The spirit in the schools of one generation,
is the spirit in the Government of the next.

Christ the Teacher


A Catholic
Respect Life Curriculum
  High School
and adult study





Our mission is to develop a true and lasting understanding among children from K - 12th grade of the sanctity of all human life - unborn, handicapped, the terminally ill, and the aged.  We are commanded by the Gospel to create a "Culture of Life" in our families, schools, parishes, communities and the world.  Only by living out the Gospel of Life, and teaching it, can we hope to accomplish this awesome task.

Christian educators and especially those in charge, have a specific and unique opportunity and obligation: To rebuild a Culture of Life by teaching COMPREHENSIVELY the sanctity of Life. This is particularly true in a singular way for parents, as parents are the first and primary teachers of the Christian Faith and of morals.

We must acknowledge the reality that if we do not teach our children the truth NOW, we are all doomed to a future of a worsening culture of death.

We are in no way proposing sex education. We propose teaching
the sanctity of life--from conception to natural death.

We are not presenting a finished program here. We are developing an outline, and offer it as a guide to be used in bringing about a full curriculum. There is an abundance of available material that is suitable for classroom use. Dozens of videos, books, booklets, and pamphlets, as well as fetal models, and posters are readily available.

With our Resource List we will try to provide links to all the materials we recommend.

PROGRAM outlined as follows:

Taught in Religion / Bible study class, as well as at home.

Like any subject, repetitive instruction with testing, building on
previous lesson plans from Kindergarten through Twelfth grade.

Age appropriate lessons for each grade that encompasses the complete teaching on the sanctity of life from conception to natural death.  In the higher grades, the culture of death- abortion, euthanasia etc. and their consequences will be taught.

High School will pay special attention to the role of being a Christian in society, and understanding the founding fathers principles in the Declaration. Also, the importance of voting for candidates who will work to build a culture of life will be stressed.

Students will write reports on books and materials read, and be tested.

High school students will be introduced to the Pro-Life movement.

Parental involvement will be encouraged.

Keep Pro-Life posters/signs up in classes all year.

One article we highly recommend for all who participate is Preaching To Children About Abortion  by Fr. Frank A. Pavone. This article sets the proper perspective from which to teach this subject.

We welcome all suggestions and ideas. If after reviewing; your
imagination or experience can help add to our program, please
don't hesitate to E-mail us.

Materials: This is only a partial list.

  Kindergarten, First, Second, and Third Grade:
Let Me Live The Anthem of the Unborn Child
5 1/2-minute film, VHS Format produced by Pat Boone. Features In-Utero photography of the unborn child, with narration done by the baby.  The value taught at this age level is that what is in the womb is a BABY, alive, human and growing from the moment of conception. Teacher reinforces film message by speaking about uniqueness and specialness and the fact that God will never create another being just like them.  Abortion is never mentioned at this age level.  Fetal models are used as a teaching aid to give children "hands on" visuals of the actual growth of an unborn child in the womb.  This video is so powerful it should be viewed in each grade level through Twelfth grade. May be purchased from
Pat Boone Enterprises at
9220 Sunset Blvd.
Suite 310
Los Angeles, CA 90069
   Phone: 310-858-0044

Song- Jesus Loves the little children

Book 1: Before you were Born By Joan Lowery Nixon Our Sunday Visitor, Publishing Division This book will help children to learn about the time before you were born. Learn all about the universe and the living things God has created.
Book 2: Dr. Seuss: Horton Hears A Who (And video-30min.)
Book 3: The Preborn Christ - A Story of God in the Womb
Visit to see this great book.

Construction Project--Spiritual Adoption Program workbook
A simple folder with a couple of pages and two clear wallet photo display
pages. The photos of one to nine months are put in the top, and the
corresponding info and personal story in the bottom sleeves.

Pictures can teach a thousand words.
Students can be shown two pictures like above. The teacher can simply
 explain that they are both of the same person; the first one was taken
 around New Years day, and the second around the following Christmas.

When you are finished
in this section, please visit,

Re-Humanizing the
VERY young citizen

We have many other
ideas like the one at
right. As well as story
ideas for class etc.

The goal is to establish
a personal link between
the American citizen on
the street and the
American citizen waiting
to be born.

Click below for an
important message from
Andrew Jefferson, President

Say Hello To Frank

He Travels All Over The
World with His Mom,
She's in the
Pro-Life Movement.

In fact, there are thousands of American's just like
Frank  who travel,  go shopping,  and all the other
things Americans are Free to do. Shouldn't all
Americans be free to live their lives and
achieve their unique potentials like Frank?  

LIFE-What a Beautiful Choice

Third and Fourth Grade:
Book 1: The Wonderful Way that Babies are Made by Larry Christensen.  A really unique book to help you teach your children about families, babies and God's design for the family. Each page has two sets of text - big bold text to read to children 3-8 and smaller text which elaborates on God's gift of children in language appropriate for children 9-14. (42 pages)  Victory One
Book 2: Life Before Birth by Dr. Gary E. Parker Published by: Master Books (1997) Were we people before we were born? Do we have useless leftover animal parts inside us? Dr. Gary Parker's popular Christian family book brilliantly combines a family teaching book about the development of a human being from the DNA upwards, with a very powerful pro-life and procreation message. Highly recommended for every Christian family. This is an excellent book describing for children the stages of development of the human fetus. A special focus is on God's special working in this process. I recommend this book for the entire family! Children wonder where babies come from. They wonder what they looked like when they were still growing inside their mother's womb. And they wonder why some people say its okay to kill pre-born babies, while others say it is wrong. Dr. Parker and his wife, Mary, explain the Biblical view of life before birth. Such topics as abortion and birth defects are covered in a special way. For grades 4-6, a firmly Biblical and reverent treatment, with scientific confirmation, of the God-ordained process of human reproduction. Illustrated. This sensitively written book with its 85 full-size pages of warm, colorful illustrations allows mom and dad to deal with important reproductive questions while communicating the awesome love of the Creator to children.

From grades 5-12:

Plastic Model of 11-12 Week Preborn Baby (aprox. 2 ¼" Long) Only 26 cents in large quantity. Each model comes with a PHOTO FRONT card which details fetal development on the back. From Victory One.

This is a very powerful but inexpensive model that is excellent for hands on teaching with students. When a student holds this model pre-born baby in their hands and is taught the truth of life before birth it will create a lasting impression. Students are instructed to "keep baby safe" as they will be all bringing "their babies" back to class for future lessons. Used till end of High School.

(16"x20") This poster offers the positive message of God's active gift of life. It is imprinted with Psalm 139. It is excellent for display in religion / bible study class all year long.


Beautifully illustrated
collection of nine 16" X 20"
posters documents the
growth stages of a baby for
nine months in the womb.
These posters are an
excellent teaching tool.
Display them individually
on a monthly basis or as

   Fifth and Sixth Grade:
"How Babies Grow" - 13 minute VHS presentation narrated by Dr. Jack Willke and Barbara Willke, R. N.  This presentation goes a little more in-depth with fetal development and the fact that babies can be born prematurely and still live.  Teacher focuses on self-respect as a good way to respect others - whether they are like us or not.  Reinforces the fact that a baby is a human being from conception.  Again, abortion is never
mentioned at this age level.  

LIFE  Magazine- Life Before Birth Reprint - Leonart Nilson photographs (1965) The Famous photos of life before birth, detailing the development of a child from conception to birth. It contains the original 1965 LIFE text. An excellent, inexpensive pictorial. (20 pages) (should be reviewed in each grade level through Twelfth grade!)

Objectives:  At the end of the lesson, students will be
able to state that:

1.     Conception is when a cell from the mother and a cell
        from the father join together.
2.     A new life begins at conception, not birth--and is from God.
3.     The baby is inside his or her mother for nine months.
4.     The unborn baby has a beating heart.
5.     The unborn baby has finger prints and toe prints.
6.     The unborn baby sucks his/her thumb and breathes fluid.
7.     The unborn baby kicks and makes swimming motions.
8.     The unborn baby can learn.
9.     The unborn baby can feel pain.
10.     Unborn babies are just as human as we are.
The purpose of this lesson is to provide the children with a body of information, which will enable them to reject pro-abortion messages that they will be exposed to, as they grow older.  This lesson does not mention abortion at any time.  It simply informs them about the development of the unborn baby in order that they will know it is not a "blob of tissue," but a little human being.  

Tell the children that we are going to see some very special pictures today.  Their parents and teachers couldn't have seen this sort of movie when they were in school because a new kind of camera was needed. The technique is called fiber-optic photography.  It involves a very tiny camera on the end of a thin tube or "fiber" which is inserted into the body. Doctors use fiber-optic photography to see inside the human body to diagnose and treat various medical problems.  It can also be used to see a baby growing inside his or her mother.

Show the film "How Babies Grow."  Tell the children that we will discuss the film after it is over, and that they should remember any questions they have.  After showing the film, guide the discussion by asking the following questions designed to highlight the main concepts of the film:
1.     How long were you inside your mother before you were born?
2.     Were you alive before you were born?
3.     When did your life start?
4.     What could you do inside your mother?
5.     What happens if a baby is born before nine months have passed?
6.     Does it look a little different?
7.     Is it still a baby?
8.     Do you look the way you'll look when you're all grown up?  Discuss
        at this point that life is a  continuum - we all look different from the way
        we looked when we were younger and we will all  look much different
        when we are older.  How a person looks at any particular stage
        of life does not  determine how human he or she is.  In fact, growing
        and changing in appearance is a characteristic of being human).
9.     Is he/she still a baby even though they look different?  
        Are they still alive?
10.   Why do some people think a baby is not a real, live baby before
        he is born?  (Answer-because they have not seen the baby yet).

"Preview of a Birth" - 16 minute VHS presentation on fetal development produced by Georgia Nurses for Life through the Human Development Resource Council.   Fast paced and imaginative presentation creates a dynamic learning experience for 11-year-olds through adults.  Abortion is never mentioned in the film itself. The classroom instruction explores the issue by presenting the basic facts and asking the class to look at an issue based on whether it is "right" because it is legal.   Fetal models are also used at this age level as a teaching tool for fetal development.  
Book 1 : IS THE FETUS HUMAN? By Eric Pastusek Biological, medical, legal, cultural, social and emotional evidence combined in an amazing array of facts to prove the fetus is human, plus many personal testimonies. One of the best pro-life books ever!
Book 2. The Tiniest Humans
1.     Life begins at conception - this is a biological fact
2.     The right to life is God-given
3.     Abortion is the intentional taking of a human life
4.     Teenagers account for 400,000 of the 1.3 million abortions
        each year.

Books for Sixth Grade:

Book 1: PRO-LIFE CHRISTIANS HEROES FOR THE PRE-BORN By Joe Gulotta Short  Inspiring stories of 28 Christians who fight abortion today in a variety of ways. Just about every facet of the Pro-Life Movement. Positive, inviting and full of personal experience stories!

Every Student has a ruler. Why not have one that teaches the truth of
"Life before Birth"


Seventh Grade:
"Window to the Womb" - Real-time Ultrasound of the unborn in the womb.  Class observes the unborn in their natural prenatal environment as they respond to touch, breathe, jump, yawn, swallow, and suck their thumbs.  Education again focuses on humanity of the unborn, with the same concepts as 5th & 6th, with greater emphasis on chastity.  In the second year or as a follow-up either the next day or the next week, the film "No Second Chance" is presented.
Pro-Chastity education "No Second Chance" - 30 minute VHS California Health Care Advocates.  Addresses the AIDS issue with pointed clarity and accuracy.  Using interviews with the world's leading researchers in the field of Epidemiology and the teaching dynamics of Cathy Kay, this film presents facts, answers and solutions that teenagers will understand and respect.  It presents the one answer - CHASTITY - which will protect our young people from this terminal infection.  It has the answer that could save their lives, because with AIDS, there is no second chance. Extremely well done video on sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS, and teen chastity. AIDS patients and their families describe the consequences of AIDS on themselves and families. (30 min)

                             Unfolds by Alexander Tsiaras

The splendor and beauty of a child's growth and development in the womb--seen through unforgettable images made possible by revolutionary advances in visualization technology. The book tracks the development of a baby from the moment of conception, through the explosively complex early stages of development and the amazing stages of growth as the baby is nurtured by the mother, ending with the joy of birth. Order from

Booklet America's Hidden Citizens By Stephen Schwaetz 10 pgs.

Concepts taught:

1.     Life begins at conception - this is a biological fact
2.     The right to life is God-given
3.     Abortion is the intentional taking of a human life
4.     Abortion is legal in the U.S. for the entire 9 months
5.     Legal does not equal right
6.     Abortion is not the problem; sexual activity outside of marriage
        is the problem.
7.     Chastity is believable and 100% effective
8.     Teenagers are the largest group diagnosed with
        sexually transmitted diseases.
9.     Teenagers account for 400,000 of the 1.3 million abortions
         each year.

Teacher focuses on choices and how these choices affect the rest of
our lives. Discussion would include the major developmental
landmarks of unborn child, God's plan for our lives, etc.
Question and Answer period recommended

Eighth Grade:
Knowing the Unborn: Amazing new research demonstrates how the child in the womb learns a great deal from his parents long before birth. 30 min.
Chance of a Lifetime: Adoption: What are the issues, the advantages? This week's program includes an onsite visit to a maternity home and interviews with women who chose adoption as their option. 30 min.
Euthanasia: Right to Die legislation, Assisted Suicide, and the ethical dilemmas involved. 30 min.
Pro-Chastity education: "Sex, Lies and the Truth" - Dr. James Dobson & Focus on the Family - Explores the double messages being given to youth regarding sexuality.  Pro-chastity and pro-life. Celebrities, athletes and entertainers communicate that waiting isn't a sign of weakness and the winners are those who practice self control. Interview with kids who have AIDS because of promiscuity. (30 min)
Book 1: Matters of Life and Death : Calm Answers to Tough Questions About Abortion and Euthanasia by Francis J. Beckwith, Norman L. Geisler
Book 2: MAMA! WHY DID YOU KILL US? A true story of a woman haunted by the 7 infants she had aborted. It is also the story of her contrition and atonement and the mercy of God shown to her. She addresses her story "to all mothers," and every woman should read it !
Excellent On-line resource: Fetal Psychology
Outstanding Scientific expose' on the developmental life of the unborn.
Addresses the unborn from distinct a perspective as Fetal Personality to
Fetal learning, hearing, and alertness. Is appropriate for grades 8 - 12.
You can download this as a 4-page printer friendly handout.

"Defending Life" Series with Father Frank Pavone. Fr. Frank with Priests for Life has been producing powerful videos for years that deal with the entire spectrum of the Pro-Life cause. There are several that are excellent for grades Eight  through Twelve available at their site. Also several audio programs and a huge list of teaching documents are available on their site that can easily be used in class.

Activities for proceeding days throughout the program:

Day 2 -  "Waiting for Baby" -
Invite each child to bring in a baby picture.
Why family is part of God's plan for us.
Each class will work together  to create a collage of baby pictures.
Collage for each class will become part of the Processional for Mass

Materials needed: Poster board or foam core, glue, and ribbon for border edge or be as creative as you'd like to be!

Day 3 - "Spiritual Adoption" - Life in our Community

Each class in grade level K-8 will adopt a baby boy and a baby girl - use scripture "I have called you by name, you are mine, says the Lord."

1.     Parent volunteer states purpose - we are a community praying for life
2.     Spiritual Adoption emphasizes the power of prayer in safeguarding life
        when it is threatened in the mother's womb.  Through prayer, we can
        intercede for an unknown woman considering abortion and for the
        safety of her unborn child.  Please make a nine-month commitment to
        pray daily for your spiritually adopted babies.
3.     Name the babies
4.     Class project - choosing the name and a visual symbol the represent
        each baby
5.     Prayer:  K-4 a revision of Bishop Fulton Sheen's prayer:

"Jesus, Mary and Joseph I love you very much.  Please watch over the babies, especially _______ and _________ who are waiting to be born."

Prayer: 5-8th grade:
Dear Jesus, child of Mary, I love you and thank you for your unconditional love.  I plead with you to save the life of ______ and _______, the unborn children whom we have spiritually adopted and whose lives are threatened by abortion.  May these children be allowed to grow in wisdom, age and strength in your presence and in the sight of all.  Amen"

Publish "baby checkups" in your school news bulletin monthly
(developmental landmarks attached) Red roses brought up in
the Offertory Procession during Friday's whole school mass
will represent the spiritually adopted babies from each class.

Day 4 -  "Life in Our Church"  K-4
1.     Mary's role as teacher, helper and mother of Jesus
2.     How Jesus promoted life - bible stories (or you can read a book from
         the resource list, show a film, work on a picture to color, etc. -
         be creative).

5-8th grade -
Bible challenge - How did Jesus teach respect for all life - unborn, the handicapped, the terminally ill and the elderly?  (Resource list of scripture will be provided)

"What can we do as young men and women to reach out to the elderly?"   
Ideas include: Adopt a grandparent (someone who is alone) in your parish
or neighborhood and make a commitment to: Visit weekly or help with a
chore weekly. Pray for that person.

Concepts taught: Increases awareness and respect for life at all stages
from womb to tomb. Upholds the Gospel of Life. We do not live for
ourselves alone. Christ taught service to others, most especially the
least among us.

Day 5 -   "CELEBRATE LIFE" - Christ Among Us
Be joyful with song. Invite the entire parish to participate.
Include grandparents, a pregnant mom, a newborn baby,
the handicapped as part of the processional.

Materials needed: Baby posters - K-8.  Offertory Procession - Basket of red roses representing adopted babies.  

Education of Life Before Birth on the internet is a powerful tool.
Most students have access at home and at school. A powerful


Each year of High School will cover the Vote Pro-Life Message.
Junior and Senior year each will focus on voting and political-historical
background of the battle between the culture of life v. death.

Remedy Homepage

Recommended Resources:

Is the Fetus a Person? (Lesson Plan Project)
Grade 10-12 (15-18 years old) Time: 60 minutes Objective: Upon completion of this lesson students will understand that the embryo or fetus is a human person. They may be able to discuss past instances in which people were denied personhood. They may be able to discuss how a choice of vocabulary determines our view of personhood.

Election Day and Christian Responsibility is a concise, one page hand out.
(Grades 9 -12)

Voter's Guide for Serious Catholics - A very brief booklet also viewable on-line.
(Grades 9 -12)

A Brief Catechism for Catholic Voters is must reading for every Catholic
family. It is also very important for high-school students to learn this so that
they can be properly informed Christian Voters.

By Father Stephen F. Torraco, Ph.D.


Available from Leaflet Missal Company 1-800-328-9582 or On-line at: or click picture.

Cost is $0.95 for each,
OR 60 cents each plus shipping and handling for a quantity of 25
(this would cost $19.95 for 25).

Quantity of 50 for $0.55
100 for $0.50
500 for $0.39
1000 for $0.35

This is the most important little book Christians should read before elections. It is written in the style of the old Baltimore catechism—15 direct questions with concise answers.

Other documentsl: Human Personhood Begins at Conception by Peter Kreeft, Ph.D. Another is the comprehensive: When Do Human Beings Begin? "Scientific" Myths and Scientific Facts by Dianne N. Irving, M.A., Ph.D.

  Fetal Psychology is an incredible article that should be covered in depth each year of high-school.



"The Silent Scream" - Dr. Bernard Nathanson narrates as an actual first-trimester suction abortion is performed. Irrefutable evidence of the humanity of the child - she struggles to escape the curette. (28 min) graphic.

Partial Birth: Eyewitness Testimony Brenda Pratt Shafer worked for late term Abortionist, Martin Haskill. She witnessed - Haskill pull out a perfectly formed baby and force a scissors into its skull. She testified at the PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTION hearings. Even Christians refuse to believe how bad things are - this testimony will enlighten them. Priced for mass distribution. ( 30 min)

Pro-Chastity education: "Sex Has A Price Tag - 2000" - 60 minutes - Pam Stenzel combines her personal story and extensive pregnancy counseling experience into a hard hitting look at the consequences of sexual activity outside a monogamous lifetime marital commitment.  In a captivating and inspiring talk, Pam tackles the tough issues of sex with candor, insight, and humor, with a challenge for young people to get the "abstinence advantage."  Pam has spoken to thousands of teens and has appeared several times on EWTN's "Life on the Rock".                                            

Book 1: Pro Life Answers to Pro Choice Arguments - Randy Alcorn This well-researched book is a must for any person wanting a thorough understanding of the basic abortion issues and pro-life views about them.

Book 2: The Hand of God : A Journey from Death to Life by the Abortion Doctor Who Changed His Mind by Bernard N. Nathanson  Autobiography combines with a battery of argument and data in this passionate account of the author's transition from pioneer of abortion rights to champion of the pro-life cause.



ULTRASOUND: Window to the Womb Look inside the womb with ultrasound. See the baby jump and kick. An excellent video which reinforces Life. The hour version also contains Shari Richard's testimony where abortion is addressed.

Meet the Abortion Providers: Twenty abortionists speak about their experiences and why they are now pro-life. Includes testimony by Dr. Bernard Nathanson, founder of the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws, who has become pro-life. Interviews with past abortionists reveal the money motivation of abortion and the horror stories of life in an abortuary. 1 hr version interspersed with ultrasound and abortion footage.

The Myth of Safe Sex Dr. Dobson and Dr McIlhaney explain the emotional and medical reasons to be chaste. Contradicts the myth of safe sex and details consequences of pre marital sex which has led to the epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases (52 min)

Love Them Both In 3 parts, Dr. & Mrs. Wilke present: 1: Human life, human rights, discrimination, choice (28 min) 2: Euthanasia, illegal, rape, unwanted, Post Abortion Syndrome, love both. (26 min) 3: Abortion (10 min). Also available in a book version.

Book 1 : Aborting America by Bernard N. Nathanson  The New York Times refused to review Aborting America when first released it -- and the reasons why will be obvious upon reading this eye-opening insider account of the political games that led to the legalization of abortion in America.                                                                                                       

Book 2: Abortion and Slavery : History Repeats by J. C. Willke

Class reading-disscussion project: The Apple Argument Against
Abortion by Peter Kreeft Ph.D. This easy to read article could be
a homework assignment for a test and class discussion.



 "A Doctor Explains the Abortion Procedures" - Noreen Johnson, M.D., OB/GYN - 15 minutes.  Dr. Johnson explains in simple to understand terms the abortion procedures.  As a pregnancy develops, different abortion methods are used.  Each of these are discussed with the associated risks.

The Right Choice. Produced under the sponsorship of the US Bishops Pro-Life Committee, this video helps convince young people not to choose abortion. Order from the Pro-Life office at 202-541-3070

Your Crisis Pregnancy Sensitively presents the story of prenatal life, summarizes abortion , and exposes the emotional backlash of post-abortion syndrome. Interviews with women who have actually experienced a crisis pregnancy. Very well done, emotional. Portrays Adoption in a good light. (26min)

Pro-Life Doctors Speak Out A discussion of the basic medical arguments against abortion, featuring Dr. Wilke, Dr. Nathanson and Dr. C. Everett Koop. Includes statements on when life begins, viability, abortion techniques and complications to women. (17 min)

by John Powell S.J. (Paperback)
One of the most important books on the subject ever
written. This book has overwhelming importance for
high-school students as well as adult study. Powell
speaks directly to the reader as few writers can.
He takes you along his personal journeys; from his
studies in Germany and tour of the Dachau death
camp, through his work in the pro-life movement.

Book 2: Reversing Roe- The Norma McCorvey Story. "Jane Roe," the plaintiff in the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion, has abandoned her support of abortion. Find out how Norma McCorvey discovered the truth of the Gospel. Contact Dan Donehey, 509 Breezewood Drive, Fredericksburg, VA 22407

Book 3: Who Broke the Baby by Jean Staker Garton In this expanded edition of the pro-life classic, Dr. Jean Garton examines pro-choice slogans and the mindset behind them. This groundbreaking book probes the true meanings of these slogans, providing ready answers to abortion rhetoric.



"After the Choice" - Concerned Women for America - 15 minutes - When the abortion is over, what do you do?  Listen to women who know … these are not actors - their stories are true.  Everything they say came from their own experience with abortion - before and after.  They don't manipulate with their words - they will tell you the truth.

"Eclipse of Reason" - Dr. Bernard Nathanson - 27 minutes - Award Winning Documentary about women, and life and death in the womb. Documents the intrauterine life of a little boy at 5 months of age as seen through a fetoscope - a camera placed inside the pregnant uterus. Riveting images of a late abortion are then shown with a camera both inside and outside the uterus.  Verifiable statistics emphasize that this horror takes place 400 times a day in the U.S. alone.  In addition, there are interviews with the other victims of abortion, women who have been irreparably injured by abortion, physically and psychologically.

The Hard Truth. Powerful graphic evidence that abortion is murder. See conception take place. See a baby move in the womb. Witness the absolute brutality of abortion. (9 min) WARNING: Extremely graphic. A user's guide is enclosed and its use is strongly recommended. This video is less than 10 minutes and shows an abortion and aborted babies. It is meant to change the way people feel toward abortion. Order from Center for Bioethical Reform web site, or call 1-800-959-9775.                                                                                               

Abortion: The Inside Story. In November, 1994, former abortionists spoke out at a conference hosted by Joseph Scheidler of the Pro-life Action League. This video combines their testimony with that of other former abortionists from previous conferences. Ex-abortion clinic workers tell the inside story of what goes on, the mistakes, the "sales training", the hurt and disregard for the woman. (58 min) Order through Priests for Life, 888-PFL-3448.

Book 1 : Politically Correct Death : Answering the Arguments for Abortion Rights by Francis J. Beckwith  If you purchase one book to give you an overview of the pro-life view and how it addresses common pro-abortion arguments, this is that book.

Book 2 : Dehumanizing the Vulnerable : When Word Games Take Lives by William Brennan  Shockingly relevant today, this hard-hitting study shows how dehumanizing language was and is being used to justify violent acts against vulnerable peoples--past and present--including the unborn, the elderly, women, Jews, and victims of Soviet tyranny. Dr. Brennan's argument focuses on the plight of today's unwanted, before and after birth and in the later stages of life.

Book 3: Humanist Manifestos 1&2. These two documents come straight from the enemy. They clearly illustrate the Anti-Christian / Pro-Death mentality of the culture of death.


  -  Resource List  -

Heritage House also has a large variety of Pro-Life materials suitable
for classroom use.

Priests for Life  Father Frank Pavone has been producing powerful videos for years that deal with the entire spectrum of the Pro-Life cause. There are several that are excellent for grades Eight  through Twelve available at their site. Also several audio programs and a huge list of teaching documents are available on their site that can easily be used in class. Phone 1-888-PFL-3448

Lutherans For Life has a tremendous supply of Pro-Life materials. They have Four curricula that when combined,  cover Pre-K through Eighth grade and into High School. Their catalog is at . We have listed the Four curricula here for convenience.

True To Life: A Curriculum For Christian Schools - For Pre-K through 6th grade. Using a Bible-based approach, life issues are taught in the light of Gods Word. The materials are color-coded by grade for ease of use. Each grade has five lessons that cover various life issues in age-appropriate ways. Teachers will find ideas that are positive and pro-active for teaching the sanctity of human life in an easy-to-use format. (Produced by WELS LFL, Milwaukee, WI.) Order from WELS LFL (800) 729-9535

Gods Gift Of Life - 700R - A graded video and printed curriculum for elementary Lutheran schools (K-8). Neatly packaged in a three-ring binder, the packet includes a three-part video divided into separate presentations (PS/K, 1-3, 4-6) plus four days of printed lesson plans and activities for K-Grade 8. Teacher materials and chapel ideas are included. - $25 ea. (includes S&H)

Dare To Choose - 600C - Provides young men and women with the opportunity to study Gods truth, contrast it with the worlds opinion, and decide for themselves which one they will choose. DTC is designed for high school Bible class or weekday school but can be adapted for 7th and 8th grade Bible class, weekday school, or confirmation class. It can also be used as a parent/teen course. Using movie themes, true stories, and current events such as Columbine High School, this brand new curriculum helps young men and women learn to love themselves as well as their neighbor. Includes: Teachers lesson plans & resources; reproducible student worksheets; 12 each of tracts and handouts; suggested student interaction and congregation witness; suggested Servant Event; two videos (For Life and Ultrasound: Window to the Womb) - $75 (Includes S & H)

My Life, His Creation - 601C - A 7-lesson curriculum by Linda Bartlett for Sr. high study or Christian schools focusing on creation, sexuality, and Gods design for life. Lessons include: “Here By Accident or Created by God?,” “It All Makes Sense with God,” “Male and Female: He Created Them,” and “Preparing for a Future and a Hope.” Includes a 3-ring binder, lessons, worksheets, handouts, teacher/parent resources, and ultrasound video. - $57.50 (Includes S & H)


Dear Jesus, child of Mary, I love you and thank you for your unconditional love.  I plead with you to save the life of ______ and _______, the unborn children whom we have spiritually adopted and whose lives are threatened by abortion.  May these children be allowed to grow in wisdom, age and strength in your presence and in the sight of all.  Amen"




Your spiritually adopted baby has been quite active over the past month.  Already, your baby is 10,000 times bigger than at conception and has developed the foundations of his or her nervous system, including the brain and spinal cord, by the 20th day.  During the first 4 weeks, the baby's organs are starting to form.  The heart began to beat on the 22nd day and is pumping blood through a circulatory system.  The blood type may be different than the mother's.
Your baby is the most vulnerable during the next month to being aborted.  Pray that the Lord of Life might move the heart of this baby's mother to give him or her the most precious gift-the gift of life.


Your baby is making tremendous progress in his or her development.  The brain is functioning more and the baby can move his or her muscles.  The mother can hear the heartbeat through an ultrasonic stethoscope.  The taste buds are beginning to form and milk-teeth buds are present at 6½ weeks.  At the gestational age of 2 months, a developing baby is able to suck his or her thumb.
The baby is just over 1 inch long but has unquestionably human characteristics.  Incredibly, by the end of the 8th week, all of the major organ systems have been established.  Your spiritually adopted baby has developed the essential internal and external features needed to survive after birth and just needs to grow and be refined.  Please remember to keep your spiritually adopted baby and his or her mother in your prayers.


Your baby is quite active in the womb now, although the mother won't feel his or her movements for another couple months.  If the mother's womb had a window, you could watch your spiritually adopted baby squint, swallow, and move his or her tongue.  Vocal cords are now present, but sound can't be produced yet because of the watery environment.  The baby can make a fist if you touch his or her palm, as the skin is very sensitive and reflexes are developing.  It is also now distinguishable whether the baby is a boy or a girl, though it's usually a few more weeks before a doctor can determine this with an ultrasound image.  The baby is breathing fluid, which will continue until birth.  The needed oxygen is obtained through the umbilical cord.
The baby you are praying for now weighs about 1 ounce.  What a miracle this baby is!


Well, your baby now weighs about 5 ounces and is between 6 and 7 inches long.  He or she has developing fingernails and eyelashes, and already has unique fingerprints that will remain the same for the rest of the baby's life.  The taste buds are now working, and the sense of hearing is present and developing at 14 weeks.  Growth at this time is very rapid.
Your spiritually adopted baby is well formed internally and externally.  All that is needed now is time to mature, gain weight, and grow stronger.  Please remember to keep this baby and his or her mother in your daily prayers.


Your spiritually adopted baby's weight is up to 1 pound, and he or she is now big enough for the mother to feel movement.  Although the baby has already been moving around in the mother's womb, it wasn't until now that this baby became big and strong enough for the mother to feel his or her movements such as kicking.  Hair and eyebrows are growing and visible by this time.  The baby can also recognize sounds of the mother, such as her voice, heartbeat, and breathing.  Though not yet born, this baby now has phases of sleeping and waking and may prefer a favorite sleeping position.
We are midway through the pregnancy now.  Your prayers have helped your baby's mother continue with her pregnancy and seek the help she needs.


Your spiritually adopted baby's development continues to be quite amazing.  His or her weight is approaching 2 pounds.  At this point, the baby's eyes are open and can respond to light. Also, eyelashes, eyebrows, and fingernails have grown enough to be easily seen.
Babies born prematurely at this time have a very good chance of surviving.  The medical advances in caring for extremely small newborn infants are extraordinary indeed.  United States Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor has remarked that the Roe vs. Wade decision is on a collision course with itself.  Each passing year we witness medical advances that allow our medical professionals to save younger, premature infants.
In just three short months, your spiritually adopted baby will be born.  Please continue to remember him or her in your prayers.


Your spiritually adopted baby continues to grow and mature.  Brain waves, though already detectable for over five months, now resemble those of a full-term baby.  This baby's brain is also now capable of controlling his or her own body temperature.  In addition, your baby's bones are strengthening more, and he or she is putting on weight more quickly.  The extra fat will improve insulation and provide an energy reserve for the baby following birth.
Though birth is not far off, please keep praying for your spiritually adopted baby and his or her mother.     


You're in the homestretch with your spiritually adopted baby.  All of the organs that were developed by the 8th week are now basically completely formed.  The baby is just gaining weight and making the mother uncomfortable with his or her size.  An interesting detail about this time of development is that the eyes are usually blue, regardless of the permanent color.  The final formation of eye pigment or color usually happens a few weeks after birth.  
In a short time the baby will be born.  The mother has planned to bring him or her home or place the baby up for adoption.  Either way, she knows she can receive the assistance she needs from the Catholic Church and from the crisis pregnancy centers.
The prayers you have said for this baby and his or her mother have certainly been appreciated and helpful.  It hasn't been easy, but your prayers have given the baby's mother the grace to seek the help she has needed throughout the pregnancy.


Your spiritually adopted baby was born this month-nine months after conception occurred.  The only change at birth is that the baby is no longer receiving life support through the umbilical cord.  That is, the baby is no different than before birth except that he or she is now breathing air as we do and needs feeding and nurturing.
This baby is truly a miracle.  He or she began as a 46-chromosome cell and has developed over the past nine months into this unique human baby.  Never before in history, nor ever again, will anyone exist who is just like your spiritually adopted baby.
Your prayers have helped to save this baby's life.  Thank you, on behalf of all the little babies, that you cared enough to pray for this little one and his or her mother.

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