the integrity of the nuclear family that already defines our culture, as evidenced in sky-high divorce rates, absent fathers, out-of-wedlock births, mothers forced to raise children alone, and the dismissal and abandonment of the elderly? Yes, the isolation we experience now is pandemic-related, but it is a sign that certainly points to that deeper societal separation that may demonstrate to us that our ultimate problem is not a “mere” physical virus, but a false liberty that brings an end to human communion. From this we also need to be healed.

And perhaps nothing shows the dissolution of human communion more than, while most churches are closed for worship, most abortion clinics remain open. Catholic communal worship is suspended, that worship which is the primary instance of human unity in the world, as never before churches are shut up, dark, empty, and silent. Historically unprecedented, except for a few occasions of interdict, is the ultimate absence of the Catholic ceremonies that create human communion. With churches locked all over the world, it is at least nearly so! Yet, the rites of isolation continue to be offered in the still open abortion centers—as the right to self-determination enshrined in ceremonies of autonomy continue in homage to what the world considers truly essential.

This Coronavirus plague can really be a graced opportunity for the world to realize that radical autonomy from others is not all that it’s cracked up to be, to force humanity to regain a renewed appreciation for human communion and indeed embrace all the moral responsibilities toward others that are inherent in our God-given human bonds.

If God is not sending the human race this plague, He is certainly allowing it. And the history of the Faith tells us that God withdraws his blessings only to stir up and awaken His people. What is the lesson we should learn? If we wish to live by the ethic of isolation—we shall die by it. The world has been thrown into a terrible, sad, dark separation of persons—living the ethic it has embraced. But it is also a nearly historically unprecedented chance to renounce that deadly autonomy and come to know, welcome, and embrace the other.

Holy Week 2020


Many lay faithful around the country have petitioned and remonstrated with the Bishops to reinstate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Triduum Services during this Holy Week; the most Solemn Holy days in Christendom.

The Priests could hold the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass outdoors with social distancing. Viruses are killed by UV light 243nm and sunlight between 10am and 4pm provides enough UV to kill any virus or protein coat on viruses.UV lights from lasers, mercury bulbs, radon bulbs or lasers with ozone emission could be set up in the confessionals and adoration chapels. Cheap units are only 100 dollars.  This insanity of pretending to protect people by canceling the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is ludicrous or they would shut down the grocery stores. Spiritual food is much more important than physical food. Our Lord told the devil in the midst of His eminent starvation after 40 days of fasting: "Man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” "Our Lord said: "unless you eat My body and drink My blood, you have no life within you". “Is anyone among you sick: He should summon the presbyters (priests) of the church, and they should pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord, the prayer of faith will save the sick person, and the Lord will raise them up"  "When He had said this, He breathed on them; and He said to them: Receive ye the Holy Ghost. [23] Whose sins you shall forgive, they are forgiven them; and whose sins you shall retain, they are retained. [24]


The reception of the Sacraments (an outward sign of an invisible grace) is of paramount necessity for this life and eternal life along with the health of body, mind and soul. Pope Paul VI, St. John Paul II, Pope Benedict and Cardinal Sarah have constantly warned the faithful that we have lost this reality. Pray for our poor Bishops and Priests who have lost sight of this reality due to the fear of worldly retribution brought about by the scandals caused by sinful Judases within the Church.

This scourge in the midst of the corona pandemic is surely a punishment from Our Lord for all the Sacrilegious receptions of Holy Communion by those in the Church who while rejecting God's Commandments still present themselves for Holy Communion and for all those in the Church who do not keep the Lord's Day Holy, but work on His Holy Day and fill it with worldly endeavors and pursuits.

Let us pray to Our Lady of Sorrows!

Our mother of sorrows, with strength from Our Lord Jesus Christ you stood by the cross, sharing in the sufferings of Our Lord Jesus, and with tender care you bore Him in your arms, mourning and weeping. 

We praise you for your faith, which accepted the life God planned for you.  We praise you for your hope, which trusted that God would do great things in you.  We praise you for your love in bearing with Our Lord Jesus the sorrows of his passion.

Holy Immaculate Virgin Mary, may we follow your example, and stand by all your children who need comfort and love, especially those in the womb who are being denied the right to Life and Baptism!

Holy Mother of God,   Pray for us now and at the hour of our death.



Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,


Richard Mahoney

Dr. Haywood Robinson's testimoney


August 24, 2017

Dr. Haywood Robinson is a Brazos Medical Associate Family Medicine doctor in College Station, Texas affiliated with St. Joseph Medical Center. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree from the California Institute of Technology, followed by a Medical Doctor degree at the University of California at Irvine, and finally a family practice residency at Martin Luther King - Charles R. Drew Medical Center in Los Angeles.

 During his residency, Dr. Robinson received abortion training while on the obstetrics and gynecology service. Discussion regarding the ethics of these procedures or instruction regarding alternatives was not part of the training. Performing abortion requires so little effort, everyone was doing it, and they didn’t seem to have a problem with it, so why shouldn't he? His experience provided the opportunity for him to meet a lovely lady by the name of Noreen, who later would become his wife. As their relationship progressed, “moonlighting” together in abortion clinics was commonplace. Money became a mutual motivator, especially since the pay was substantial and it was quite evident how their abortion training could be profitable.

 Shortly after marriage and completing their residency programs, Dr. Robinson and his wife, Noreen, came to the saving knowledge of Christ, and were soon convicted by God’s word which exposed the living lie they led as hired killers of preborn children.

Today, Dr. Robinson and his wife share their testimony nationwide to expose the facts of the abortion industry and to be a voice for the unborn.

The story I'm about to tell you is a difficult one to tell. It's a story I tell with tears in my eyes and trembling in my voice. I cringe at how casually I slipped into the dark world of abortion and how I could both deliver babies and kill babies in the same hospital and on the same day.

You see, despite what my Embryology textbook stated on page one the "Life begins at conception" there was absolutely no discussion about the ethics and morality of abortion during medical school or my residency. This type of "training" taught me how to displace myself so I could kill babies just one floor above where I delivered them. Imagine with me for a moment what those shifts looked like...You enter the hospital, and on the first floor is the labor and delivery rooms. It is a place full of life, hope and endless possibilities. There you deliver babies... entirely new human beings and watch the joy wash over the mother and father. But then you leave the first floor and head to the second floor where the abortion clinic is, and the mood in there is noticeably different. The misery was thick enough to cut with a knife and the second you enter you are drenched in it and can't wait to get out. I quickly performed a few abortions, silently amazed at how quick and easy it is.. usually just 7 minutes and on a number of nameless women you'll never see again. Then you make your way back downstairs to the first floor to deliver more babies. But as if that is not twisted enough.. Consider that before you get to the elevator you pass by the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) where babies who are probably at the same gestational stages as the babies you just killed in the room across the hall, are lovingly treated and day in and day out their lives are fought for. As I became a more "experienced" abortion doctor, I was sent on rounds to abortion clinics outside the hospital. I remember calculating how much money I'd earn based on the number of women scheduled for an abortion. "Ok 6 women at 350 per abortion; that is 2,100 dollars" We looked at these women and saw only dollar signs. And I'm heartbroken to say, the abortion cartel desensitized and dehumanized me and my fellow doctors to the point where even though we knew we were killing living, breathing human beings, as long as we were getting paid, we didn't care! But by the grace of God, Noreen and I both came to the saving knowledge of Our Lord Jesus Christ and were convicted by God's Word, which exposed the lie we led as killers of pre-born babies. We quit the abortion industry and started a new calling to show how evil the abortion cartel is. Please join us and 40 Days for Life to end the abortion Holocaust!




 Our Lady of Sorrows 


Palm Sunday, 2017


Last night Rev. Matthew Graham gave a sobering Lenten talk at St. Agnes Catholic Church on Our Lady of Sorrows and the Immaculate Virgin Mary's apparitions at Kibeho, Rwanda Africa. Our Lady warned three students of the evils which would befall this Catholic nation if they didn't pray and repent of their complacency with sin. Twelve years before the Rwandan massacre of over 800,000 men, women and children Our Blessed Mother gave the visionaries a glimpse of the Rivers of Blood that would flow and a vision of countless people hacked to death with machetes and their corpses lying in the street with no one to bury them. The Bishops and priest of Rwanda after many years acknowledged that there was something supernatural happening in these apparitions but could not believe the part about the massacre which was about to occur in this predominantly Catholic nation. One survivor of the Holocaust told a Catholic priest on pilgrimage to Kebeho that the refusal of the Bishops and priests to accept this part of the apparition and give solemn warning to repent was the main reason that the holocaust occurred. World War 11 was foretold by the Immaculate Virgin Mary, if we did not repent and heed Our Lord Jesus Christs command to repent and consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. War was the result of having rejected Our Blessed Mothers pleas to repent at Fatima in 1917, 


Pope Francis met with the President of Rwanda last week and  " implored anew God's forgiveness for the sins and failings of the church and its members, among whom some of its priests and religious men and women  succumbed to hatred and violence, betraying their own evangelical mission," The genocide occurred from April to July 1994. 


"Immaculee Ilibagiza grew up in a Catholic family in Rwanda, surrounded by a family she cherished. But in 1994 her idyllic world was ripped apart as Rwanda descended into a bloody genocide. Immaculee's family was brutally murdered during a killing spree.Incredibly, Immaculee survived the slaughter. For 91 days, she and seven other women huddled silently together in the cramped bathroom of a local pastor while hundreds of machete-wielding killers hunted for them. It was during those endless hours of unspeakable terror that Immaculee discovered the power of prayer, eventually shedding her fear of death and forging a profound and lasting relationship with God. She emerged from her bathroom hideout having discovered the meaning of truly unconditional love-a love so strong she was able seek out and forgive her family's killers". She wrote at book "Left to Tell"  I heard Immaculee speak at the Louisiana Conference Center in Lafayette, Louisiana over 10 years ago. I thanked her for sharing her horrific story about the Rwanda holocaust and how America and most of the world failed to respond or help her people during the three month massacre., Yet I implored her to speak out in her talks around the world about the abortion holocaust which is ravishing America and the whole world and yet there is only conversation and horror over past genocides and not the current one which is murdering more of God's innocent children than all the wars and genocides in history. She agreed and promised to speak out against the abortion holocaust. She has been true to this promise! I now ask all the Priests and Bishops in this country to raise their voice in unison and condemn the abortion holocaust and all the Catholic politicians and heretical Catholics who have joined in with the killing of innocent babies in the womb. Let not future Popes have to apologize for your complicity in the largest holocaust in human history!


"There is a way that seems right to man, yet which leads to death"!


 Instead of living the Revelation of God, we are living the illusion of Hollywood! If we do not heed the prophetic warnings of Fatima, we will see the horrific chastisement inflicted on the children of perdition this Century. Western Civilization will return to its Christian roots or see its final collapse!


Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam


Richard Mahoney 225-938-1139




Divine Mercy in My Soul

In the book Divine Mercy in My Soul by St. Faustina Kowalska in notebook four of the diary, paragraph 1276 she states: September 16,1937 I wanted very much to make a Holy Hour before the Blessed Sacrament today, but God’s will was otherwise. At eight o’clock I was seized with such violent pains that I had to go to bed at once. I was convulsed with pain for three hours; that is, until eleven o’clock at night. No medicine had any effect on me, and whatever I swallowed I threw up. At times the pains caused me to lose consciousness. The Lord Jesus had me realized that in this way I took part in His agony in the Garden, and that He himself allowed these sufferings in order to offer reparation to God for the souls murdered in the wombs of wicked mothers. I have gone through these sufferings three times now. They always start at eight o’clock in the evening and last until eleven. No medicine can lessen these sufferings. When eleven o’clock comes, they cease by themselves, and I fall asleep at that moment. The following day I feel very weak. This happened to me for the first time when I was at the sanatorium. The doctor’s couldn’t get to the bottom of it and no injection or medicine helped me at all nor did I myself have any idea of what the sufferings were about. I told the doctor that never before in my life had I experienced such sufferings, and he declared he did not know what sort of pains they are. But know I understand the nature of these pains, because the Lord Himself has made this known to me…yet when I think that I may perhaps suffer in this way again, I tremble. But I don’t know whether I’ll ever again suffer in this way; I leave that to God. What it pleases God to send, I will accept with submission and love.If only I could save even one soul from murder by means of these sufferings!

As the cliche states: Freedom isn’t Free and Mercy is not obtained without Justice. What is the price to be paid for the murder of Innocent babies in the womb. If St. Faustina had to suffer such agonizing pain to save one soul, what part will we pay in reparation for billions of babies being murdered in their mothers wombs by chemical and surgical abortions, IVF, eugenics and genetic engineering. Msgr. Phillip J. Reilly, Helpers of God’s Most Precious Infants calls the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for the end of abortion; the Mass of Reparation! Here are excepts from his July 2016 newsletter. Our Holy Father Pope Francis, during this Jubilee Year of Mercy, has asked all Catholics to refect upon and increase both the corporal and spiritual works of mercy in their lives. The Helpers of God’s Most Precious Infants are incorporating the spiritual works of mercy every time that they go to the modern day Calvary, their local abortion mills. The spiritual works of mercy are 1 Instructing the Ignorant: counselors offer information where help is available to frightened pregnant women. 2 Counsel the Doubtful: Counselors give hope and pray with vulnerable women who doubt they can cope with being pregnant. 3 Admonish the sinner: Counselors instruct those going into the death camps that God never makes a mistake and that this baby is known by God from all eternity: Blessed is the fruit of the womb! Killing their child would be an unspeakable crime, but loving their baby would be an infinite blessing. 4 Bear wrongs patiently. Counselors are routinely harassed by death escorts, abortion minded people and passerby’s but never retaliate and turn the other cheek. 5 Forgive all injuries: counselors are sometimes subjected to physical abuse without retaliation or complaint 6 Comfort the afflicted: Counselors reach out to all desperate and confused women to offer compassion and help. 7 Pray for the Living and the Dead: Prayer teams are in continual prayer at the foot of the Cross to pray for our enemies and that these innocent babies, like Our Lord, will not die alone. They also pray for the conversion of those who work in these Death Camps. The seven corporeal works of Mercy are practiced at all the Pregnancy Centers and Homes for Unwed Mothers.

There is still time in this year of Mercy to make reparation for the unspeakable evils of abortion and sexual perversity. All the great prolife groups in this country begin with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and then proceed to the murder mills to save babies and for those who are not saved to be with them at the Foot of the Cross so they may not die alone. Come join us!

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,


American Holocaust Memorial

By Shannon Baldridge

On Friday,  July 10, 2009, I visited the American Holocaust Memorial Museum located at 4829 Bennington Ave. in Baton Rouge, LA. I visited it with some of my Crossroads friends I’d made: Jonathan Gordon, Melody Louviere, Avery Balsiger, and Lauren Thompson. A photo journalist, Albert Cesare, and his younger brother, James, a seminarian, also accompanied us along with someone Albert and James brought with them who I was never officially introduced to.

I had been afraid to go because I had seen from internet pictures that it was going to be pretty gruesome and I don’t handle blood and gruesomeness very well at all. I used to grow faint in my school science classes when they would discuss the circulatory system, that’s how sensitive I am. I was afraid to go, that I would grow faint and ill and need to be carried out and cause a scene that would be embarrassing to me. I always hated that feeling whenever there was a story or an image involving blood or wounds or surgical procedures…the tunnel vision, the hearing that faded out and fuzzed, the lightheadedness, the cold sweat and lack of strength at all to even stand. I didn’t want that to happen so I dreaded visiting that place.

Crossroads asked to go though so I agreed and thought maybe it would be easier if I went with friends who could distract me maybe. I made arrangements and feared what might happen but I was going to be brave this trip and do things I had never done before. This side trip would be no different. I was going out to struggle and face new challenges.

I entered the museum that had once been an abortion clinic and had been bought and left much as it had once been to show what these clinics were all about on the inside. Immediately I was met with a huge gruesome picture on the floor of an aborted infant and up came the wall to protect myself from being overwhelmed by the gruesomeness that would lead to my fading and faintness. I kept my horror at an arms length from me so I couldn’t feel anything too intensely. I only let a small amount of feeling through and what I felt was horror and revulsion. I was so distracted by my own personal concentration to avoid becoming ill that there was little room for anything else or to truly absorb what I was witnessing. It all seemed so surreal.

The last room I went into was a make-shift chapel of sorts. It wasn’t anything official but there were some statues and flowers and nice religious pictures and 3 kneelers. Lauren had already taken the far kneeler and so I thought it might at least be a good idea to pray. I couldn’t seem to let the place into me because of my fear so I thought at the very least, I could kneel in this room that was safe from the horrible surgical instruments and gruesome photographs in all the other rooms and pray for all that had happened in that cursed place. I took the middle kneeler and I hadn’t even finished settling myself yet when I finally cracked open my shell to reach out to God in prayer for the first time since I entered that place. I hadn’t even formed a coherent prayerful thought yet, it seemed the moment I opened myself up to touch God, a very strange thing happened to me that has never happened before.

Without warning I immediately began to sob and weep. I didn’t see it coming at all. There was no lump in my throat ahead of time, there was no sense that tears might be coming that I might have to control. It hit me hard like a wave and I was completely unprepared for it. It wasn’t any small little sniffling quiet crying either, it was body shaking deep sobbing crying. It overwhelmed me completely and I was helpless to stop it. The tears poured out of me and the body racking sobs came one after the other as though the flood gates had been opened to some unknown and unnamed tidal wave.

I rarely cry in front of others and when I do, it is usually a quiet and suppressed crying. This strange and out-of-control crying unleashed in front of these people with me was unthinkable to me. Even as I was kneeling there sobbing, I was in complete wonderment at myself and what was happening to me. I couldn’t  understand it at all; it made no sense to me. I could feel the sadness and pain pouring out of me and going through me but it was not of me at all. There was me and my feelings of relatively small sadness by comparison and then there was this strange and foreign thing passing through me whose sorrow was so great it shamed me for my pitiful sadness doled out with an eyedropper by comparison.

I could tell by the way it kept pouring out of me that it wasn’t slacking off at all and wouldn’t.  I couldn’t contain it, couldn’t hold it back, and couldn’t manage it. I got the feeling that ifl didn’t do something; this sobbing wasn’t going to stop on its own. It was never-ending and unceasing. After what must have been a long time already of my crying, I began to struggle to put up the wall I had entered with …the wall that had cracked a tiny bit when I opened myself to prayer and let in this wildly grieving presence. It took a lot of work but as I fought to put up my resistance again, the sobbing finally began to subside.

I decided to quickly walk through the surgical rooms one last time because having been shamed by the enormous sorrow working through me, I wanted to feel something of my own that might be comparable to it. I felt like I should be crying like that for what had happened there because of my own feelings and sorrow at the great loss of life here but those intense feelings didn’t come to me from my own self. I felt sad for them, but nothing like what I had touched, what had passed through me. It was a strange sensation, to actually experience the wild grief of someone who was not myself firsthand.

The crying didn’t completely cease until I had left the building. The crying I had just done was the sort of crying I would have done if someone had just told me one of my parents or siblings had just died. It was completely foreign and inexplicable why or how this had happened to me; that I should weep so uncontrollably for children I had never seen or met. It was a very terrible thing that had happened there but my feelings inside were not matching the sorrowing agony expressing itself through me. My own grief, which was very real and present in its own way, was a pale shadow by comparison.

The entire event completely baffled me and had me wondering at it. Even now, the more I think of it, the stranger it is to me, the less and less it makes sense to a world of practicality and sense and empirical observations. After thinking on it in my heart for several days now, I believe I was somehow manifesting the great sorrow that God and Mary feel for the devastation that took place there. I always knew that it hurt God immensely that we would kill our own children but to touch it myself and feel it working through me was another experience entirely. I had never experienced something like that before but I was grateful that the Holy Spirit allowed me to touch the great sorrow and realize the immense pain He feels over the holocaust. I cannot explain it or why it happened to me but I guess God felt it was important that I experience firsthand his overwhelming sorrow over the loss of his beloved children.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,

  A Fond Farewell!  


At his closing speech as President of the United States, Barrack Obama stated: "We rise and fall as one"! This is a grotesquely erroneous statement from the most divisive President in history. President Obama's legacy will be one of infamy and his persecution of Christians and Our Lord Jesus Christ will place him next to Judas Iscariot and Benedict Arnold in the annals of history books. He removed all restrictions against killing babies in the womb, stole tax payer dollars to fund this baby killing and with Executive and Judicial tyranny persecuted those who opposed the most perverse deviant sexual perversion imaginable. He orchestrated Executive Fiats which victimized every citizen and state in this country and left its citizens powerless against the whim of these Federalists. It would take a whole library to contain the records of his treachery and despotism. Every true follower of Truth and the Authority of God over people and nations will condemn this man and fight to restore America to its Christian principles. Pope St. Felix III stated: “An error which is not resisted is approved; a truth which is not defended is suppressed... He who does not oppose an evident crime is open to the suspicion of secret complicity.” 


The handwriting is on the wall, the real crisis and the only real poverty is this world is sin and the rejection of God; the rejection of true Love which then turns this world into a barren desert of narcissism.


We will never recognize the true value of our own lives until we affirm the value in the life of others, a value of which Malcolm Muggeridge says: “… however low it flickers or fiercely burns, it is still a Divine flame which no man dare presume to put out, be his motives ever so humane and enlightened.” 


Until we put Planned Parenthood (Planned Barrenhood) in jail for their fratricidal murder of innocent babies and stop the sexual perversion in this nation which threatens the very foundation of society by attacking the fundamental unit of society, Marriage, we are a "Nation without Hope"! America and the world are on the brink; not only of destruction, but of a worse calamity: life without God. The empty pursuit for love which will have no origin or source, leaving man to pursue the emptiness of pleasure without purpose.


Bonhoeffer spoke to the clergy of Europe about their failure to condemn the errors of Nazism and Communism as he would speak to America today about the errors of Secular Humanism. "We have been silent witnesses of evil deeds; we have been drenched by many storms; we have learnt the arts of equivocation and pretense; experience has made us suspicious of others and kept us from being truthful and open;...Are we still of any use?" "We have witnessed "Rivers of Blood", “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”“The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world that it leaves to its children.”


Let not Our Lord's words be directed to us:: "But unless you repent, you too will all perish." Luke 13:3


Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,


Richard Mahoney 225-938-1139





Alan Ames: It is time to stand up for our Christian faith and heritage

Dear Friends,

From the many questions I get about the future of the Church I would like to answer them in this way and with a prophetic word of what lies ahead unless we act.

Over the past years the Church in western countries has been continuously attacked by governments, politicians and groups who desire that their will or way of life be accepted by Christians even when these are against church teaching.

The last years have been particularly difficult as one major government tries to force its will on the Church. This government has attacked the Church or Christian groups through the use of what are called equal rights but often are wrongs. It is done in various ways including through the targeting of Christian groups by the tax arm of the government to remove charitable exemptions etc. There are attempts to force the Church to accept such things as abortion in Catholic hospitals, paying for those in the Church employ to have contraception, same sex marriage, adoption of children by same sex couples, transgenders lifestyles and much more. Religious groups within the Church have had to fight legal battles just to try and keep to the faith and the teachings of the church (which is to love the person but to reject the sin).

Some of those in power try to take away religious freedom in the name of being progressive or politically correct; try to deny Christians the right to follow their faith and their conscience.

This government appears to want to have a country that has little faith and can be manipulated easily to do it's will. Already the consequences of this can be seen by the number of people who no longer go to church or believe in God. The numbers embracing satanism seems to be growing. Secularism reigns supreme in many lives and atheism is on the rise. While all around the morals of society collapse and people suffer from this.

It is time now for Catholics and all Christians to stand up and say enough for if this is allowed to continue then disaster surely lies ahead.

Some Christians tell me that they will vote for some one who supports abortion at all stages of the pregnancy even late term and partial birth abortions. Do they not understand to do this is to support the killing of babies and that they become part of this terrible sin and will carry that responsibility with them to be confronted by The Lord on judgement day when He will ask them why they supported the killing of the innocent. Some have responded to me that both choices support abortion but one person to vote for says they are pro life and only support abortion when life of the mother is at risk or for some other very serious problem such as rape or incest. While both choices are not good a Christian must support the one that will save the most lives and will help reduce abortions which in time may influence the country to go further in reducing this terrible act of inhumanity.

Catholics and all Christians who would vote for those who want to suppress the faith, to change the faith, to force Christians to accept sin and to be immoral are attacking the faith themselves. They become part of the forces that want to destroy Christianity, destroy the Church.

We must support the ones who say they will protect Christianity and freedom of religion. The ones who understand what is happening to the Judeo/ Christian heritage we have and promise to defend that heritage.

If Christians do not now stand up for their faith and stand firmly in the truth of Christ by rejecting and not supporting those who attack the church, attack the faith, then it may be too late. If the situation we are in now is allowed to continue it will get only worse. In years to come the Catholic Church will have been assailed so much that it will be reduced to a shadow of what it is today. The people attending will drop as people will lose belief in God or will go to more ‘progressive' churches who accept what the government and special interest groups in society say is right. Many will see no reason to go to church for they will see it as a place of bigots and extremists. Many will be drawn away from God and deeper into the darkness of the secular world. It may happen that a church springs up calling itself catholic but is truly not and some will be drawn to that.

If we Christians want the future to be a good one living in the truth of God we need to support our God and our faith. If we do not then be assured the world will get worse. Darkness will envelop your families and friends. Suffering will increase. Hatred will spread and the evil one will have his way in many lives taking many souls from God. A terrible thought and I pray this does not come to be.

This can be stopped but each one of us has to do what God calls us to; reject the worldly ways of immorality and sin and never support someone who shamelessly promotes these evil things.

I normally do not speak in this way but I have been shown how important it is that at this time people of faith stand firm and defend their faith by supporting those who will not attempt to change or destroy their faith. Encourage all you know to think deeply about the future they want. Do they want a Christian based one or one based on the falseness that is in the world? Help all make the right choice.

God bless,
Alan Ames

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Gloria Polo’s conversion story: abortion, the sacrament of satan!



Oh, brothers, what sadness! What a great pain! How the devil makes us see things! … As if it were nothing, as if it were something without  importance! … As if an abortion provoked the most natural thing in the world! On the contrary, satan entices people to believe sex is to be consumed, without remorse, without fault!

But do you know why the evil one does this? Why he leads people to this? Because, among other reasons, he needs human sacrifices! In fact, for every abortion provoked, Satan acquires ever more power.

No one can imagine the consternation, the fear and the sense of guilt when I arrived in that hospital, (a good distance from my house), in order to abort! The doctor gave me an anesthetic. But when I woke up, I was no longer the same! They killed my baby, and I died with her! (She cries).

You know, the Lord showed me in the Book of Life that which we do not see with the eyes of the body, and what happened when the doctor did the abortion. I saw the doctor who, with a type of pincers, grabs the baby and breaks him into pieces. This baby shouts, with so, so much force! Even though there has not passed even a minute from the moment of fertilization, the baby already has an adult soul. We can use the pill of the day after, or whatever kind of means, but we are always dealing with killing a baby with an adult soul, completely formed, because it does not grow like a body, but is created by God in the same instant in which the ovum and the sperm meet, in that precise moment! I saw in fact, in the Book of Life, how our soul, as soon as the two cells touched, form a spark of beautiful light, and this light seemed to be a sun that comes from the Sun of God the Father. In an instant, the soul created by God is adult, mature, in the image and likeness of Him! That baby is immense in the Holy Spirit, who comes out of the Heart of God!

The womb of a mother, immediately after the fecundation, illuminates suddenly from the splendor of this soul, and of it’s communion with God. When you tear out this baby, this life… I saw how the Lord jumps, when this soul is ripped from His hands. When they kill him, the baby cries out so much; all of Heaven trembles! In my case, when I killed my baby, I heard him cry out so strong! I saw Jesus on the Cross who cried out and suffered for this soul, and for all the souls that are aborted! The Lord cries from the Cross, with so much pain, so much sorrow…!!! If you might have seen, no one would have the courage… to provoke an abortion (She cries)

Now I ask you, how many abortions are done in the world? How many in one day? In one month? … Do you understand the dimensions of our sin? The pain, the suffering that we procure for our God? … And how much He is merciful, how much he loves us, notwithstanding the monstrosity of our sins? Do you understand the suffering that we procure to ourselves, and how evil takes possession of our life?

Abortion Is the Gravest Sin; It Is the Most Terrible of All.

Every time that the blood of a baby is scattered, it is a holocaust to Satan, who acquires in this way still more power. And this soul cries out. I repeat, we are dealing with a mature adult soul, even though it does not yet have eyes, nor flesh, nor a formed body… It is already completely adult. And this his cry so great, while they kill him, devastates all of Heaven. On the contrary, it is a cry of jubilation and of triumph in hell. The only comparison that comes to my mind is the finals of a world soccer championship: imagine all that euphoria, but in an enormous stadium, so immense so as to loose sight of the boundaries, full of devils who cry out like crazy beings their triumph.

They, the devils, threw on me the blood of those babies that I aborted or that I contributed in killing, and my soul became black, completely black.

How many babies I had killed? … Here is the motive for which I was living so depressed! Because my womb, instead of being a font of life, it was transformed into a cemetery, in a “slaughterhouse” of babies! Think about it: a mother, who God conceded the immense gift of giving life, to take care of her own baby, to protect it from everything and everyone, precisely that mother, with all these gifts, kills her little child…!

The devil, with his malefic strategy, has brought humanity to the point of killing their own children. Now I understand the reason why I lived in continual bitterness, depression, always ill tempered, ill mannered, with ugly ways of doing things, with a bad face, frustrated with everything and with everyone. Of course! I had transformed myself, without knowing it, into a machine to kill babies, and for this reason I was sinking ever more into the abyss. Abortion is the worst of all the sins because to kill the children still in the womb of the mother, to kill a little innocent and defenseless creature, is to give power to Satan. The devil commands from the depths of the abyss, because we are scattering innocent blood! A baby is like an innocent lamb and without stain… And Who is the Lamb without stain? It is Jesus! In that moment, the baby is the image and likeness of Jesus! The fact that it might be the mother herself to kill her own child, determines a profound bond with the darkness, permitting that more devils from hell might come out to destroy and strangle humanity. It is as if one might open the seals… Seals that God has put to impede evil to come out, but that, for every abortion, it opens… And so horrible larvae come out, so that there are more and more devils… They come out to chase and persecute humanity, and then make us slaves of the flesh, of sin, of all the bad things that we see, and we will see always more. It is as if we might give the key of hell to the devils, to let them escape. And so escape more devils, of prostitution, of sexual aberrations, of satanism, of atheism, of suicide, of indifference… Of all the evils that we see around us. And the world is getting worse every day… Think how many babies are killed every day: it is all a triumph of the evil one! That you might know that for the price of this innocent blood, the number of devils outside of hell grows; they circulate freely in our midst! Let us take shelter! … We sin without even realizing it! And our life transforms itself into an inferno, with problems of every type, with sicknesses, with so many evils that afflict us; all of this is the pure and simple action of the devil in our life. But it is we, we alone, that open the gates of evil, with our sin, and we permit him to freely circulate in our life. It is not only with abortion that we sin! … But it is among the worst sins. And then we have the nerve to blame God for so much misery, so much disgrace, so much sicknesses and so much suffering! We have unleashed satan on the earth and then complain to God for all our misery. Repent before it is to late!

Watch Dr. Gloria Polo testimony on YouTube



The Duggars


June 15, 2015


"My God, my God why has thou forsaken me"! The cry of Christ and every follower of His before the final words: "It is consummated" and the veil of heaven is open and death and sin are defeated. It is not in those times when we have the courage to tell our Lord: "I will follow you wherever you go, even unto death": that we have victory over our enemies. It is when we continue to fight when we have not the strength or courage to go forward that we obtain the victory through the grace and mercy of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


I have more respect now for the Dugger family than I have ever before. They practiced heroic virtue when confronted with a crisis within their Christian family. The Duggers did not "come down from that Cross" when the godless media mocked them for not being what these perverted pagans expected them to be for their own advantage. The Dugger's did not deny Christ or their own son when criticized and humiliated for trying so desperately to help their wayward child. What was worse than the godless media's attack, was the Christians who forsook the Duggar's in their time of crisis. These Judases will be forsaken in their time of trial. 


"Media, Governments, police forces, politicians, judges and society at times close their eyes to serious offences before them often hiding these crimes when it suits their agenda, or when they do not want to offend people of a certain belief system, or when they do not want to believe something exposed is true. Mankind also chooses at various times to change what is right and what is wrong, what is sinful and what is not, what is illegal and what is not. How then can there ever be true justice?  Truth never changes it is just mankind's perverted manipulation of Truth and the poor sheep's understanding of it that does".


The media and child protective services illegally released and published Josh's sealed juvenile records to assist the godless left in trying to malign the Duggar family specifically and large Christian family's generally. Yet the media, DHH and Child & Family Services will not even release the statistical records of over 41,000 minors in Louisiana who were sexually violated by rape, statutory rape or carnal knowledge and the abortion clinics complicity in these crimes by not complying with the law which asked for the age of the father on the "Report of Induced termination of Pregnancy" form. I wrote this article years ago about the Dugger family:


In this joyous Advent season, as we await the memorial of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we received in great sorrow the news of the miscarriage of Jim and Michelle Duggar’s 20th child.


There was great joy in the hearts of the Duggars when they conceived their baby in love.


Sharing each other in body and soul

Comes a child

Flesh of our flesh

Soul of light divine

Children are our source of light and warmth

A symbol of our life and love together.


Spiritually blind people actually were angry with the Duggars for “having another baby.” These pragmatic secular humanists argued that it put both mother and baby in danger to have so many children. From a utilitarian perspective this would seem very reasonable. However, in their blind error, they have lost sight of the fact that this precious child has an immortal soul, which will shine forever throughout eternity. “Each of us is the result of a thought of God. Each of us is willed, each of us is loved, each of us is necessary.”


The godless secular utilitarian humanistic media condemns the church for its wrongs but then hypocritically proclaims there is no such thing as right or wrong when they themselves commit the most heinous crimes imaginable. In this year of Our Lord the Pope has declared a "Year of Mercy" for the world. "The church opens its arms in love to even those who would destroy it; doing so in imitation of Christ". 

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam



Richard Mahoney





Eve of All Saints Day


Although not the author of this famous cliché, Calvin Coolidge popularized the famous quote: "America's Business is Business". How our mostly Christian nation succumbed to the secularization and commercialization of Holy Days is an enigma some historian can only speculate about, but it needs to be addressed by every truly God fearing citizen of our land. Halloween, The Eve of all Saints Day commemorates those Baptized Christians who have "come out of the great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb" "They stood before the Throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes and palms in their hands. They cried out in a loud voice: Salvation comes from our God, who is seated on the throne and from the Lamb."


Our nation has not only commercialized the Feast of All Saints Day but perverted and incorporated paganism and satanism to this holy day. Witches, ghosts, skeletons, goblins and the damned, horror movies and the rest have replaced our solemn worship of Our Lords mercy to His elect and the glory of the Church Triumphant. Shepherds of the Flock need to denounce this paganism from the pulpit. The perversion of Halloween, Eve of all Saints Day, is not some harmless mischief or a trivial occasion for kids to get candy and dress up, it is the very core of our Christian belief and practice. All that is sacred in our Christian Faith is under attack in America because like the Israelite's in the Old Testament we have embraced the pagan culture around us while still claiming to follow God. Our Lord Jesus Christ loves us too much to allow us to profane the Truth!



Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,

Richard Mahoney



Sacrilege in Oklahoma


On January 22, 1973 the infamous Court Case Roe Vs Wade unleashed the scourge of unbridled murder of innocent babies in this land followed by the satanic scourge of sexual perversion and deviancy.


Yesterday September 21, 2014 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma satan's followers were allowed to mock and desecrate Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the Oklahoma Civic Center (a public building paid by the Taxpayers) while being protected by police, undercover and security forces.


Despite our efforts these satanist's boasted they had achieved their goal of sacrilege and the introduction of satan worship in the public sphere across this land. They raised the flag of satan over America. While there were those who tried to stop this demonic desecration and others who prayed and made reparation as best they could; most of American Christians were more concerned about the college and professional football games than what evil was about to be unleashed on them and their children. Though the satanist's did not reveal their true satanic worship and demonic desecration (putting the Sacred Eucharist in the private parts of prostitutes and homosexuals and other acts of perversion and sexual deviancy) they accomplished their first goal of desensitizing Americans of the evil of public satanic worship. Hell has been let loose upon this country.


I thank Archbishop Paul Coakley, EWTN and all the priests in this country who offered up the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Mystery of Faith or who held Holy Hours of Reparation during the demonic sacrilege in Oklahoma. I am saddened and horrified by those who did not see what evil was being unleashed and did not weep in sackcloth and ashes.


“So when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by the prophet Daniel, standing in the holy place (let the reader understand),"'This will be the sign to you that I will punish you in this place,' declares the LORD, 'so that you will know that my threats of harm against you will surely stand.'  Jesus turned towards them and said, "Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for me, but weep for yourselves and for your children. ...


Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,

Richard Mahoney




Anencephalic Babies


September 22, 2014


The Church has always forbidden the killing of Anencephalic babies and the harvesting of Anencephalic babies organs. Though they are missing most parts or all of their brain and may die prematurely; still they are alive and should be treated with love and dignity as Children of God and temples of the Holy Spirit. Yet many in the Church have succumbed to the lie of "Brain Death" coined by a Harvard Professor for the purpose of taking peoples vital organs while they are alive. When are we going to face the reality of this Lie?


"We will not recognize the true value of our own lives until we affirm the value in the lives of others; however low it flickers or fiercely burns, it is still a Divine Flame which no man dare to presume to put out, be his motives ever so humane and enlightened".


Anencephalic babies are not ‘good as dead.’ Baby Angela proves it.

 Abortion , Anencephaly , Baby Angela , Rhode Island


Throughout my campaign on behalf of the human exceptionalism and the equal dignity of all people, utilitarian bioethicists and others have challenged me about anencephalic babies, that is, those born with parts of their brain missing.


They aren’t persons, indeed, aren’t really human, the argument has gone. They are as good as dead. We should be able to harvest their organs!


No, I have countered. These profoundly disabled babies are fully human, fully equal, human beings born with a terminal condition. They are “us,” not “them” — and should always be treated as a subject, not an object.


Now, Baby Angela — born with anencephaly — is alive and apparently thriving at age 6 months. 


From the Rhode Island Catholic story:

Baby Angela smiles as a visitor tickles her feet. She wiggles and coos, moving her head from side to side. “She’s doing great,” Angela’s mother, Sonia Morales, told a Rhode Island Catholic reporter last week. “She’s almost 14 pounds, and she’s growing well.”


In May, Angela underwent a three-hour surgery to close an opening at the top of her head, as she has anencephaly, a neural tube defect in which portions of the brain, skull and scalp do not form in whole or in part during embryonic development.


She was also born with an encephalocele, another neural tube defect characterized by sac-like protrusions of the brain and membranes that cover it through openings in the skull. During the surgery, doctors removed the encephalocele, and closed the opening. Morales, a parishioner at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church in Providence, said doctors predicted Angela would likely be stillborn or die within a few hours or days following her birth. But on September 23, Angela will turn six months old.


None of us is disposable. None of us is as good as dead.





March for Marriage


On June 19, 2014 we attended the March for Marriage in Washington D.C. to prayerfully process and pray that American spouses will renew their covenant and fidelity to God in the Sacrament of Marriage. For the past Century every type of sexual perversion has plagued our land and brought innumerable miseries into family life and has infected over 100 million of its citizens with incurable sexually transmitted disease. Now the most heinous and satanic sexual acts are being propagated to the youth of this nation to destroy their innocence and corrupt their minds to believe this is an acceptable way of living. We were there to tell Barrack Obama and his cronies that we will not let them destroy the very foundation of this great nation with their perverted lies and propaganda. I held a crucifix and a sign which depicted the Holy Trinity blessing the Holy Family with the caption Marriage: Man-God-Woman in a triangle. A reporter asked me what I thought of gay marriage and I told him there was no such word, terminology or definition because marriage has already been defined.


Even webster defines marriage as: The mutual relation between husband and wife for the purpose of founding and maintaining a family". Our Lord says: From the beginning of creation God made them male and female. For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife and the two shall become one flesh". Within the sacrament of matrimony, man & women lies the "domestic Church" and "there is found in every Christian family the various aspects of the entire Church" (the bride of Christ) These sexual perverts cannot redefine, plagiarize or pervert the already defined word: marriage. A schizophrenic person may want to redefine the word tree and say it is a giraffe, but no one with a sound mind would give him an audience. 


Adultery, divorce, sexual perversion, sterilization, contraceptives and the abortion holocaust in our land are the plague's which have destroyed family life and have left the innocent floundering for love and happiness. "At the root of these sinful phenomena. there frequently lies a corruption of the idea and the experience of freedom, conceived not as a capacity for realizing the truth of God's plan for marriage and the family, but as an autonomous power of self-affirmation, often against others, for one's own selfish well-being." The Church has professed over the past two thousand years that only through the Holy Spirit can the human person realize their inherent dignity in Our Lord's eternal plan of salvation. "Our era needs such wisdom more than bygone ages if the discoveries made by man are to be further humanized. For the future of the world stands in peril unless wiser people are forthcoming.


 Tertullian has well expressed the greatness of this conjugal life in Christ and its beauty: "How can I ever express the happiness of the marriage that is joined together by the Church strengthened by an offering, sealed by a blessing, announced by angels and ratified by the Father? ...How wonderful the bond between two believers with a single hope, a single desire, a single observance, a single service! They are both brethren and both fellow-servants; there is no separation between them in spirit or flesh; in fact they are truly two in one flesh and where the flesh is one, one is the spirit."  


Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,

Richard Mahoney  225-235-3226




Defense of Marriage Act

"Beware of knowledge that does not end in Love" 40 years after the Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, which unleashed a abortion holocaust of unprecedented magnitude, the Supreme Court will once again embark on turning their judicial branch of office into despotic law. which will bind every man, woman and child in this country to the whim of their judicial tyranny. 


The "Defense of Marriage Act" DOMA is a United States federal law that restricts federal marriage benefits to married couples in the United States. Marriage being defined as a union between a man and a woman. President Obama and those supporting the radical homosexual agenda in this country consider their cause to be the new civil rights movement. The promotion of sexual perversity and the consequences of redefining marriage will be the Death Nell for America. The legalization of abortion in this country turned mothers into murderers and the repeal of DOMA will turn the sacredness of Marriage into an abyss of sexual perversity which will precipitate the destruction of civilization.


It is providence that this case began during Holy week. If we as Christians prefer gold from Caesar over Manna from God, if we prefer the flesh pots of Egypt to the abandonment of our whole being to God in the wilderness, if we prefer conservatism over Orthodox Christianity, if we prefer greed, envy, covetousness or sloth over carrying the cross of prayer and work, we will become that godless atheistic socialist nation that many of our countrymen voted for in the last election. Our Lord Jesus Christ's blood will have been shed in vain for those who promote such a path and their will be no Resurrection for them or for this country. God convert America! Holy & Blessed Easter to men & women of good will.


Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,

Richard Mahoney



As the penitential season of Lent comes to a close and we approach Good Friday and Easter Sunday many Christians have reflected on the penances they have done and the cross they have born for the love of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. While this may afford them opportunities for grace I would venture that most of these penances have been tainted with many self interested or myopic motives. Often times I have witnessed people in the world and many Christians bearing heavy crosses or burdens that seem to unbearable to carry; however they bear these crosses with unspeakable love and patience. This is possible because they do not feel their own cross because they are continually trying to help their fellow brothers and sisters with their cross. These saints are so immersed in lovingly bearing the cross of others that they recognize none of their own. True love rises above pain and unites itself in love to lessen others burdens.


The Christian who truly follows Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ carries no cross of his own, but carries the cross of his neighbor for the love of his Lord. In our Lord's time the "cross" was the symbol for punishment and death for the most heinous criminals. With His victory over sin and death we now have the grace to love our neighbor enough to releave him of his cross. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ did not bear His Cross, but carried ours, so that out of love for Him we could do that for our neighbor. My life is continual joy in Our Lord's Kingdom; however I bear the cross of my poor brothers and sisters who are continually being brutally murdered in their mothers wombs and we carry the cross of all those who are in satan's bondage due to sin. We carry that cross so like the prodigal child they may have the strength to carry their cross back to their loving Father in true repentance and like the "good thief" no longer consider their cross (the consequences of their sin) but the Loving Cross of Christ which bore our sin. A true follower of Our Lord knows that his sin has denied the Good God the love and honor due to Him. The sight of the mutilation of Our Lord Jesus as he climbs to Calvary should fill our hearts with repentance for our lack of love and like Simon of Cyrene let us help our neighbor come to the Truth shown to us and won for us on that Cross! Viva Cristo Rey!


Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,


Richard Mahoney



"I bring you good news of greatest Joy!" ... "Repent and believe the Gospel." It is a universal attribute of all mankind to cherish receiving a precious gift and good news. However there are qualifications to receiving that good news and precious gift.


A recent poll commissioned by the Vatican revealed that nearly 3/4 of baptized Catholics reject the moral teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ given to them through His Church. (The sanctity of Marriage, the evils of contraception, abortion, satanic sodomy, homosexuality, divorce, ect...) If this is correct it is no wonder that bureaucratic despots have felt free reign to trample on the God given rights of its citizens.


The liturgical season of Lent calls every Christian not only to "repent" and receive the Good News but also to respond to its loving demands. The sermons of Dietrich Bonhoeffer should resound from every pulpit in America.


"Nothing can be more cruel than the leniency which abandons others to their sin. Nothing can be more compassionate than the severe reprimand which calls another Christian in one's community back from the path of sin."


"Cheap grace is the preaching of forgiveness without requiring repentance, baptism without Church discipline, Communion without confession, absolution without personal confession."


"Costly grace is the treasure hidden in the field; for the sake of it a man will go and sell all that he has to purchase it. It is the Kingly rule of Christ, for whose sake a man will pluck out the eye which causes him to stumble; it is the call of Our Lord Jesus Christ at which the disciple leaves his nets and follows him. It is costly because it cost Our Lord Jesus his life."


America and the world are on the brink; not only of destruction, but of a worse calamity: life without God. The empty pursuit for love which will have no origin or source, leaving man to pursue the emptiness of pleasure without purpose.


Bonhoeffer spoke to the clergy of Europe about their failure to condemn the errors of Nazism and Communism as he would speak to America today about the errors of Secular Humanism. "We have been silent witnesses of evil deeds; we have been drenched by many storms; we have learnt the arts of equivocation and pretense; experience has made us suspicious of others and kept us from being truthful and open;...Are we still of any use?"


Let not Our Lord's words be directed to us this Lent: "But unless you repent, you too will all perish." Luke 13:3


Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,


Richard Mahoney



From the American Holocaust Memorial Website:


The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) is the United States' official memorial to The Holocaust. Adjacent to the National Mall in Washington, D.C., the USHMM provides for the documentation, study, and interpretation of Holocaust history.


Since its dedication on April 22, 1993, the Museum has welcomed nearly 30 million visitors, including more than 8 million school children. It has also welcomed 91 heads of state and more than 3,500 foreign officials from over 132 countries.


The USHMM’s collections contain more than 12,750 artifacts, 49 million pages of archival documents, 80,000 historical photographs, 200,000 registered survivors, 1,000 hours of archival footage, 84,000 library items, and 9,000 oral history testimonies. It also has teacher fellows in every state in the United States and has welcomed almost 400 university fellows from 26 countries since 1994.[2]


Researchers at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum have documented 42,500 ghettos and concentration camps erected by the Nazis throughout German-controlled areas of Europe from 1933 to 1945.[3]


This narrates what has been covered by the United States concerning the Nazi Holocaust:  Let us now examine what the United States has failed to cover concerning the American Holocaust:


56,972,015 documented abortions since 1973 (millions more not reported)


2,176 death camps and countless medical suites murdering babies 1.21 million murders per year


The practice of falsifying legal medical documents to the DHH Office of Vital Records and the medical malpractice and fraud involved in sending forms to the DHH that were pre-printed with pre-printed question responses checked off, signed and completed prior to seeing any patients is tantamount to the largest travesty of justice ever perpetrated by a branch of the medical establishment under the guise of Women's Reproductive Healthcare. The consequences of this fraud are staggering and all this with governmental complicity.


Millions injured by infections, adverse drug reactions, uterine perforations, hemorrhage, STD's, loss of limbs, emergency hysterectomies, deaths and the cover up of child molestation.


"Houses of Horror" where babies are murdered outside the womb after abortion attempts and put into freezer's as specimens of the horrendous carnage.


Babies murdered both in the womb and after birth; sold in the market place for medical experimentation and organ transplantation.


Millions of undocumented abortions due to abortionist's falsifying reports to the DHH and CDC.

Death Camps, surgical and chemical abortions, sterilizations, contraceptives and IUD's peddled throughout the world by Planned Parenthood leading to billions of babies murdered worldwide.


Billions more killed by chemical abortifacients and contraceptive abortifacients. This is just a tip of the iceberg. The statistics are staggering, yet we echo Stalin's sentiments: "The death of one man is a sorrowful tragedy, the death of a million is merely a statistic".


"That we never forget!" Over 200 million dollars were spent to build the memorial in Washington D.C. to expose the German Nazi Holocaust while at the same time the U.S. government has taken billions of taxpayer dollars to kill innocent babies through Planned Parenthood and the abortion cartel; all the while covering up their crimes!


When the Nazis switched from machine-gunning their victims in large mass graves to marching their victims through gas chambers at Auschwitz, the gas that they employed was a chemical called Zyklon-B. Zyklon-B was developed by a small chemical company owned by IG Farben, a major supplier for Auschwitz and other death camps that funded many of the experiments undertaken by Mengele and other SS doctors. IG Farben profited handsomely because of the increased use of Zyklon-B. IG Farben's name became virtually synonymous with the holocaust and unethical medical experimentation. So, after the war, this company underwent a name change and it became Hoechst AG.


However, a Nazi by another name is still the same and, today, a subsidiary company of Hoechst AG is the developer and main producer of RU-486, the so-called 'abortion pill'. The ghost of IG Farben is still haunting us by allowing killers to again distance themselves from their deeds. But Hoechst AG is not the only chemical profiteer in the abortion industry.


Borrowing from the IG Farben playbook, Upjohn Pharmaceuticals stock prices doubled when it announced the development of a vaginal prostaglandin-suppository marketed specifically for abortion.


Abortion clinics are the modern day concentration camps. How many tears does Our Lord have to shed over the blood of these murdered children before America and the world repents of this senseless and brutal murder of babies and debasement of mothers. Wiesel spoke: "I swear never to be silent whenever human lives endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim.


Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,


Richard Mahoney

Forgive Us: 41st Anniversary of Roe v. Wade


"The Lord told Samuel, it is not you they have rejected, but they have rejected me as their king!

The Lord told Samuel tell the people, "this is what the king who will reign over you will do: He will take your sons and make them serve in his army. ...He will take the best of your fields and vineyards and olive groves and give them to his attendants.... He will take a tenth of your grain and vintage and give it to his officials....He will take a tenth of your flock and you yourselves will become his slaves. When that day comes, you will cry out for relief from the king you have chosen, and the Lord will not answer you in that day because you have rejected the Lord as your king." But they refused to listen to Samuel; as we have refused Our Lord and cried out "Our father who art in Washington, give us this day our daily bread.". We have sold our children into death and slavery due to the hardness of our hearts.


In a recent Catholic Commentator Fr. Michael Miceli apologized to the African American community for the sin of segregation. "Forgiveness for allowing fear to keep us apart, to continue to fester misunderstanding. Forgive us for not being brave and courageous enough to stand up to injustice, to stand up for the good news."


Since I was born in New York and I do not have any relatives in the south, I can only empathize with his feelings of guilt. Yet I do feel an apology is in order over the cowardice and injustice that allowed pro-murder, and pro-sexual perverts like Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama into office and allowing President Obama to give the graduation speech and receive a honorary degree at Notre Dames commencement service. The number of Catholic politicians that have betrayed Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church is staggering. Only a few courageous Bishops have publicly condemned and excommunicated these baptized pagans who have not only separated themselves from the Body of Christ but have been complicit in the abortion holocaust which has claimed billions of lives and sexually perverted countless millions. The consequences of this betrayal is the attempt by the Obama administration to take away religious liberty and rights of conscience for all true Christians in the country. Persecution may come but fear not; no one can take away our rights, since they are given to us by God alone.


Cardinal Burke declared: "We can never talk enough about abortion as long as in our society innocent and defenseless human life is being attacked in the most savage way. I mean this literally is a massacre of the unborn."


Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,


Richard Mahoney

Letter: Fortnight for Freedom Extended


June 28, 2013


The United States Catholic Bishops have called for a second Fortnight for Freedom prayer vigil in response to the Health and Human Services mandate which violates the teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the liberty and conscience of his disciples. This prayer vigil began June 21 and ends on July 4.


Many priests and pastors have asked the faithful to pray for our religious liberty and the rights of conscience to practice our Catholic faith as our properly informed conscience dictates. This may be articulated incorrectly since no one can take our religious liberty away from us or make us violate our conscience since these are given to us by God and no government or human being can force us to do what is evil.


What we are actually being asked to pray for is that we will not be persecuted for being Christian. This prayer will not be answered since Our Lord told us that we would be persecuted for telling the truth and living as his disciples. All the prophets and saints were martyrs (witnesses) of God’s commandments.


John the Baptist was martyred for telling Herod he could not have an illicit and immoral marriage with his brother’s wife. No true Christian would ever comply with this abominable HHS mandate or any other man-made law that violates truth (contraception, abortion, sexual perversion, homosexual unions, surrogacy, embryonic stem cell research, etc.)


Our religious liberty is not at stake and persecution will not harm us if we do not cave in or cower to these agents of evil. The light of truth will shine ever brighter as the darkness of sin tries to impose its wickedness on the true Children of God.


Pope Francis has warned us: “If we do not profess the full truth of Our Lord Jesus Christ; we become only a charitable NGO. When we do not profess Jesus Christ, we profess the worldliness of the devil, a demonic worldliness. We may be bishops, priests, cardinals and pope but not disciples of Our Lord.”


The reason Obama’s foot is on the neck of the Church is that we have betrayed Our Lord and allowed 40 years of unbridled murder (abortion), sexual perversion and immoral contraceptive marriages to pollute the land, and we are now reaping its rotten fruit. If we truly repent of these sins, Our Lord will raise us up and heal the land. Let us hear the words of Isaiah 56:10: “The watchmen are blind, they all lack knowledge, they are all mute dogs.” Let not this be said of us in these apocalyptic times.


Richard Mahoney

pulmonary therapist

Baton Rouge



The Untouchable



By the grace or Our Lord Jesus Christ and the prayers of the Immaculate Virgin Mary under the title of Our Lady of Guadalupe I have been able to fight the unspeakable crimes of contraception, abortion, euthanasia, cloning, embryonic stem cell research, eugenics, genetic engineering, immoral vaccines produced from the stem cell lines of aborted babies, IVF and other immoral reproductive technologies. I have been a witness to the Gospel of Life and remonstrated with Presidents, Congressman, Senators, Governors, Mayors, District Attorneys, Attorney Generals, the Department of Health and Hospitals, Administrators of Hospitals, physicians, attorneys and even Bishops & Priests. I had the support of most of the Orthodox Christians in this state and country even when they were not brave enough to speak the truth themselves.


Then came the "untouchable": Organ Transplantation! It was almost unspeakable and incomprehensible to most citizens in this country that a Christian could tell his fellow brothers and sisters that when they sign up for Organ Transplantation, which would take vital organs from them, that they were assisting a group of physician's in taking their organs while they were still alive. They would technically become an accessory of murder.


The mere mention of this sent Christians and Pastors reeling with disbelief and indignation that I would even suggest such a thing. Yet when approached with the definition of death that all Orthodox Christians believe in: the separation of body and soul, these same people began to feel uncomfortable with the fact that the Church teaches that a soul still animates the body while the heart of the person is still beating.


After meeting with Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency, hospital administrators and the nuns at Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center on the subject of Organ Transplantation; the hospital decided to side with LOPA. This occurred even after the administrator of LOPA admitted that it dealt with "Quality of Life". She told me in front of everyone present that she would give her organs for donation when her quality of life became poor and it didn't matter to her if she was physiological still alive (heart beating and lungs ventilated).


For twenty years I refused to take part in organ procurement at the hospital and the supervisor would have to get another Respiratory Therapist to run the ventilator for LOPA patients. When the hospital refused to honor my Catholic faith and conscience on the matter of organ transplantation I gave out the "Beating Heart Donors" article in Discover Scientific Magazine at the hospital. For this I was fired. After working 32 years in Respiratory Therapy and Cardiopulmonary Technology Administration at Our Lady of Lourdes told me I was fired for stepping outside my scope of practice. They said it was pastoral cares responsibility to inform those at the hospital about such matters. This contradicts the Franciscan Mission Statement of the Hospital.


I wrote this article on Organ Transplantation:


Morally acceptable Organ

Donation and Transplantation:

And Catholic Church teaching


With sacred biblical teaching, I will explain why the donation of vital organs is prohibited and immoral. Our Lord tells us in sacred scripture that "the life is in the blood" (Genesis 9 and Leviticus 17). Physiologically the fundamental building blocks of the human person are at the cellular level. Each cell within the body receives the oxygen and biochemical nutrients it needs for cellular metabolism through the blood. When perfusion (blood flow) ceases at the cellular level, whether through cardiopulmonary arrest, cardiopulmonary insufficiency, shock, exsanguination, etc. and the cells are no longer supplied with blood, metabolic acidosis ensues. For a certain time period this respiratory and/or metabolic acidosis is reversible by reestablishing ventilation and sufficient blood flow (perfusion) to the cells and vital organs. This is the basis of CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support). A person, who arrives at a medical center in cardiac arrest and asystole and is resuscitated, was not dead and then brought back to life. The CPR and ACLS merely reestablished adequate perfusion to the cells and vital organs before such an extensive ischemia and necrosis takes place as to make it irreversible (persistent irreversible catabolic state). Physiologically, death is an irreversible catabolic state leading to total cellular necrosis of the entire human body. The Catholic church defines death as the separation of body and soul. When the soul, which inhabits and animates the human person, no longer has a living organism to embody, it leaves the body and goes to its Creator.


Having thus laid the most basic premises of human physiology, life and death, we will now expose the falsehood and immorality of epivalothanasia (the Greek word for "imposed death") and euthanasia. In organ transplantation the donor's organs are taken while their heart is still beating and their vital organs adequately perfused. The donor is not only alive while his organs are being excised for transplantation, physiologically his organs are very healthy and in good shape. Historically over the past 40 years, in order to justify abortion and epivalothanasia, the American Medical Association has redefined the beginning of life, from the moment of conception to the moment of nidation (implantation) and has redefined death as a cerebral phenomena which they have coined "brain dead". In so doing, the vast majority of the medical establishment has chosen the "quality of life" ethic over the "sanctity of life" ethic. Initially they used cerebral electroencephalographic activity as a measure of classification. Currently, medical institutions have been using a Glascow Coma Scale as a screening criterion for organ donation. A human being's worth or quality of life even after a severe cerebral trauma (subdural hematoma, subarachnoid hemorrhage or ventricular bleed, etc.), pathology or anomaly cannot justify any "death dealing excision" of his vital organs. In the worst case scenario, although a medullary or pontine infarct would precipitate nearly immediate fatal demise, to excise organs while a person is alive is murder. To use a utilitarian philosophy to promote or actuate the death of a human person is heinous and immoral. The Church teaches that the donation of non-vital organs that would not cause death or debilitation of the donor is allowable as well as certain tissues such as corneas, bone and skin, which can still be useful for donation even after death.


In conclusion Pope John Paul II reminds us "Neither human life nor the human person can ever be treated as an object to be manipulated or as a disposable commodity; rather each human being at every stage of existence, from conception to natural death, is endowed by God with a sublime dignity that demands the greatest respect in vigilance on the part of individuals, communities, nations and international bodies". Father John Powell states in his book Abortion: The Silent Holocaust, "The problem of birth control and birth selection are extended inevitably to death selection and death control whether by the individual or by society". Quoting Malcolm Muggeridge, "We will not recognize the true value of our own lives until we affirm the value in the lives of others; however low it flickers or fiercely burns, it is still a Divine Flame which no man dare to presume to put out, be his motives ever so humane and enlightened".


The Orthodox faithful who adhere to these truths should contact their Bishop and Catholic Medical Centers and demand they tell the truth about Organ Transplantation to the patients who attend these hospitals. Considering Organ Procurement is a 20 billion dollar a year industry and even those in the Church have bought into this insidious definition of death, stopping this avalanche is going to be a formidable task.


Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,

Richard Mahoney, RRT CPT

Death Nell


"Beware of knowledge that does not end in Love". 40 years after the Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, which unleashed a holocaust of unprecedented magnitude, the Supreme Court will once again embark on turning their judicial branch of office into despotic law. which will bind every man, woman and child in this country to the whim of their judicial tyranny.


The "Defense of Marriage Act" DOMA is a United States federal law that restricts federal marriage benefits to married couples in the United States. Marriage being defined as a union between a man and a woman. President Obama and those supporting the radical homosexual agenda in this country consider their cause to be the new civil rights movement. The promotion of sexual perversity and the consequences of redefining marriage will be the Death Nell for America. The legalization of abortion in this country turned mothers into murderers and the repeal of DOMA will turn the sacredness of Marriage into an abyss of sexual perversity which will precipitate the destruction of civilization.


It is providence that this case began during Holy week. If we as Christians prefer gold from Caesar over Manna from God, if we prefer the flesh pots of Egypt to the abandonment of our whole being to God in the wilderness, if we prefer conservatism over Orthodox Christianity, if we prefer greed, envy, covetousness or sloth over carrying the cross of prayer and work, we will become that godless atheistic socialist nation that many of our countrymen voted for in the last election. Our Lord Jesus Christ's blood will have been shed in vain for those who promote such a path and their will be no Resurrection for them or for this country. God convert America! Holy & Blessed Easter to men & women of good will.


Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,


Richard Mahoney

Evil from the Depths of Hell


After the horrific suicide murders on 9-11, Hollywood was told to tone down the violence in their movies and television programs for a few months in lieu of this national tragedy. Tom Cruise' new movie, Jack Reacher, filled with violence, postponed airing this week in view of the tragic murders of 20 children and 6 teachers. Yet in a few months' time the evening entertainment of murder and sexual perversity will again be the daily evening entertainment for most Americans.


Many asked why Adam Lanza murdered his victims in cold blood. Was he filled with fear, hate, and despair? Was he mentally deranged? Was he possessed by demons? The answer is yes to all of these. What then is the solution? Many think it is through better mental health care and the control of guns. These would help alleviate some of the symptoms but not the cause of these unfathomable crimes. In the most recent available statistics, 2010, 32,885 people were killed in car accidents and 2.24 million injured. 31% of these involved intoxicated drivers. Should we outlaw cars and alcohol? The solution to the Newtown tragedy is bringing God back into our schools and workplaces. Then we will not find murder and sexual perversity entertainment, and will truly treasure life as a gift from God, and thus protect all life from the moment of conception to natural death.


Unrelated but very relevant to this unfathomable tragedy, are the words of Mother Teresa of Calcutta: "I feel that the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because it is a war against the child - a direct killing of the innocent child - murder by the mother herself. And if we accept that a mother can kill her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another? ... Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching the people to love, but to use any violence to get what they want. That is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion."


President Barack Hussein Obama spoke to our nation: "The majority of those who died today were children.  They had their entire lives ahead of them--birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own." It was unconscionable to me that a man who voted for partial birth abortion and against the Children Born Alive Act, and who promotes homosexuality and sexual perversity, would be the man to give eulogy to these precious children. Many citizens cling to guns to protect themselves and their families. However, truth (veritas) is more powerful than any sword, and the Baby Jesus in the manger conquered evil by sacrificial love. Love has and always will conquer evil. Viva Cristo Rey!


Have a Holy and Blessed Christmas!


Richard Mahoney

(225) 235-3226

Catholic Conscience


For the past year, Catholic bishops have been running TV ads, commercials, and other media communications concerning the HHS Mandate and Religious Liberty. They relied on the fact that Catholics in this country would vote against President Obama and Kathleen Sebelius on November 6, though they never mentioned in their press releases that voting for Obama would result in every Catholic in this country being forced to violate the teachings of his Church. The bishops told Catholics to vote their conscience this coming November 6. They failed to understand that, within their flock of 60 million Catholics in this country, most could not vote their consciences since they did not have an informed conscience, due to the mixed signals they have received over the past 40 years.


While telling their Catholic faithful to vote against politicians who support contraception, abortion, perverse sexuality, homosexuality, and illicit unions, they have invited those same politicians to speak at Catholic universities and Catholic charities, even going as far as inviting pro-abortion Barack Hussein Obama as the commencement speaker at Notre Dame University and giving him an honorary degree at this prestigious Catholic institution. Nearly 50 million Catholics in this country have a deficiently formed conscience or are baptized pagans who have rejected the Church’s teachings.


I wrote this letter to Bishop Michael Jarrell of the Catholic Diocese of Lafayette:


On May 24, 2012, I joined a group of devout Catholics on a pilgrimage to the Cursillo Center in Prairie Rhonde to celebrate the Feast of Pentecost. Our prayer procession stopped at many churches along the way to pray and adore our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. One of the churches we stopped at was St. Paul's. After adoring our Lord for a half hour we continued on our pilgrimage. However, my heart was overwhelmed with sadness to know that, in the back of St. Paul's, there was a big picture of President Obama. I was informed that this picture has been up in the back of St. Paul's for five years now.


It is inconceivable how the picture of a man who has been the most rabid pro-abortion, pro-sodomy, and anti-Catholic president in history could have his picture adorned and venerated in the back of a holy Roman Catholic Church. I will be attending our second HHS Mandate rally in Baton Rouge on June 8, 2012. The HHS Mandate inflicted upon Christian institutions by President Obama and Kathleen Sebelius is a judgment on our failure to heed the prophetic warnings of Pope Paul VI in Humanae Vitae. Our failure to teach and implement the truths of Humanae Vitae as a requirement for receiving the Sacraments, especially the Sacrament of Matrimony, has contributed to the current crisis in America.


Please remove the picture of President Obama from St. Paul's Catholic Church, and inform all the parishioners who attend Mass there of the evils perpetrated by this baleful man. The parishioners at St. Paul's need to be catechized on the great crisis facing the Church due to the Obama Administration's HHS Mandate. If the pastor of St. Paul's would like a flyer on the pro-abortion and anti-family record of President Obama, I will gladly supply him with enough for his whole congregation.


Bishop Jarrell replied:

Thank you for your email which makes some very important points. However, it is sometimes difficult for everyone to realize just how significant the election of the first black president is to our black Catholics. I am confident that the pastor of St. Paul’s does not promote the abortion mentality and other objectionable moral positions. It is a statement to young black children that they can be successful in the U.S. They can realize the importance of the presidency without accepting all that he stands for. Perhaps Fr. Seay could explain it himself.


The Diocese of Lafayette is not the only the only diocese in America that has Barack Hussein Obama’s picture adorned in it, as if he were a saint. I have seen his picture in churches throughout America.


I give thanks to Almighty God for the thousands of holy and faithful bishops and priests in this country who are martyrs for their courageous stand in defending the teachings of the Church, and are maligned by the scandalous Judases both within and without the Church. We will stand united in living our holy Catholic faith against the onslaught of possessed despots like Barack Hussein Obama.


Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,


Richard Mahoney



The Advocate ran an article in its August 18, 2012 edition titled “Ryan, Biden are two different kinds of Catholics”. This article contained false and misleading information about the teachings of the Church and what constitutes membership in the Holy Roman Catholic Church. It insinuated that Paul Ryan, as a Catholic is not in accord with the teachings of the Church on social issues. Nothing could be further from the truth. Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan has lived his Catholic Christian faith far better than most of his peers and predecessors in Congress. The only thing that can be said of Joe Biden is that he is a former Catholic since he has excommunicated himself from the Church due to his public stand as a Democrat supporting abortion, sodomy and perverse unions.


In the Holy Roman Catholic Church there is only one type of Christian; those who strive to espouse and live the teachings of Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. All others fall into the category of heretics, apostates, schismatics, and the excommunicated. Sadly, there are separated brethren who through observing the scandalous behavior of many” so called Catholics” or through ignorance of the teachings of the Church have not come in full communion with the Catholic Church. However our Evangelical brothers will stand with us to fight for right to practice our Christian Faith.


Bishop Jenkins stated during a homily at a men’s retreat that: “As Christians we must love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us, but as Christians we must also stand up for what we believe and always be ready to fight for the faith.. The days in which we live now require heroic Catholicism, not casual Catholicism. We can no longer be Catholics by accident, but instead be Catholics by conviction.”…”Hitler and Stalin…would barely tolerate some churches remaining open, but would not tolerate any competition with the state in education, social services and health care.”


Like Obama, they regulated Christian evangelization to remain in the confines of the place of worship and not to extend further. This November, Americans will decide if they will follow the Teachings of Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ or a murderous secular humanist who will lead us down the path of destruction and tyranny. The worst tyranny is sin.


Saint Bernadette was asked by the Blessed Virgin Mary to pray for “poor sinners”. A doctor asked her “Who is a poor sinner?” She replied: “Those who love sin.” Anyone who actively promotes perversion and murder “loves sin”. Let us pray for Obama to be removed from office!


Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,


Richard Mahoney

Sex Traffickers & The Abortion Industry


Fifteen years later, justice is finally being done in regard to the child molestation at Penn State University. Jerry Sandusky is on trial for molesting ten children over a period of thirteen years. I do not hear any District Attorney or Attorney General considering the case frivolous and past the statute of limitations. Yet, in Louisiana, thousands of abortions were done on minors 15 years and under by the abortion cartel's medical doctors without any reports to the Child & Family Services or Sex Crimes Lab as required by law, to protect our children from rape. When confronted with these crimes, our DHH, Child & Family Services, District Attorney, Attorney General, and Inspector General have ignored the most egregious medical malpractice and sexual abuse cover-up in the United States, under the guise of statutes of limitations. We reported these crimes for the third time in 2009-2010, and the DHH and District Attorney ignored our request for prosecution until 2012, and then said it was past the statute of limitations.


Also involved were the media in Baton Rouge. Local affiliate Fox News told Mike Bourgeois and me that the story was too big and they did not have the staff to verify our story, even after I gave them all the information by documents, lawsuits, and a 42-page report from the DHH which verified these findings. David Spunt of Channel 9 told us these allegations couldn't be true because they would be on national news that night. When I gave him the facts, he went to Channel 9 and tried to do an extensive investigative report. They would only let him do a few sound bites and told him to tell me that they were not going to pursue these allegations and have an extensive report as was done by Julie Baxter in 1999-2003. Channel 2 totally ignored our request for coverage!


Even after a report in 1999 that rusty instruments were being used inside tens of thousands of women at Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge, infecting thousands of women, there were no prosecutions by the DHH, LSBME, District Attorney, or Attorney General. The child molestation cover-up is even worse. Public records requests have been made to DHH and Child & Family Services, to no avail. Is there any public servant in the state who is interested in finding out how many women have been injured, how many children have been raped, and how many of these perpetrators have covered up their crimes at abortion clinics? The history of these egregious medical malpractices, fraudulent reporting and cover-up, need not be forgotten. Let us pursue justice as with the case of Jerry Sandusky. There is no statute of limitations on heinous crime.


Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,


Richard Mahoney

American Holocaust Memorial


“President Barack Obama visited the American Holocaust Memorial this week, accompanied by Nobel Peace Prize Winner Eli Wiesel. They toured the Memorial and lit a candle for the millions killed by the Nazis during World War II.


Obama said, “I say this as a president, and I say it as a father: We must tell our children about a crime unique in human history … Remembrance without resolve is a hollow gesture. Awareness without action changes nothing. In this sense, ‘never again’ is a challenge to us all–to pause and look within.”


President Obama is to give the Presidential Medal of Freedom to the Polish Catholic Jan Karski, who was among the first to expose the Holocaust. Obama stated that he will use his Governmental Atrocities Prevention Board to discuss ways to prevent mass killings.


How hypocritical, from a man who while in Congress voted for partial birth abortion and voted against the Born Alive Infants’ Protection Act which gave protection to children who survived the abortion attempt against them and made it mandatory for medical personnel to treat those infants after they were born. President Obama basically would have sanctioned Kermit Gosnell, the infamous abortionist from Pennsylvania, who determined it was safer for the mother to kill the baby outside the womb by puncturing their necks and cutting their spinal cords. Gosnell is being tried for eight counts of murder after investigators found eight babies in his refrigerator. While they were perfectly viable and struggling on the table, Gosnell murdered those babies. Gosnell is linked to Leroy T. Brinkley, the owner of Delta Clinic, an abortion facility in Louisiana.


In today’s vulgar society, so full of profanity and cursing, it is rare to see anyone these days respond with indignation at any provocative language. There is one four-letter word that raises the eyebrows and sparks the passions of almost everyone in our society. It is the word evil. It is this mystery of iniquity that fires the most tepid soul. In our nation, where President Obama and his patriots support Planned Parenthood, the number one abortion providers both in America and abroad which have fueled the Holocaust of over a billion babies in the womb worldwide during the twentieth century; Obama would be the last person on earth to discuss ways to prevent mass killings.


Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,

Richard Mahoney

Religious Liberty


March 13, 2012


Paul Rahe, on February 10, 2012, wrote a scathing article, American Catholicism's Pact With the Devil. Paul writes: "[Obama] has unmasked in the most thoroughgoing way the despotic propensities of the administrative entitlements state and of the Democratic Party. And now he has done something similar to the hierarchy of the American Catholic Church. At the prospect that institutions associated with the Catholic Church would be required to offer to their employees health insurance covering contraception and abortifacients … The freedom of the church as an institution to distance itself from that which its doctrines decry as morally wrong is considered sacrosanct. … In the 1930s, the majority of the  bishops, priests, and nuns sold their souls to the devil, and they did so with the best of intentions. In their concern for the suffering of those out of work and destitute, they wholeheartedly embraced the New Deal."


Rahe continued, "In the process, the leaders of the American Catholic Church fell prey to a conceit that had long before ensnared a great many mainstream Protestants in the United States - the notion that public provision is somehow akin to charity - and so they fostered state paternalism and undermined what they professed to teach: that charity is an individual responsibility and that it is appropriate that the laity join together under the leadership of the Church to alleviate the suffering of the poor. In its place, they helped establish the Machiavellian principle that underpins modern liberalism - the notion that it is our Christian duty to confiscate other people's money and redistribute it.


"At every turn in American politics since that time, you will find the hierarchy assisting the Democratic Party and promoting the growth of the administrative entitlements state. It did not cross the minds of these prelates that the liberty of conscience which they had grown to cherish is part of a larger package - that the paternalistic state, which recognizes no legitimate limits on its power and scope, that they had embraced would someday turn on the Church and seek to dictate whom it chose to teach its doctrines and how, more generally, it would conduct its affairs."


As well as this may be, this is now the time for the priests and bishops of this country to articulate clearly why contraception is a grave moral evil and a mortal sin. Contraception not only destroys women spiritually, the chemical itself is carcinogenic and drastically changes the hormonal constitution of the woman taking it. Thus even changing her nature.


No true joy or heavenly peace will reign in the hearts of those couples who separate the sacred intimate conjugal act (between husband and wife) from that bond which begets the conception of children and bestows supernatural life in the couple's following God's command to cooperate with Him in the procreation of His children.


Every other kind of sexual deviation is banal and will eventually leave those individuals to emptiness, sadness, and despair. It may be true that every conjugal act does not conceive a child, however every intimate conjugal act needs to be open to receive God's greatest blessing, a newborn baby.


Had the bishops and priests taught and mandated that adherence to Humanae Vitae was a requirement to receive the Sacrament of Matrimony in the Church, these poor baptized pagans would never have produced such a scandal in the Church and the world.


Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,


Richard Mahoney

The Blunt Amendment


James Madison, one of the leading drafters of the Constitution, said, “Conscience is the most sacred of all property.”


On March 5, 2012, Sen. Mary Landrieu spoke to the Press Club at the De La Ronde Hall. In her speech, she was quoted saying, “Every child is created by the Creator.” Mike Bourgeois asked her, “Are you going to continue to vote against such measures as the Blunt Amendment because a Democratic strategist framed the contraception issue as a women’s health issue, and does this mean then that the 54 percent failure rate of contraceptives reported by the Guttmacher Institute, with the 14,000 percent increase in abortions, the 8,666 percent increase in sexually transmitted diseases, and the six times more women dying in legal abortions than when it was illegal are acceptable losses to preserve privacy and improve women’s health?”


Sen. Landrieu replied that the use of birth control pills reduces the number of abortions, totally ignoring the statistical facts reported by Guttmacher Institute which is the statistical reporting arm of the leading provider of abortions, Planned Parenthood.


Richard Mahoney spoke to her after the Press Club and told her that, “Pregnancy is not a disease, and contraception, sterilization, and chemical abortions are not health care.” He gave her the statistical increases in social ills, such as the skyrocketing rate of abortion, STD’s, prostitution and sex trafficking, divorce and the number of single women in poverty, increases in breast cancer, etc.


Most importantly noted is that, until the 1930s, all Christian denominations emphatically condemned contraception as sinful. The Catholic Church now stands alone in condemning artificial contraception. It is heart-breaking that, with the sublime and sacred teachings of the Church, Casti Connubii, Humanae Vitae, and the Theology of the Body we have so many Catholic women and politicians apostasizing from the teaching of the Church.


As Paul Rahe has stated, “It did not cross the minds of these Catholic prelates that the liberty of conscience which they had grown to cherish was part of a larger package … that the paternalistic state (Democratic Party), which recognizes no legitimate limits on its power and scope, that they had embraced, would someday turn on the Church and seek to dictate whom it chose to teach its doctrines and how, more generally, it would conduct its affairs.”


The Catholic bishops’ current response to Obama and Sebelius is, “The only complete solution to this religious liberty problem is for the HHS to rescind the mandate of these objectionable services.”


The bright spot of the day was all the children playing and praying in front of De La Ronde Hall, witnessing for life.

Our Christmas Prayer


December 24, 2011


Learn a lesson this Christmas season


In this joyous Advent season, as we await the memorial of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we received in great sorrow the news of the miscarriage of Jim and Michelle Duggar’s 20th child.


There was great joy in the hearts of the Duggars when they conceived their baby in love.


Sharing each other in body and soul

Comes a child

Flesh of our flesh

Soul of light divine

Children are our source of light and warmth

A symbol of our life and love together.


Spiritually blind people actually were angry with the Duggars for “having another baby.” These pragmatic secular humanists argued that it put both mother and baby in danger to have so many children. From a utilitarian perspective this would seem very reasonable. However, in their blind error, they have lost sight of the fact that this precious child has an immortal soul, which will shine forever throughout eternity. “Each of us is the result of a thought of God. Each of us is willed, each of us is loved, each of us is necessary.”


Many in our society have developed a hostile attitude toward large families, and toward the handicapped and marginalized. Nearly 95 percent of the Down syndrome babies in America are murdered by abortion. Women older than 35 years of age are encouraged to check to see whether their child in the womb has any defects, and to abort their child if they do. Yet I do not know any human beings more loving and precious than those who are handicapped or have Down syndrome. These marvelous souls have a magnanimous spirit because “they are not oppressed by the thirst for success.”


Like the citizens of Bethlehem and the surrounding region, the intelligent, responsible people had no room in their hearts or in their homes for the Holy Family. Only the poor, ignorant shepherds saw God’s power and wisdom in the poor babe lying in the manger.

Let us all learn this holy Christmas that the purpose of our lives and prayer is “not to obtain what we desire, but to find and accept what God desires.”


Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,


Richard Mahoney

The Conscience of a Nation


September 7, 2011


Pope Paul VI's encyclical Humanae Vitae prophesied the great demographic winter that would ensue in the world, with universal sexual perversity, the murdering of innocent babies in the womb, and the breakdown of marriage and family life, if the hedonistic practice of artificial contraception was introduced and embraced by the world.


In his greatest work of all, Ronald Reagan, in his treatise, The Conscience of a Nation, reminds America that if its convictions are that all life is sacred and that each individual is guaranteed by God and by law to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and if our conduct is not in harmony with these convictions, America will cease to be that “city set on a hill.” America will not have the moral fortitude to lead other nations into that freedom with which God has blessed us. Ronald Reagan was a true Israelite, a man without guile (John 1:47). There was no pretense in his words or actions. I hope this legacy will be carried on by Rick Perry and Herman Cain so America will truly be that “city set on a hill.”


It is ironic that President Barack Hussein Obama has promised America that he will create jobs and prosperity while promoting abortion and sexual perversity (sodomy) which have been the cause of our economic downfall and demographic winter.


President Obama thinks he can create jobs by building roads and bridges. I have a way of creating 10 million jobs tomorrow. All we have to do is deport 10 million illegal immigrants who are doing all the manual work in America, and replace them with United States citizens. But do Americans want these jobs? The trend in America over the past 40 years has been to sell out America's manufacturing jobs to China's totalitarian communist regime, ignoring their atrocities. The Chinese produced cheap goods from slave labor, which we happily bought to our own demise. We have the same sentiment about using illegal immigrants to do our work, albeit under better conditions, yet the same principle of using these poor illegal immigrants to do our work and prosper our coffers at the expense of “law and truth.”


“What law and reason were unable to accomplish, had now to be done by the uncertain and dreadful dispenser of God's judgments, war. War, with its abominably casual, inaccurate methods of destroying good and bad together, but at least unquestionably able to hew a way out of intolerable situations, when through man's delusion or perversity every better way is blocked.” - Abraham Lincoln.


Rich Mahoney

China's One Child Policy


July 26, 2011


It has been said that there are three times as many households with pets than with children in San Francisco. A friend of mine recently visited her daughter in Los Angeles, and she went with her friend to the Dog Park. There were no children, just dogs playing as their masters watched. (Excuse me, I forgot, you're not supposed to call dogs animals.)


On June 28, 2011, a young Chinese couple pulled into the Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge for an abortion. They both spoke broken English. However, the husband told us he was an engineer and worked at a chemical plant in Geisner, Louisiana. He said he was on a turnaround and then was going to travel back to China. He told us the Chinese government had a one child policy and that they already had two children, which violated this one child policy. He stated that he had to pay nearly a year's salary in fines for having a second child. They knew that they were going to murder their third child, due to China's totalitarian communist dictatorship, yet they did not want to seek asylum in the United States because they didn't want to leave their family and friends behind in China, due to what might happen to them.


He is terrified that the Chinese government will find out that he had a third child, so they murdered their third child rather than standing up to these Chinese dictators. In June 2011 LifeSite News showed a documentary on the brutal forced abortions in China where they hold Chinese women down with ropes and murder their children in their ninth month and then throw the murdered babies at the women. If they protest, they burn their houses down.


I hope the Department of Health and Hospitals investigates Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge's Report of Induced Termination of Pregnancy report to see what Delta put down for the reason for the abortion for this Chinese woman. This is not only a local tragedy, but a national tragedy, since we fund this most favored trade nation and all the atrocities it commits.


Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,


Rich Mahoney (225) 926-8920

Father's Day - 2011


The English word “father” comes from the Latin word pater. Paternal authority is absolute and is used as a term of comparison to describe the authority of God the Creator.  Paternity provides for life. It protects, governs, and guides the earthly family in a manner

similar to the loving protection of God the Father in heaven. Fathers also reward virtue and punish vice.


I’m grateful that I grew up in the age of Ozzie and Harriet, Father Knows Best, and It’s a Wonderful Life. I received my earthly training from my Dad. My loving Mom would die a thousand deaths before she’d let me skin my knee, and would give me anything I

wanted by merely a sigh. My dad gave me only what was good for me, both physically and spiritually. I thank God his leather belt on my gluteus maximus silenced all whimpering and complaints. He taught me the path of honor and virtue in the crucible of

discipline. He was a good man, honest, humble, respectful. He left for work before we even woke up and came home at night to drive us to swim meets, tennis tournaments, and other sporting events, even though he was exhausted after a hard day’s work. Yet more

importantly, he took us to Mass and taught us the Christian faith. He taught me to strive to conquer the world for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and to dream the impossible dream.


The father is the head of the family, and the mother is the heart of the family. Without either one, the family will be terminally ill or dead. The love of husband and wife, and their union with God, is linked to the love that resides between the Father and the Son,

which begets the Holy Spirit. Many tell me that this world that I lived in is “Gone With the Wind.” My reply is, “That which is holy will live forever, and that which is evil will die with the age.


Bl. Pope John Paul II has warned society that we are living in apocalyptic times, with serious consequences. But to be of great joy for after the Time of Great Tribulation, the world will be renewed by the Christian family.


Like most children, I never really appreciated my dad until I was much older. Yet I can’t thank him enough for teaching me the path of virtue that only loving restraint could convey. I pray that all broken families in our sad world today will find the healing

presence of God in their family life so they may experience the joy that the Holy Trinity wishes to bestow on all families.


God bless you Dad!

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,

Richard Mahoney

Pro-Life March, 2011


Richard Mahoney


On January 22-24, 2011 millions of people marched on the streets of the United States and hundreds of thousands of youth prayed and processed at the Nation’s Capitol to mourn the infamous Roe v. Wade decision which legalized abortion. Not one major network that I know of covered these events. So it didn’t surprise me that no major news outlet in Louisiana was brave enough to tell the truth about the illegal and injurious activity that occurred at Delta Clinic in Baton Rouge over the past 7 years and of their affiliation with the murderer Gosnell from Philadelphia.


They did not cover the real crimes committed at Delta, or Leroy T. Brinkley’s (owner of Delta) and Eileen White O’Neal’s involvement with the horrid abortion and infanticide massacre that occurred at Gosnell’s Philadelphia abortion clinic. WAFB did a cursory report on what they described as allegations against Delta and the DHH, but they did not reveal the truth!


We challenge Delta and DHH to meet with us on WAFB in a live broadcast as we show the citizens of our state the real crimes being committed by the abortion industry and how our government agencies have been complicit with these crimes.


One woman who was seriously injured at Delta wanted to tell her story on the news and was denied, probably because the media doesn’t want a floodgate of other people deluging their station with the truth. Showing how Gosnell preferred delivering babies alive and then cutting their necks to kill them was a lot easier for him then ripping them apart in their mother’s wombs and having to piece their bodies back together to make shore he got all of the baby isn’t what I call pleasant but neither is 99% of that shown on our major networks.


However both Gosnell and Delta’s former abortionist James Whitmore are probably the only honest abortionists out there. They both acknowledged that the purpose of an abortion is to kill a baby, so why does it matter if the baby dies inside the womb or outside? They call it fetal demise! I wept for the handful of pro-abortion people that were at the capitol. They shouted slogans “It is easier to change a condom than a diaper. We are leaders not breeders.” Those poor souls have never heard the sweet and soothing voice or the tender touch of a loving mother. They need to go to their heavenly mother, the Immaculate Virgin Mary to be healed! – 02/06/2011


Richard Mahoney,,

Abby Johnson: 'I would give my life' to Undo the Evil I Caused at Planned Parenthood


by Abby Johnson


Monday May 02, 2011


May 2, 2011 ( - I never had the honor of talking to Dr. Bernard Nathanson. But someone told me once that he asked Dr. Nathanson about his remorse after performing thousands of abortions. Many of us that have once been in the abortion industry are frequently criticized for our public “lack of remorse.” Dr. Nathanson explained to this man that if he actually allowed himself to feel the depth of his remorse, he wouldn’t be able to live with the pain. I would say that is pretty accurate for most of us who have once lived and walked in those hallways of evil. I’m not sure my heart would take the pain if I really allowed myself to feel what I had done.


Have you ever watched one of those crime shows where they interview a prisoner who murdered someone? I recently saw one about a man who had killed a young woman. He had since become a Christian while in prison and the remorse for the life he had taken was so evident. He could hardly even talk about her. It was difficult for him to maintain his composure. Well, imagine that type of remorse times thousands and thousands. We were serial killers of the worst kind … we killed children.


Then one day, after years of living in foolishness and evil, we turn it around. We swallow our pride and admit we were wrong. We lose our friends, we are called names, we start over … but we know it is worth it. It is not easy, but it is right. We repent from our sin and we feel a sense of peace and joy that has never been in our heart before … but there is brokenness, too … and a stinging feeling of remorse that won’t leave. I remember wondering if the brokenness and remorse would ever lessen. Would it ever leave? It doesn’t. It is a constant reminder of who you were and what you have done. But now, I am thankful for the reminder … it keeps me focused, passionate, and most of all, praying.


For some of us, we go on to have normal 9-5 jobs and live our lives in the privacy of family and friends. Some of us live our lives in the public. I know I am called to work full time in the fight. I didn’t know that at first, but God revealed that to me in a pretty big way … thanks to Planned Parenthood’s media release. For those of us whose conversions are public, many look at us as heroes. But we are not … I am not. How could we be? We look around us and see people who have been fighting in this movement for years; they are heroes. We are criminals. We deserve punishment, not awards. We deserve to be cast out, not accepted. We don’t deserve forgiveness, but we seem to get it anyway.


Every day of my life I think about the women I took from. I took away their motherhood, I devalued them, I broke their confidence, I betrayed them. How I wish I could look into every one of their faces and tell them how sorry I am. If I could restore some of what I took from them, I would give my life to make it happen. I wish I could be there to wipe their tears when they mourn for their lost child. To know that you committed a terrible wrong that you can’t make right is one of the most desperate feelings in the world. And as desperate as I feel, I can’t make those wishes come true. But I do my best everyday to make it up to those women and their children. I failed them once, but I won’t do it again. I know they haven’t forgotten their children, and I haven’t either.


For the lives I have taken, ‘I’m sorry’ just seems hollow to even say. How do you apologize for killing thousands of children and wounding thousands of families? I’m not sure I have an answer. But I amsorry. I am sorry to the women I coerced into abortion. I am sorry to every woman who has ever had an abortion; you may never hear those words from the person who performed your abortion, but I want you to hear it from me on behalf of that doctor or clinic worker. I am sorry they betrayed you. I am sorry they broke your spirit and your trust. I am sorry they hurt you. I am sorry they didn’t have the courage to stand up for you and what you really deserved…a chance to be a mother to your child. We abused and disrespected you in the worst possible way. I am sorry. So many people probably disappointed you…your friends, your family, your church community, your coworkers, maybe others. I apologize on behalf of them, as well. I am guilty of selling abortion to my family, friends, coworkers, and even people I worship with. We should have stood up for you and your child. I am so sorry we let you down in the worst possible way. You deserved better than what we gave you.


The extent of my remorse, sorrow and grief runs very deep. I could never even begin to share it all with you on a blog. I’m not even sure I am aware of how deep it runs. But it is there … reminding me of the life I once had and how hard I must now work.


I am only able to handle the pain of my past with the help of Christ. I couldn’t do any of this without His grace and His steady hand guiding me every day. He has never given me more than I can bear. I have never felt overwhelmed. I see His love and compassion for me every day. It is the most amazing feeling of peace and wholeness. I don’t have to wonder if He’s with me … I know He is guiding my every step.


I am a BIG sinner. I am far from a perfect pro-lifer. I would say I am a mediocre Christian. I am definitely not the best wife and no one has nominated me for “Mother of the Year.” I always fail at having a perfect day, but I keep trying. I guess I want you to know that I am working so hard to make things right. I can’t take away the pain I have caused. But I can promise to dedicate my life and my heart to this movement. I won’t ever give up on these children. My heart is here and it is healing.


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